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School days on - Swiss

it is quite difficult to Find third-graders who would like to study at us. And here eight-year-old Michelangelo hurries to usual Moscow school. Also does not want to pass day. Mother is not surprised: she considers that the secret of his love to school per se is covered that the first grader the boy became in Switzerland.

Michelangelo`s mother, our former compatriot Inna shares the impressions about the Swiss elementary school.

Rural low-complete

No troubles with the choice of school for Michele at us existed. We lived in Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland, in the prialpiysky mountain district. Also sent the son to the nearest school. Naturally, rural. However, from our rural it strongly differs: here both the stables, and pool.

Having looked with

at the program, I decided to send Michele to the second class at once: in the first the account should have been learned within 20, and it already counted up to hundred. To the guy organized examination on knowledge of Italian, letters, accounts, and it stood him.

However had not to become

the second-grader Michele. The matter is that in a class there should not be more than 24 people and if it is suddenly gathered 25, the class is halved.

But at us, in the Swiss remote place, children was so a little that the second and third class were united in one. Just 24 persons. And here our Michele is added. It turns out 25, it is possible to divide a class into two, the second and third! But these subtleties were unknown to me, and I reported to school administration that in several months we will move to Geneva.

“It is a pity to

, - told me in reply, - if Michele came to this class at least for a year, it would be possible to divide it into two“.

as a result of the son was attached in the first class which was divided after that into two parts too: on Michele - and all others.

the Teacher was engaged in

with Michele separately. Will give to first graders a task, and communicates with it. Or on the contrary: Mika writes something, and the teacher is engaged with other children at this time. And so they in a month in the oral account reached one thousand.

Day long, but not prolonged

for school students comes Every morning the bus. In eight zero - zero the child has to stand on a stop. Parents do not see off him. First graders get on a bus, inflated with pride.

At half past eleven children is carried on houses - to have dinner. After a lunch the bus collects children again and again brings them to school.

the First half of day is, as a rule, reading and the account, the second - drawing, singing. School day comes to an end at half past three.

of Change is tried to be done here on the street. An hour and a half there is the first lesson, after that a big change - nearly half an hour. Children play soccer, ride bicycles.

four days a week Study

: Monday, Tuesday, then Thursday and Friday. Wednesday - day off. In one of four school days - mountain skiing. Two times a week - skates on a school skating rink. Once a week - the pool. At one time all this seemed to me such freebie - when they study - that?. Therefore I began to be afraid for education level of the child seriously. Itself - that I finished the Moscow special school. However by the end of academic year it turned out that the multiplication table that is called jumps aside at Mika from teeth.

Without language. French

In two months after the beginning of academic year we moved to Geneva, and Michele got to city school at the place of residence. In the second class. But Geneva - the city purely French, and the son spoke only in Italian and in Russian.

Children met by

Michele hostilely: you are not able to talk - we will teach you to communicate with the help of fists. And then the teacher put Mika with the girl Carlotta who spoke in Italian, and she began to translate everything that is told by the teacher, from French into Italian.

At first he everything listened to

, listened... And weeks through two came home and speaks: “When I was given a pencil and I told “thanks“, all very much were delighted. Began to speak: Michele told “thanks“! Michele told “thanks“!“

after that “thanks“ he understood that he can tell something like that still. Both went, and went... In three weeks Mika told: “I played in a schoolyard, the girl from other class approached me, asked how my name is from where I, and I answered her in French!“ .

I Want

in an office of the pedagogical help!


At the Swiss school to the teacher provides absolute creative freedom: lessons can be led somehow if only children coped with the program. Well, and in case something is impossible to someone, there is a special teacher. He sits at lessons and those who are worse than others reads or considers, takes away in the office.


at the same time for parents pronounce very good words:“ If your son or the daughter needs the help with study, do not think that it is worse than others - just it has the rate of development. And we will help it to join in the general“.

Visit of an office of the pedagogical help is not perceived by

as a negative - on the contrary! There it is cheerful, there play! On the study course invite all in turn there.

the repeater to be honourable

Though a mark at school is not given, “excellent students“ and “poor students“ all the same are available. Examinations and if for them from 30 possible points the pupil gathers less than 20 are periodically carried out, it is considered that it is bad.

besides the whole system of encouragement exists. Let`s say if the 10th time in a row was succeeded not to make any mistake in a dictation, then the new beautiful handle is given. The child counts:“ How many at me it was gathered works without mistakes? Aha, tomorrow have to give me the handle“.

But annual examinations are. And they are rigid. But even if the pupil gains very few points, he has three opportunities not to despair.

First - podzanyatsya with tutors and to be tightened. It costs much. The second - to pass into a class more weakly. At high schools of Switzerland there is a hierarchy on preparation levels. Therefore in the parallel it is always possible to pass into a class with level below.

I the last, most popular prospect is to remain for the second year. Yes! For us to remain for the second year is an accident. In Switzerland - the normal phenomenon. Keep in the same grade or according to the solution of teachers` meeting, or at the request of the pupil. You want to repeat the program? To fix something? You feel uncertainly? Was ill much? You want to change the teacher? Please - remain for the second year. And nobody slantwise will look at you.

In lyceums, in colleges many seniors (even those who study very well!) at own desire once again repeat penultimate year. That in a graduation class there were highest points. And here the last year cannot be repeated, alas.

the House of entertainments and rest

On Wednesday when it is not necessary to go to school, parents send to

children to a certain analog of our recreation center. Literally - the House of entertainments and rest. Such is in each of 14 areas - communes.


went there for full day. The group of uneven-age children, people 25 gathered, and two professional teachers practised with them music, drawing, drove them in the museums and theaters, rolled on horses. Besides, adults together with children made a lunch, set the table and learned to clean up. Since then Mika also washes the dishes, and vacuums the apartment.

is not present there

of the Quiet time which is so hated by our kindergarten children. To whom will be impatient - will find where to pritulitsya.

Of course, all this is not free. But price quite available.

All day long - 10 francs (about six dollars). If to lead the child only to a lunch - 7 francs, including a lunch. For comparison: the entrance on a skating rink costs 5 francs, a school lunch - 7,5. And here they walk, ride, go on the museums, have dinner, and for everything about everything - 10 francs!

In general in the House of entertainments and rest a lot of all interesting occurs. For example, mothers from two - three-year kids gather. Come to communicate for a coffee cup, to discuss the pressing problems - what to feed with how to treat how to cope with whims.

Here by own efforts arrange musical concerts: classics, jazz. And empty halls do not happen!

A in local recreation center of times in a month of all residents of the area invite to a family breakfast. It costs only 5 francs (while only the cup of coffee costs 2 - 3 francs!) . After a breakfast adults play on billiards or sit down at chess, watch old movies. Show to kids animated films, persons interested go to a game store. Well, and in the winter the bus brings all to the alpine skiing elevator.

of the Hobby - a minor matter

With out-of-school occupations in Switzerland the situation is absolutely badly. Hobbies consider as business frivolous here. Here the school is the basic, main. And everything that out of school, as it is necessary.

Such value as training in music, Swisses is unclear

. Of course, if the child wants, then please. But, as a rule, it is not really high level and very big money.

All time, free from lessons, children just dangle. If someone also goes to any classes, then not more often than once a week. And even such rare occupations seem to the Swiss parents excessive. Our trilingual Carlotta`s mother told once:“ Why to load the child? Children have to be children. Besides occupations cost money“. (While it is one of the richest families in Switzerland.)

Me always it seemed to

that it is necessary to develop abilities of the child, and I defined Mika in gymnastics. Though occupations very much were pleasant to it, it constantly rested: “Why I have to go“ - because under windows boys walked, played soccer, rode bicycles... “And I why have to go to be engaged when all walk?“

By the way, in Russia it does not ask such questions - because all all day long are engaged in something.

it still wants

I in school?!

Ya did not restrain and brought Michele to Moscow. To give to the son rudiments of fundamental education and not to allow to be fixed to slipshod habits to which the Swiss school in every possible way indulges.

Now it goes to usual Moscow school. The teacher shouts. And too big emphasis is placed on estimates! Some race of arms in which involve both children, and parents. Offensively: deprive of children of pleasure of knowledge.

It is good still that Michele treats the three quietly. I somehow asked: “What did you receive for control?“. He speaks: “Three“. I was already ready to begin it to be sorry... And he speaks: “Well three? and what?“ . And nothing is valid.

But the most surprising that at all local troubles connected with school it still wants to go there! Perhaps, is afraid to pass not to lag behind? Or wants to children? But what in school pulls it is the fact.

Happens, we will linger in the evening on some holiday or on a visit, we will return late. I speak in the morning: “Mika, maybe, to us not to go to school?“. And it: “-and - joint stock company not to go?!“ Jumps as stung - and from songs forward!

In Switzerland so was always. Perhaps now on the automatic machine?