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Privatization - councils and decisions

All questions connected with privatization of housing require the emergency solution, today if not to manage to register the apartment under the ownership till January 1, 2007, then it is necessary to redeem it from the state already at market value.

After adoption in 1991 of the Law “About Privatization of Housing Stock in the Russian Federation“ at us in the country actively began em - privatization of apartments - primary transaction in housing market which by right is considered as one of the most important procedures for further operations with apartments and rooms (without it it is impossible to sell, exchange, rent, descend or to present housing). And new Housing code of the Russian Federation (01/03 / 2005) cancels free privatization with 01/01 / 2007

of Firm and the intermediaries rendering assistance in privatization help to avoid tiresome collecting documents - from you only the passport and the considerable sum of money will be necessary (from $600 to $1000). That is you overpay for service, besides firms - a something ephemeral can disappear together with your money.

Human factor. Privatization can be issued both on one, and on several people who are constantly registered in the apartment. If you want to refuse the participation in privatization, through the notary or in MZhR issue refusal. It is impossible to refuse privatization in favor of family members - possibly to refuse only participation (so if 4 persons are registered in the apartment and one of them refuses privatization, three participate in process). If during privatization of housing one of residents was absent and did not participate in privatization, this right behind it remains. The housing can be privatized in equal or unequal shares.

Minor children are obliged to participate in privatization of the apartment in which they are registered, in equal or big shares, but not in smaller. The apartment can be privatized on the child even if he is registered in the apartment one. To his majority parents will be engaged in all operations on housing. after death of the owner the person specified in the will can become p>

the Successor of the privatized apartment. If the will is not made, then within 6 months after death of the relative of a share of successors the notary will define. After decision the notary will grant “The certificate on the right for inheritance under the law“ to each successor which has to be registered in Federal registration service subsequently.

the Rent for the privatized apartment does not increase, but the privatized housing is assessed with a tax on cost. Once a year the tax inspections distribute receipts on payment of a tax that is single annual payment and makes about 100 rubles on each owner.

  • the Number of persons interested to privatize the housing increases every day. Privatization takes place in regions quietly, and in Moscow in Departments of municipal housing people get in queues from 4 - 5 o`clock in the morning, and record goes only on the middle of 2006.
  • If your personal presence at paperwork on privatization is impossible for
  • , issue the notarized power of attorney on the person who will collect documents, to sign them and to receive, that is to represent you in relevant authorities.
  • Experts do not exclude
  • that after January 1, 2007 terms of free privatization will be prolonged again. But nevertheless it is short-sighted to postpone privatization of housing as only privatization acts as the reliable guarantor of your property.

Comments of the expert

Leading expert of the Uniform Center of privatization of JSC Moszhilregistration (MZhR) Elena Surayeva:
can Take part in privatization only once, after that the right will be lost. In the Moscow registration chamber there is a Unified State Register of Rights (USRR) in which data on the Moscow transactions with real estate are stored thanks to what there is full information on the citizens participating in privatization. By the way, the housing received according to the warrant after March 1, 2005 is not subject to privatization - it belongs to municipality, with it only re-plannings, an exchange for other municipal housing or its delivery for rent are possible.

Privatization happens not urgent and urgent . Procedure of collecting documents is identical to them and assumes visit of ZhEK, DEZA and EIRTs in a place of registration.

Not urgent privatization
is made out by

through housing departments of the Department of Municipal Housing (DMH) of the residence. It is possible to find the center which is engaged in privatization on your district through a regional Justice or through Uniform help (for residents of Moscow). The cost of not urgent privatization across Russia makes 500 rub today. But at registration of the transaction through DMZh it is necessary to wait for 3 - 4 months from - for specifics of work of departments. The documents which are handed over by you can get lost in department (as a rule, documents are lost by transfer from one department to another).

not urgent privatization is carried out by

For inhabitants of regions through local departments of privatization (the for each city).


Urgent privatization In Moscow created the Uniform Center of privatization which is engaged in urgent paid privatization (services are provided to everyone from 10 days till 1 month). Moreover, large real estate agencies process documents of the clients in MZhR too.


At primary address to MZhR to you will provide request for collecting documents and the list of documents which have to be received from ZhEK, DEZA and EIRTs. Then inspectors check all documents collected by you and if they are issued correctly, take away in work.

signs the individual contract With each client of MZhR. When signing privatization documents MZhR issues the act of delivery and the I reception of works to this contract that from the visitor documents are accepted. After that all further operations for you are performed by employees of MZhR on which the notarized power of attorney necessary for obtaining all documents for registration of property then are given “The certificate on the state registration of the rights“ (for each family member), the contract of transfer and the statement to it is written out in advance.

registration Cost documents for urgent privatization in JSC Moszhilregistration in a month sostavlyut 3 687 rub (+3% of Sberbank of Russia): 2 985 rub for urgency of service, 500 rub for registration, 154 rub and 48 rub for registration of the contract of a sotsnaym. If the contract already is, it is necessary to pay 2 945 rub I and 500 rub. Paperwork in 10 days costs 5 372 rub (+3% of Sberbank of Russia): 4 670 rub for urgency of service, 500 rub for registration, 154 rub and 48 rub for registration of the contract of a sotsnaym respectively 4 610 rub and 500 rub without registration of the contract of a sotsnaym.


Documents necessary for privatization:

  1. Warrant (original + 2 photocopies). In case of loss of the warrant residents of Moscow need to get references from DEZA and permission to privatization from DMZh;
  2. contract of social hiring (original + photocopy);
  3. an extract from the house register (the original + a photocopy) with information on the citizens registered on this square from the moment of obtaining the warrant
  4. an extract on the minor children who left from the privatized area with 01/01/2005;
  5. financial personal account (original + photocopy);
  6. the certificate of check of living conditions (only for a communal flat);
  7. the certificate of replacement of the passport from September, 1991 till present;
  8. the floor-by-floor plan and an explication (the original, and also the copies certified of BTI);
  9. (since September, 1991 till present) to you needs to provide to
  10. in case of change of the residence extracts from house registers from all places of registration (for the city of Moscow) and in addition the certificate that you did not participate in privatization (except the city of Moscow);
  11. originals and photocopies of passports of all citizens living on the privatized square (a turn with the photo and a turn with a registration), and birth certificates of children;
  12. if someone is written out by
  13. from this area by a court decision, it is necessary to provide the copy of a judgment.

Documents for privatization of the apartment can be received in DEZE, EIRTs and a passport office in the apartment location.