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Wonderful case of

On supervision of stomatologists, we please them with good news more and more seldom: the condition of our teeth and gums puzzles experts for a long time. Fortunately, everything is reparable: just the set of different medical techniques was developed for the solution of such problems. The main thing - not to miss time!

the Main reason causing development of caries (so call defeat of solid tissue of teeth) and a periodontal disease (in this case destructive changes affect tissues of gums) - the most widespread stomatologic diseases, bacteria are considered as em as

. About 300 types of useful and more than 20 types of dangerous microorganisms live in a mouth of the person. If the natural ratio between them is broken in favor of “unfriendly“ bacteria, there is a dysbacteriosis creating comfortable conditions for development of diseases about which we spoke above. Toothbrushes, pastes, gels and balms which help to clear a surface of teeth of a raid which part dangerous microorganisms are are developed for fight against it. To cope and still with dysbacteriosis quite difficult, especially if defeat of tissues of teeth and gums did not manage to be prevented.

the Choice of a course

to cope with an inflammation of gums, stomatologists wash out zubodesnevy pockets, that is intervals between tooth and a gum where dangerous microorganisms accumulate; apply medical bandages affected areas; put on them the “cases“ made to the patient`s measure - a kappa, filled with medicine; appoint different pastes and rinsings. Each of these methods has the pluses and minuses.

  1. of Medical bandages - effective means. Cover with them zubodes - Neva the pocket filled with medicine. The lack of a method consists that it is necessary to change bandages quite often for what it will be necessary to come every time to clinic.
  2. are Much more convenient to
  3. in application special a kappa - “cases“ with which cover all surface of teeth and gums. In each of them there is “depot“ - the place where it will be possible to place medicine. The idea of use a cap instead of bandages appeared long ago, but it was difficult to realize it from the technical point of view until recently. Advantages of medical “cases“ consist here in what:
    • medical gel under pressure gets into zubodesnevy pockets and destroys microbes there where rinsings and toothpastes cannot get;
    • time of action of a preparation can be regulated from 1 to 30 minutes, depending on a condition of tissues of teeth and patient`s gums.

Before delivering to the patient a kappa, the stomatologist clears teeth to remove the possible centers of a congestion of harmful microorganisms: by means of the ultrasonic device he removes from them over - and under - desnevy stones, and then polishes their surface with special brushes with paste. Further the doctor does molds which are necessary for production of “case“. Before establishing a ready kappa, it will fill “depot“ with medicine, and the convenient protective bandage is ready for teeth and gums.

This method yields really good results: with its help it is possible and to prevent development of diseases of teeth and gums and to treat them, especially if the problem was found at an early stage. However, this technique has also the shortcoming - the doctor cannot check whether the patient of his appointment carries out, whether follows the instruction or puts on a kappa of times a month.

the Special case

Protective a kappa help stomatologists to solve one more, less widespread, but serious problem. They are appointed to the patients suffering from a bruksizm - so call a state which is followed by compression of jaws. Usually it is shown by a tooth gnash at night. An etiology - a nerve strain.

It is normal of

, closing a mouth, we do not close teeth, between the top and lower jaw there is a gap in 2 - 3 mm. Problems appear when they “meet“ more than for 10 - 15 minutes within a day. From - for unforeseen the nature of pressure teeth, composite seals, ceramic crowns can suffer. To prevent jaws to contract and protect teeth, their chewing surface is covered with caps.

Tooth I give


  • of a tooth crown Change
    Having fallen and having hit a chin, the kid can break or injure tooth - then on its surface cracks will appear. More often than others in such situations the central top cutters suffer. These incidents are dangerous that the chopped-off tooth can break and drop out, and the free space formed on a jaw in the unnatural way will break an arrangement of teeth on a tooth arch at the time of a prorezyvaniye of molars. That is why kids who got such injuries need the help of the stomatologist.
  • a fang Fracture
    Usually he is horizontal or goes on slanting. The most disagreeable person of a change - vertical, it is more often than others leads to loss of tooth. To be defined in this question, the dentist directs the little patient to a X-ray. Then the doctor will record affected tooth by means of the special tire, having lost part of a root, he becomes mobile, and will watch succession of events.
  • From tooth the piece broke away it is desirable for
    to find and give it to the dentist. After x-ray research of a condition of a fang the doctor will try to paste the broken-away piece into place. Do not worry if its color differs a little from the basic: in several days this difference will disappear. If you did not manage to find the broken-away part of tooth, the doctor can restore it by means of sealing materials.
  • Tooth “rolled“ in a gum
    In this case the dentist will watch how tooth “Vesti“ of will be farther. There is a hope that it will rise to former level in itself.
  • Tooth took off together with a root
    Fortunately, such cases - a big rarity. Do not waste time: you have in a stock only 2 - 3 hours. Place tooth in the pure glass filled with physical solution or milk and quicker go to the dentist. He will try to return “fugitive“ into place. However, chances of success of operation make about 50%.