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One light history

- Man, and Man, well how many it is possible, and? I already ceased to sleep! Think of yourself, of the child, eventually, and of me! I ask you!

is So lamented by me, beginning to smoke a cigarette, looking at the daughter. She sits near me, pale, thin.

- Mothers, you, however, do not understand me? I cannot differently. You did not see all this.
- Man, I have you two! And how many I with you had to worry everything, a nightmare! One your study of what cost for me! These schools! Still I remember your feats and my campaigns to teachers and meetings! Then love periods, transitional age! To your child one year and four months. Be near it where you leave all the time? And your husband also does not approve your these trips!

- Mothers, let me tell you about this last trip, and?
- You what want that I had a heart attack? No, and I want to hear nothing, sorry, Man. Here you will grow up the, you will receive at full scale, then we will look how you will argue. And then and your son, Alexander Sergeyevich, will allow us to light, surely. And as differently! Obedient children are not children! You would keep yourself, my sun!
- Well, all right, mothers. You do not want to listen - it is not necessary.

my daughter, having stooped, left from kitchen. I leave behind it. She puts on herself a jacket, pushes legs in boots. Looks at me, squeezes out from itself a smile.

- Mamul, at me is the truth - the truth, everything is good, do not worry, and? I went. I will arrive home, I will surely call.
- is accurater driving, ice in Moscow! There is no scarf again? Man, the throat should be muffled up, a heap of some points there, you will chill!
- Mothers, I driving, in the car warmly! Bye!

We kissed with it, and she went to herself home, to the kid, to the husband. I saw her to an entrance door, crossed it after. Closed a door and began to roar.
- My God, all have children as children, and I have all at people in any way! What to do?

I Am enough

phone, I dial number of the girlfriend - the psychologist.

- Hallo, Nadia! The help is necessary! You would talk to Mashka, and? She will listen to you. Let comes? All right, I will tell it. When you are free? Tomorrow? In fifteen thirty? Done! I am necessary? Is not present? Well! I kiss.

the husband Returned from work. I feed, naturally, I look after.

- Earrings, at us again Manka left. It is similar to the devil, I worry very much. What to do - that, and?
- you Know, you in this situation will be able to do nothing, Stubborn it, all in me. And adult, besides. If you so worry, then help it better.
- As? You what want that I same was victimized? You know, I am nervous! Slightly that, I have tears a hail! I at once become Zacchur! A cigarette behind a cigarette! Children are big, thank God! I play with the grandson! The grandmother nervous is necessary to nobody! And wife, mummy? Especially. I then will be the death of all of you.
- And you sit down and talk! Ask it how to help it? You a lot of things can!

In a fit of temper I caught with

it a dirty plate and with a roar began to wash the dishes. Squeezing out on a sponge of “Fairey“, I remember all the lived years. The husband all the time at work, I at work lately round the clock, diseases of children, their problems, the adversities, my omissions vital! I wash the dishes and mentally I lament about myself, dropping a bitter tear. Then suddenly there was a light thought. Perhaps it is right? Perhaps to help? No, the daughter adult absolutely, has to think. I throw ware, I dial number.

- Man, reached? Everything is normal? You are waited tomorrow by Nadezhda in fifteen thirty, will go? Well. Man, I, probably, am not right. Sorry, daughter. Just I was tired, took at work a time - a miss on three - four months. I want to make toilet. And sleeplessness, and I want to sleep, and in general slightly to think of itself. Therefore even to you we sponsor the nurse. You know, sometimes there is a wish slightly - slightly to think of itself. You understand me? And me it would very much be wanted that you were happy! Live as all! I ask you! All right, good night. I kiss.

Two weeks flew by in some cares and efforts. It appears, in the house the heap of affairs collected. My God and what is it? Why in days twenty four hours? Why if the woman plows at work, so it plows so that comes home, mechanically something does on the house, then is filled up to sleep. What sex? What is it? When near you the same workaholic - the husband who comes home mechanically eats, looking in the TV and as the bag falls in a bed! What for generation it grew from the former hippies?

the Benefit, the apartment for Manki was bequeathed to it by the grandmother, and and the apartment for the daughter would not be. Also I understand if a country house on Rublevskoye Highway or where - nibud nearby. Even there is no giving, burned down davny - long ago. And here everything is wrong. The fireball, you see flew on our dacha and on the thirteenth of July. Everything is all right! These two weeks, oh these two weeks! Cleaning in cases, on shelves, shift of furniture. Stakhanovka I, and my name - Pasha Angelina!

Call by phone.

- Mothers, you could not arrive to me?
- Man what it happened?
- You only do not worry, all right?

U me everything grew cold inside.

- Attracting, Attracting that sluuuchilooos...
- Mothers, I left for two days, you know. Here I arrived at night yesterday, and today fainted. When fell, it was knocked by the person about a table. I have floor now - persons blue. Only you do not worry, I just very much was alarmed yesterday.
- Everything, I go, Manechka, native my girl.

I Hang up, I am enough keys, documents from the car, on the road I pull out a cigarette from a pack, I get a light, I run. I jump in the car, I include ignition, I smoke, I smoke, the car I get warm, start and pray. I rush to Manka into the apartment. My lean child with bruise on a sex of the person sits. Nearby our chubby Alexander Sergeyevich rushes, there mutters something. Nearby - the frightened nurse.

- Man, you of the son would think, of me, of the father, of the husband.

It I tell

in a whisper because I have a spasm in a throat.

- Why to you it is necessary? You are not Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya and not Alexander Matrosov. You understand? There is a law of life and nature. Everyone has to care for those who with you nearby. About relatives, about the family, at last, about friends. Understand me, the girl.


raises on me eyes and speaks:
- Mothers when I arrived there, brought from maternity hospital of the negative child again, I do not understand it? What occurs in this world?

Ya embraced her, and began quickly - to speak quickly:

- Manechka, people different, destinies different. Perhaps, mother of this baby died while giving birth, and she was lonely. And therefore it also occurred. It is a lot of everyone black in this world, but is and very much-. Look at a lot of light on this world with other eyes, it is impossible to see only a negative. There is a positive, look what beautiful son at you, look what remarkable mother at it, the father, the nurse. And look at me. I very much love you, and not only I, both the father, and the brother, and the grandmother, and a lot of relatives. And all say that you at us clever and beautiful! But not much, pancake! And stop to torment us!

I Began to yell, and started howling.

Here we embraced it and began to roar together. Also our Alexander Sergeyevich began to yell, the nurse began to sob. Here such wet company sobbed half an hour, sobbing and lamenting. Then, adult aunts, looking at the crying-out general favourite Alexander Sergeyevich, recovered, ceased to start up streams from eyes, began to smile and started speaking in chorus any tender words to the baby. Calmed him, calmed down and took seat for a negotiating table.

- Maaan, and at you the fresh-water sponge is?
- Mothers from where we have a fresh-water sponge, and? The husband does not drink, does not beat. We do not stock, this means.
- And the newspaper with a large black font?
- Now we will find!


the newspaper, hardly found a large black print, dug on pieces, wetted, put to the Mankiny person. Looking at it, all began to neigh, only one Alexander Sergeyevich, looking at such unusual mother, again began to yell. Pasted to it newspaper pieces on the person, showed in a mirror, having told it what it beautiful, was consoled. Time after a lunch. Sang to it a song it darling from “Kean - a dza - dza“:
- Mother, mother that we will do, KU!
- Mother, mother how we will live? KU!

I was sent with the nurse to sleep.

Sat down to talk to Manya. And here reached me that she will not throw this invention with guardianship of this House of the baby, because when she gave birth to the kid, at it eyes on the world opened widely. I do not know, it is correct or not, but it had a maternal universal instinct on guardianship not only the child, but also other children! And why brought it for two hundred kilometers from Moscow, and that House of the Baby which has no cool trustee was found? And why it accepted pain of these children as the? My God, well why, it? Still to study it two years at one of the most prestigious institutes of the country, to hand over state examinations, to defend the thesis!, maidens study there, and in a mustache do not blow about any thrown children. Also live quietly! So, it is necessary to talk again, but it is quiet, and to classify everything to it.

- Man, and Man. There, in the district four such institutions, huh? Also watch that turns out. One of these institutions is sponsored by dear person, a star of our platform, huh? He works hard, gives concerts, is talented, on concerts to it break, huh? He earns money. And it gives this money earned with enormous work to orphanage, correctly? It gives not all money earned and correctly does because it has a wife, children, a lot of relatives who without it not can, huh? It is right? Yes. The second Orphanage is sponsored by the honored athlete, very high flight. And there too everything is good. The third such institution is sponsored by the famous politician, and this party uses the efforts too for this purpose that to those children it was good! And in it, your House to the Baby, for certain, there are disposable sponsors who sometimes help. But you which runs across Moscow, collecting a heap of children`s things, carriages, walkers, collecting on three hundred, five hundred, one thousand rubles, you will not be able to give feasible help to this house of the baby, especially, where part of children are not healthy at all! I understand that I employed the car, brought everything together with the girlfriend there, but this not that help which is necessary for them! And then, you so take everything very much to heart that so it is impossible, my good little man! Give, create, earn money on the creativity, and send them though all there! And it will be your contribution which will be useful to them much more, than all in what you are engaged! Man, and Man. Well, unless I am not right?

Manya begins something to object, tell

to me about drugs, about disposable syringes again, how these kids from scratch till four years need. I palm off on it any articles about volunteers who with the correct mind help, and the fact that from them there is more advantage, than from it.

All exhausted! I cannot more! Continuous emotions and mad fatigue because that I do not see any exit! I did not convince her.

- Man what I can make, And? Than to help?
- Mothers, you have a lot of acquaintances. Montessori`s office is necessary for these children! The most expensive kindergartens in Moscow are equipped with these offices. It is such need for little, not really healthy children, you just do not represent? I was already written off on the Internet with producers of these offices, but it costs a fantastic sum! I have a price - the sheet is printed out, look.

Ya I take these leaflets in hand, I look at columns with figures and I sigh. I understand why only the most expensive kindergartens in Moscow are equipped with these offices.

- you Know, Man, I will try. I do not know, something can at me and it will turn out. But I was never engaged in it. I promise nothing to you. If something leaves, then will leave. You trust me?
- Mothers, I know that if you undertake this business, then at you it will turn out. And you want, we will go together with me there. There such chief physician remarkable woman. She for days fights for these children! It is real! You know that I at you understand people, I feel them!
- Man, you what my death want? You want that I there also died? If only I arrive there and I will see these hundred sixty children, then I there also will remain forever! No, Montessori`s office, so Montessori`s office! I, give, it is better on economy!

Manya began to smile, we still chatted with it, and I left home, previously having agreed with the daughter that she once again communicated to my friend Nadezhda.

Having arrived home, got into the Internet, began to collect information on this technique and producers. Learned everything. It is possible to ring round someone and to ask. For a start we will write letters to various funds. Let`s not write specifically, and we will just take an interest whether they give help? Wrote. By the way, still there is no answer from anybody. Hm. All right. Perhaps, they solve some very important state problems.

to Very many people called

. Promised to think. Phoned to one organization, promised to help, but wanted to look at me. It did not turn out. At them the head got sick. Really ached, did not wave away. I am simply sure of them because they help very many children who need urgent operation behind a cordon. Thanks to them huge for it!

Suddenly remembered

the friend who has affairs very well, and about its CEO. Did not call up a heap of years. I call her and I say that the help to the House of the baby which is not in Moscow is necessary, and phone of general is necessary. What she answers me that general two orphanages in Moscow sponsor. And it at them such cool, and so much does for persons in need that once again they will not strain it. I worked once with general under the short contract. And I personally remember it. But so much water flowed away that I do not know how the person because there passed eight years changed. Having suggested me to contact some other director, she to me dictated a phone number, on that we also said goodbye. To that director I did not phone according to number given me.

you know

how it is inconvenient to appeal to unfamiliar, and even to familiar people! Probably, it is arrogance! Recently read the French proverb that if on the street the beggar asks for help of you, do not refuse to him, it can be a disguised Angel!

Ya, remembering this proverb, next day it was again rung out to the friend and I say that I cannot phone according to this number. She suddenly so was delighted to my call and told that the dream dreamed it, some letter came then that the help is necessary for someone and that she understood that heaven gave it some sign, and gives me phone of general. So, I have phone. It is necessary to call! Inconveniently! I remember a proverb, that it is inconvenient to brush teeth through a nose, and all the rest is convenient. I gather! Learned, was delighted, wore out slightly, agreed about a meeting in three days!

Joyful, I jump out, I go to savings bank, it is necessary to pay phone, and that will be disconnected. I stand in a queue in savings bank. Call by cellular. The secretary general calls, urgently asks to call general. I try to find out from where it has my number of cellular, I do not receive the intelligible answer. I dial its number, line it is not heard.

I Jump out

from turn, I rush on the street. I find out that locked some car, the car driver signals so that I thought that at him in the car the wife gives birth. I peer, there is no pregnant wife! In general, there is no wife in inside of the car! I get quietly into the car, it is proud I drive off, without hearing at all compliments with which me male this individual showers.

I Call

general, and it says to me that I urgently called up on it - that to a phone number because by a lucky chance the director of his branch is in this city, and this director will stop by in the House of the baby, everything learns what is necessary, and will resolve all issues on the place. I loudly shout in a tube “hurrah“, I write down a phone number on cellular... also I dump it. With cries that I have all through some place, remembering all mothers, I rummage in a glove compartment, I find the handle and the receipt which I needed to pay the restarfield, wildly I apologize, and I ask a phone number once again. Carefully I write down phone, I tell once again thanks, I shout once again in a tube “hurrah“, I say goodbye!

Then! The director of this branch together with some local the uncle the businessman, having received from me the incorrect address, were long wound on this city, and arrived to this House of the baby late at night. The chief physician was warned about visit therefore he waited. When to the businessman showed to the uncle the sleeping hundred sixty children from zero till four years, to it it became bad. He did not expect that there is such island in the small city. He never also assumed that such number of kids without mothers, without fathers, without relatives, there are all together. That they had such share. They peacefully sleep, and do not know that somewhere there, outside this island, there is other life. Where each of children has someone from relatives and if this child is ill, then fight for him to the last, and he will surely recover. The uncle the businessman heard all this, but never saw it. As well as we rather many of us.

the Issue with Montessori`s office was resolved by

! In addition, they agreed with the chief physician that children who are able to draw will draw what they would like to receive from Father Frost for New year! Children drew. The envoy from Father Frost took away these drawings, and Father Frost as we know, does not waste the words! Children received what they dreamed of for New Year!

Montessori`s Office is paid by sponsors, now it is made in St. Petersburg, production lasts month, and kids from this House of the baby will shortly develop by this very wise technique. When I called the chief physician of this House of the baby and reported that they will have this office now, we with her at the same time began to roar for pleasure.

Ya I address each of you!!! Near you, probably, there are those for whom your help is necessary. It can be absolutely tiny, or perhaps and not absolutely! It as at you will turn out! If each of us at least once something can help with life to these children, not very well, financially, either some acts, or actions, it will be healthy!!! All of us are people with great soul which width is enough both for relatives, and for persons in need! Thank you!