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Holiday, name to which - Birthday of

of a napkin

I began to prepare For the third birthday of our sonny in two months. Bought balloons, soap bubbles, caps, beeps, garlands, invitation, souvenirs for competitions, presents for guests. At the nights “climbed“ the Internet, looked for the menu for children, also games and various entertainments. In the evening before a grandiose holiday I “crumbled“ salads, baked, made origami of tissues. When Vladik was put to bed, we were accepted to decoration of the apartment, inflated 70 spheres, hung up garlands, posters. In a word, continuous smiles and feeling of a holiday.

of the invitation

I here it, long-awaited day on November 2, came... Dzin - dzin... Dawns! It is an alarm clock zapilikat, I still need to be in time much to our anniversary.

we Awake the birthday man with kisses, congratulations:

of Darling beloved son!
You at us such one.
the best, the most courageous,
Clever, dexterous and skillful.
the Fourth year to you went -
It very well!
You grow up rather, the Father with mother help

Vladik wakes up and joyfully shouts: “Hurrah! Birthday came!“ . At us even stuffed up ears. Pryg from a bed and to examine everything rather!

Then we begin to gather in a garden. We take many spheres, a garland, entertainments (cookies, M &Ms, the kinder - a surprise (for each kid)) and joyfully we stamp in a favourite garden. There we are met by congratulations, and my sonny runs away happy in group.

I evening here came... We put a disk with children`s songs. Dzin, dzin, dzin - the call to a door is distributed. “Hurrah!“ - Vladka shouts - “Guests came!“ . The father rather for a chamber, we removed everything, from And to I.

welcomed with Vladk`s

with sparkles in eyes guests, listened to congratulations, wishes, received gifts and jumped with joy, shouted and clapped. We from a threshold dressed at once to adults and children caps and gave beeps (whistles).

As all gathered - went to a table. I prepared on two tables (adult and children`s). On children`s there were fruit salatik, small buterbrodik, chocolate hedgehogs, desserts, juice and milkshakes. Also I decorated ready dishes, from vegetables did flowers, a frog of a cucumber, a giraffe of carrot. Ridiculous animals recovered and decorated dishes, and at our children “brutal“ appetite was stimulated. My “miracles on a table“ were remembered for a long time by guests, especially children.


I again “dzin, dzin, dzin“ it was distributed at a door. Two clowns with inflatable hammers and with a huge box were on the threshold (full spheres). All were stunned, nobody even guessed clowns. And again show. Children with clowns played a blind-man`s-buff, games, guessed riddles, drew on spheres, drove a round dance “loaf“ (also adults participated).

When we said goodbye to clowns, my scenario came into force. We danced with one chair - music stops, and someone manages to sit down on it. We drew “rope“ - my favourite fur cat of 1,50 m of length.


  1. the Camomile
    is made Of paper a camomile in advance - petals so much how many will be children. On the back each petal ridiculous tasks are written. Children tear off petals and begin to perform tasks: go in single file, crow, jump on one leg, sing a song, repeat a tongue twister...
  2. the Ball
    the Leader throws the balloon. While it flies, it is possible to move, concerned a floor - all have to stiffen and not smile. Who did not execute - leaves game.

    Also the sure-fire lottery was li>. I distributed to guests lottery tickets, and at the height of a holiday played small, but pleasant souvenirs.

    1. the Device for transfer of thoughts at distance (envelope).
    2. Elektroshchiptsa`s
    3. (clothespin).
    4. Clamp of thought (pencil).
    5. Typewriter (handle).
    6. Dietary food (chewing gum).
    7. It is right on the car (the lottery ticket).
    8. Means for weight loss (jump rope).
    9. Aircraft (balloon).
    10. Means from garrulity (baby`s dummy).

    Then all of us together, both adults, and children, danced under children`s songs, threw spheres up, started up soap bubbles.

    I here the most long-awaited moment - cake to which all so looked forward. We turn off the light, we light a candle and under a loud applause and shouts:“ we congratulate, we congratulate, we congratulate!“ Vladka blows out the candle. Then we together with Vladik take a knife and we cut cake, and it with is proud of the raised head carries to all guests with glories: “Please, bon appetit!“.

    Later time our guests began to disperse under big impression of our next cheerful holiday. Vladik very long did not want to go to bed, did not want that this holiday, the name to which - Birthday came to an end. There came the silence, and I under washing of ware thought: “What it already adult our small bright “little man!“. It seems and a little time passed, and it is a lot of happiness, it brought pleasures to us...

    Couple of days later all our guests received a wonderful gift - a disk with record of this holiday.