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My answer to Chamberlain or Why it is more convenient to me to nurse the child, than from a small bottle of

U me two children. The first had to be fed from a small bottle. The second child I am already 1 year and 8 months I nurse. Also it is very happy! It is much easier to nurse, than from a small bottle. Why? I will tell.

Horror of young mother: to the son year and 2 months. It weighs 11 kg. 40 minutes shout. All this time I rush with it on hands on the room. I shake, I jump up, I spring on socks, I wind here and there; I sing a lullaby, I am silent, umirotvoryayushche I snuffle in an ear, quietly I grit the teeth. The son shouts, peeps, is curved, swings hands and cannot stop shout, at the same time desperately stares the sticking together eyes. My back drearily aches and crackles, hands remind rastyanuy rags, muscles on calves of legs got the menacing sizes.

All this

- the description of our normal laying to sleep after a bottle with mix, tea, compote, water and a baby`s dummy. No, I lie, he at this age already refused a baby`s dummy. This nightmare proceeded 2 times a day for 1 year and 3 months. Then already he shouted, rocked to sleep in a bed. Just because the urgent help of the bone-setter was necessary for my back.

A now: I sit down conveniently in a chair, I wrap the daughter in a blanket, I give her a breast and I read the book. How many books I re-read from the moment of the daughter`s birth! How many movies reconsidered! How many thoughts changed the mind! (And main of them: as it is good that the back does not hurt and the child does not shout!) And how many nerves saved to themselves, the child and the members of household!

Here it, conclusion 1: it is not necessary to rock to sleep the child . He just falls asleep, sucking a breast.

Right there the value also loses the myth No. 1 that at artificial feeding of the child the father can calm at night (in the sense that all the same who gives a small bottle and rocks to sleep, - mother or the father), and mother has a rest at this time. But when breastfeeding there is no need to someone to wake up! At the feeding woman after a while the specific mode of a dream after the delivery is developed: when it is necessary to feed the child, the woman does not wake up! The dream just becomes more superficial, that is she it seems also wakes up, but, on the other hand, will not be able precisely to tell in the morning: whether rose at night to the child and how many time.

it is Especially convenient to

if the joint dream of mother with the child is organized. Then it is not necessary to wake up and rise at all: the child just is given a breast, and all sleep farther. Or it is possible to make so: at a crib the forward (long) wall is removed, the bed draws near a bed on which mother sleeps. The bottom of a bed is adjusted so what matrasik would be flush with a parental bed. Or is a little lower. So it turns out that the child sleeps in the bed, and mother does not need to rise, lift at night the child, to feed, and then to return in a bed. It is necessary just to draw near a children`s bed. But, unfortunately, in my room so it was difficult to make. Therefore I get up at night. But all this half-asleep. So such rising does not prevent me to get enough sleep at all. It was difficult only the first 3 months - until the daughter grew up, at me it was impossible to feed her lying. All next months I have a rest!


Again remember nights with the senior: 5th mornings. The child cries. I wake up. Absolutely I wake up. I get up. I DO NOT TAKE the child! He shouts, and I go on kitchen. The child shouts more loudly. I warm up water (the child shouts), I dissolve mix (the child squeals), I bring it to the necessary temperature (the child shouts absolutely hysterically, the gone crazy sleepy husband tries to calm the son, parents woke up and gathered under our room). I give to the son a small bottle, he eats, sobbing and shuddering. And then I take it on hands again and... about ukachivaniye read at the beginning. Ooh! Itself shuddered, having remembered details of that time! However, without having paltered, I cannot tell that I never rocked to sleep the daughter. Rocked to sleep several times when it cut at once 4 upper teeth and when it was hurt by a stomach.

Money. Count: bank of mix with which I fed the son cost then about 20 UAH (the son at me the allergic person therefore, having picked up mix, I did not risk to transfer further it to cheaper). In a week it was necessary more than 2 - x cans. At the same time, going to other city, it is not always possible to be sure that there this mix is on sale. And it comes to an end always unexpectedly.

Now, leaving for rest, I do not worry that I will not buy food there. I do not drag with myself a mix reserve for a month. And main thing: I can spend nearly fifty hryvnias a week for gifts to children, for myself, the husband, household appliances... Here conclusion 2: breastfeeding - it is cheap!

I come back mentally Again for 4 years ago. We go to policlinic. Winter. Cold. How many there we will stay - it is unknown. Most likely, it is necessary to feed the child there. I dissolve mix, I wrap up a small bottle. I hide in a bag. We resort in policlinic, we run on doctors. Feeding time comes. To Bor a small bottle, and mix cooled down... Where to heat how to feed?

It is fine, we will be transferred to summer. Hot. We go somewhere. To Bor a bottle with food. We walk. Feeding time approaches. I get a small bottle and... I remember article where it is told that in 15 minutes at the room temperature in a small bottle with mix such quantity of pathogenic bacteria is formed that the food turns into a direct way to the infectiologist! While breast milk itself kills pathogenic bacteria and 3 - 4 hours without refrigerator can perfectly be stored!

you will tell

to me:“ But it is possible to bear water separately, mix separately, and before feeding to mix“. It is possible. But... Let`s lower that except the child, (will become suddenly colder / is warmer) than a spare jacket and panties, a toy, a diaper, a spare diaper, it will be necessary to bear a bulky thermos with water, a bottle, a bag of mix... But still this mix needs to be dissolved somehow, and two free hands are for this purpose necessary. Where at this time to put restless 5 - the monthly child? On a floor to put?!

Conclusion 3: nursing the child, I am sure that milk sterilely and always the necessary temperature.

How to feed the child in crowded places? Here we approached to the myth No. 2 :“ I should become bare before foreign people, and all will look how I feed“. How the average person imagines feeding by a breast? The woman in an open blouse from naked nurses the kid. Such to typical Madonna and child.

Yes, it is beautiful

from the art point of view, but in reality so it is inconvenient to feed. So everything occurs in a different way. The child sucks only a nipple with an areola, the rest it is not necessary to bare every time. It is only enough to raise a t-shirt and to give to the kid of pacifiers. It will turn out that from above the breast is covered by clothes, and is lower and lower than it - the child. Only the nape of the kid who buried in mother is visible to people around.

Thus I fed with

the daughter everywhere: in policlinic, at a playground, on a bench near the house, in a minibus, in the subway... People around could guess that at present I nurse the child, only on the fact that hungry shout was replaced by a happy pokhryukivaniye. The majority noticed nothing, and those who understood, right there turned away, pretending that nothing occurs. So around the such zone of silence was right there formed. Conclusion 4: to nurse simply conveniently.

By the way, about transport. With the son I very seldom left somewhere on a visit or just to take a walk to the downtown: we live on the suburb and to go somewhere very long. And in minibuses it became quickly boring for it, he began to be nervous. So all energy saved for communication with friends left on the child`s utikhomirivaniye. And then it was necessary more to hurry home - the child wanted to fall asleep only in a familiar situation, in a favourite yellow pokryvalets and... about ukachivaniye you read.


For the daughter at me always laid up an uspokoitel, entertainment, a habitual situation and having a snack before going to bed and sleeping pill - sisya! So I at any time can quietly sit down in transport, calm the daughter a breast, lull, at last. So on a visit there comes not flown into a rage mummy with the shouting child, and quiet mother with the cheerful, slept child. Conclusion 5: a breast it is very simple to calm the child.

Myth No. 3 : the feeding women get fat, they spoil a figure and the breast droops. In total very individually. Most of my acquaintances feeding children even became thinner, than were before pregnancy! The main thing not to listen to council “is for three“, and to observe balance between quantity of the eaten food and amount of the “given“ milk.

A about a breast... In one of the conferences devoted to breastfeeding I conducted survey about that at whom the shape of a breast deteriorated. At the majority the breast did not become ugly! But again - all this is defined by heredity, elasticity of skin and fabrics and physical training. Yes, physical training.

Many know that there are no muscles in chest gland. But! I quote article on fitness:“ As if on elastic drafts the female breast “hangs“ on pectoral muscles. As a result of training the top of pectoral muscles is thickened and shortened, tightening a breast up. So the most important exercise for you - an inclined press which purposefully “loads“ the top areas of pectoral muscles“.

So could not be expostulated

on pregnancy and feedings if laziness of the own life to take care and track the food. If to eat moderately, the figure will be, as at the girl. Personally at me only the waist became 4 cm wider, and the shape of a breast did not change absolutely - both there was an accurate cone, and remained. Conclusion 6: breastfeeding often helps even to improve a figure.

By the way about food. How the woman at whom the child was born recently eats? That is it is clear that during pregnancy she watched structure of food, checked its quantity, very strictly treated quality... What occurs after the delivery?“ Yes there is no time even to descend in a toilet not that to make to themselves a normal lunch. So, sandwiches, pelmeni... “-the ordinary woman who does not nurse and who is not helped by the nurse and the cook (even in the form of the grandmother - mother - the sister) so will answer. Whether such food is necessary for the organism weakened by pregnancy and childbirth?! And here the woman nursing knows that she is obliged to eat regularly and correctly.

Here it is the myth No. 4 , about food: “I should limit myself in food: it will be impossible to drink alcoholic beverages, to smoke, eat “harmful products“ (mayonnaise, smoked products, preservatives...) “. N - yes. In general, it is not the myth, but reality. I as mother of the kid who on some products had an allergy, confirm that sometimes about - about - there was a strong wish to fill in the fat fried kartoshechka with mayonnaise, to fill up with pepper and a pounded cube. And instead it was necessary to eat stewed potatoes with onions and fennel instead of spices... Happened sadly.

But! After a while I noticed that heartburn ceased to visit me, there is no weight in a stomach, at night the liver does not hurt any more and does not ache “in the pit of the stomach“, allergies were gone, and skin became gentle and velvety. And in general, I began to feel perfectly! So, having stopped breastfeeding, I am not going to recede from already habitual diet far. Here conclusion 7: GV indirectly improves health.

When, are asked by you, the woman will cook to herself normal food? Well, in - the first, she will cease to raise a question of the food in the end of the list. In - the second, consider how many leaves time for going to kitchen, to take a small bottle, to boil and cool water, to measure and stir up mix, to bring it to the necessary temperature..., It seems, all this takes a little time - minutes 5 - 15. It for once. And it is necessary to feed the child in days time 8. 40 minutes - 2 hours!

A still to sterilize small bottles - nipples at least once in day moreover not to perekipyatit and not to burn when you twist a hot small bottle that was more sterile... And, besides, it is necessary to do it not when the child is quiet, full and ready to play. No, on the contrary. All these preparations are carried out when the kid is hungry, wants to sleep and annoys on mother that she threw him in a bed, and itself has obviously fun in kitchen in an environment of small bottles. All this takes away time and causes the excess tension of attention which is measured only by fatigue and a depression.

But feeding with a breast too are occupied by time, often it is even more, than mix preparation... Truth. Especially until the lactation is established and the child will not develop the mode of feedings. But! You devote this time to communication with the child, but are not nervous in kitchen that the child cries itself in a bed. That is as a result you receive the quiet full kid and can eat in the released time.

And, is it is possible even in the course of feeding! The main thing that the food or drink were not more hotly body temperatures (suddenly will drip on the child), and it is necessary to cover the peanut with a towel. In total! And it is possible to prepare when mothers of children - bottle-fed babies sterilize small bottles and rock to sleep the shouting children. Conclusion 8: breastfeeding saves time.

But... “To nurse painfully and the child can bite!“ - which of you thought of this myth No. 5 ? It is sick to nurse only the first 3 weeks when the breast learns to produce milk, and the child - to suck it. Farther everything quietly. Suck the finger. Painfully? No.

About stings. Show me mother of the one-year-old kid whom the child for a finger never bit, a nose, a neck, a leg... I personally do not know such. But a nipple at the child in a mouth! - you are indignant. Yes. By the way, you saw sometime as the trainer puts the head in a mouth to a lion? Terribly? And to the trainer it is not terrible. Because the lion will not bite it. It is all about what we do not see: before to thrust the head into a mouth, the trainer wraps lips of a lion on his teeth. Any lion will not begin to bite through to himself lips only to bite off doubtful purity the head!

When the child sucks a breast, there is almost the same: he puts out tongue far forward. So to bite mother it needs or to bite through the language, or at first to clean language, and then already to bite. But it already education business. If at once to let the child know that it is bad to bite, then further it, most likely, will not repeat. The daughter tried to bite me for 1 year and 7 months three times.

Yes, to me it was heavy. Especially the first three months when the daughter almost did not come off a breast, and here it was still necessary to look after for 3 - x the summer madcap. Yes, in maternity hospital the breast hurt and on nipples cracks appeared until ceased to bring me the daughter on feedings on hours, gave in a charge and I began to feed her on demand. Yes, during laktatsionny crisis I needed to give all the time to the baby. Yes, I did not get enough sleep the first 3 months, did not learn to feed yet lying and to wake up not too on feedings. Yes, to me it was very heavy the first 3 months of life of my daughter, the first three months of feeding by a breast. And further - I HAVE A REST!!!