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Thirty three tricks for mummy of

Here remained behind the first shy attempts of the kid to sit down, to spread, rise on legs, already in the past the first smile, the first touching word “mother“. He already surely goes, runs, climbs on a sofa. Does not speak yet, but it is capable to explain what he wants. Not all is able, but precisely knows how to achieve the objective. To the kid year was executed, but to two it is still far.

For us, young mummies, there came hard days. Earlier, happened, you will put the kid on a bed, you will give toys, and itself in a floor - eyes you look, in a floor - fish soup you listen, and other organism you sleep. Or you will thrust the kid into a stool, you will add stewed broccoli puree without salt, and with surprise you observe with what pleasure it absorbs all this. Now all differently: having left the child for several minutes in the room of one idle, you risk to lose the tape recorder, phone, the TV, the computer, family service, the new sheepskin coat hanging in a case... You spend an hour and a half for preparation of a tasty, useful, beautiful children`s dish and... you throw out it in a toilet bowl. And visit of children`s policlinic to become the real event.

of Admonition and the notation can be reserved for the husband. Strict bans and punishments should be applied only in rare instances. It is desirable to forget about blackmail and manipulations in general. In our arsenal there are not much means. And, sometimes, for achievement of the necessary result to have to connect all the imagination.

the Real rescue of audio steel for us - fairy tales. The sonny is capable to stay on a sofa under a monotonous voice of Chukovsky of 20 minutes in succession. And for me it is a quite good reserve of time. During this time it is possible to stroke a jacket, without risking to overturn an ironing table with the hot iron to itself on a leg. Daily fairy tales of steel for us the real ritual and if I suddenly distract and I will forget, someone small will pull me for a hem and will exactingly remind: “Helmets!“ . - parade fairy tales “Teremok“, “Alyonushka“, “Bittock - a Havroshechka“, Agniya Bartho`s verses, “Phone“, “The stolen sun“ and unforgettable Korney Ivanovich`s “Confusion“ got to a hit.

In general, love to verses at my boyfriend since the childhood. In two months it calmed down, having heard familiar lines. By one and a half years I had to learn not less than 50 poems. We fall asleep with verses, we sit in long turns and we get stuck in traffic jams. We have ready poems, almost, for all occasions. Only once, to gather for winter walk, the suitable poem was not. It was necessary to compose most quickly. The following rifmospleteniye turned out:

the little boy
by the name of the Subject
Sat up with

of Veins it in the Cold winter
at home.
On the street is urgent is decided to go -
needs to Dress the kid to mother warmly.

we Will put on gloves,
a down-padded coat.
we Will tie a scarf,
we Will clasp a collar.

we Will undertake the sledge - them we will lower
to the yard.
we Will go to the North
in search of mountains.

Fortunately, the kid is not able to estimate my poetic abilities, more precisely their total absence, for me yet the main thing that worked.

Proceeding from the same principle, I invented a small fantastic story that though somehow to facilitate difficult procedure of meal. My Thoemke to such an extent grudges time spent behind food that he, once I become silent or to clean the constant table satellite - the book, instantly jumps and goes back home. Therefore I give it a spoon, another that it is more, I take itself and I begin...

“Once upon a time there was a small spoon. All tableware laughed at it because it was unlike other spoons.“ Look at yourself, the pudge, you never to get on a holiday table“ - they said. And the small spoon very much wanted though with half an eye to look at the table laid by a white cloth, at the fine harmonous glasses sparkling a gold border on the plates dressed in expensive porcelain skirts. But her dream and remained dream. to

Once in the spring in a family of the hostess - the little boy, the hostess`s grandson was born. And the boy was to such an extent lovely that spoons began to argue which of them he will prefer when he grows up.

- I the most beautiful, - the carved spoon said, - he will choose me by
- No, - the spoon with the round handle objected, - he will choose me because I am the most convenient.

Only the small spoon did not take part in these disputes because it understood that to it to hope there is nothing.

the Kid grew up all on pleasure. And in one fine morning of a spoon noticed general enthusiasm in kitchen.

- we will lay a table in the Evening, - the hostess told, and all house supported her idea.
- Hurrah! - began to jump tableware, - today there will be a holiday!

the Hostess, as usual, began to clean knives and forks, to wipe with a soft napkin of a spoon. The small spoon shy looked out of the corner as suddenly the hostess caught it and began to polish with such diligence that it even became shchekotno. The spoon began to shine such gloss that all tableware gasped: never in life they saw anything finer.

in the Evening all family gathered at the laid table. The kid sat at the head of a table on the high stool.

- My dear, - the hostess addressed the kid, - You absolutely big - at you were cut through now the first zubik. Now you need a silver spoon.

All began to clap, and the hostess stretched to the kid our familiar small spoon. The boy took it, and so it was pleasant to him that he did not leave it the whole evening. And then, when grew up a little more, learned to eat with the favourite silver spoon.

History, of course, turned out a little “for growth“, but listens to dithat, having opened a mouth. My task - to seize the moment and to throw in this mouth loaded spoons with a sound speed.

here kefir we drink

A exclusively to the accompaniment “Three pigs“ - though contrary to any logic, but so historically it developed.

the Big find for our family. Books are constructed in such a way that Hare - the main character, the kid 2 - 4 summer age, gets into different, but typical everyday situations. In books there is also information for parents on what it is necessary to pay to attention what to offer an explanation for the child etc. So, thanks to the book “Hare Stayed at Home“, our sonny agrees to drink bitter medicine. Before we found this lifesaver, procedure of drug intake had such music that even neighbors were forced to put the TV loudness regulator on “MAX“. Now Artemka follows an example of Hare who drinks medicine, gives itself to examine to the doctor and sometimes obediently lies in a bed. During an illness he just does not leave this book, drags it on everywhere and “tells“ what they with Hare on couple good fellows.

Very good books from the same series - “I do not want

, I will not be! We learn to agree“ and “Oh as interestingly! Problem situations“. Simple plots and colourful illustrations give a reason to talk to the child about often arising problem situations. For example, we often discuss how Hare got to the computer and incidentally broke it, or how on Zayka Street escaped from mother and was nearly run over by a car. Quietly, without notations, and through emotional empathy to the hero, I try to acquaint the sonny with rules of conduct. After that the Subject though does not avoid the computer, nevertheless can show some restraint in a nazhimaniye of buttons. And it for the one-and-a-half-year-old kid it already big achievement.

Good educational effect, in my opinion, also the puppet theater possesses. We have glove dolls - the Goat and the Kid. The kid sometimes does not obey mother and gets involved in bad stories. Mother - a goat, under the law of a genre, rescues it and teaches mind - reason. It is worth looking at the person on Temkino to understand what scale of feelings he endures every time. At first to mischief of the Goat it is indifferent, then is afraid and longs together with him, then very much - very much rejoices to his meeting with mother, and finally together with the Goat threatens the Kid with a finger. According to psychologists, the puppet theater is capable to give also psychological assistance to the grown-up child. Playing a role, the child can splash out the problem, as if endure it, overcome the fears and doubts. Besides, the parent will be able to understand better an emotional condition of the kid, having seen it “in image“.

Sometimes should refuse to the child his creative desires from - for lack of own time and forces to minimize all consequences of such rushes. I speak about drawing by paints. Having begun to draw a brush on a Whatman paper, we usually finish with rock painting on wall-paper different parts of a body. Then, naturally, to have to wash half-apartments and to open Bann - laundry combine.


Ya means which, though does not give a special freedom of expression, but allows to reduce significantly the victims which are inevitably demanded by art. It is a water coloring. In this case we should wipe a floor only once again and to change clothes of the child if suddenly water from a jar spreads. And for the kid process of a prettification is very fascinating too. So sometimes it is possible and to use cunning, naturally, not excepting drawing by paints in general.

Excellent assistants on kitchen of steel of a figure for us on magnets. Now on sale there are also figures with a plastic covering on plots of the famous fairy tales, and the paper figures collected on groups, for example, of a bird, cars and just plaster holders on the refrigerator. Making quickly a dinner, I leave the child near myself at the refrigerator with all this variety. I give it a task something to find, and it hangs out the necessary figures or he finds something, and I comment. At such organization of process and me it is not necessary to distract especially, and the sonny at business.

situations when it is just necessary to record the child for some time Happen. And here not to do without animated films. Psychologists, however, do not advise to watch animated films to kids to whom three years were not executed. But we - that, mothers, understand that it is not always possible to follow recommendations of experts. In that case important with all responsibility to approach the choice of the animated movie for the child.

I do not tell

Ya already about animated cartoons like “Tom and Gerry“ any more and “Well wait a moment!“ but also other, good and colourful animated cartoons should be postponed for the time being. For example, “Geese are swans“ or “The kid and Carlson“. In the first case, as for the Russian national fairy tales, the image of the Baba-yaga or Kashchey can strongly frighten the child. And even if this fairy tale is familiar to the child, reaction on the “recovered“ aggressive character can be very sharp.

In the second case, regarding fairy tales with the charming and playful hero, the situation when the kid who just gets acquainted with rules of conduct in society can be disoriented by behavior of the character is possible

. So the task faces us difficult. I here risked to show “Banifation`s Vacation“, “Three from Prostokvashino“, “Toptyzhka“, “38 parrots“. The rascal Winnie - Down, however, too risked. I hope that the Subject everything is will not steal honey. Eh!

Here and to have to get out. And if it is honest, then if everything was too simply, life would seem far more boringly. And looking in park as mother diligent kicks a piece of ice towards nearby shop behind which the joyful kid runs, you will involuntarily smile - we also go shopping.