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Become tempered if you want to be healthy

All of us want that our children grew healthy and strong. To begin “to work“ in this direction follows from the first days of life of the kid. It is very important to pick up correctly loads of a small organism and to competently dose them, adhering to the principle of “golden mean“, - in this case you will be relieved of a set of “surprises“ in the form of infinite children`s sores subsequently.

That such hardening?

the Hardening is a system of special training of an organism, including thermal control processes, with use of natural factors of the nature (air, water, sunshine). It becomes to expand possibilities of adaptation of a human body to constantly changing temperature conditions.


For normal functioning of an organism the temperature balance always has to be supported. It means that at any external influences body temperature has to remain at the constant level. It is reached due to the balanced changes in processes of a thermolysis and heat production. Influence of adverse factors, even during short time, - for example, low temperatures - can cause violations in operation of this mechanism. Failure can lead to increase of a thermolysis and consequently, to fall of temperature of a body and development of various diseases.

Thermal control of an organism are improved by various trainings.

the Tempered person differs in

from not tempered by the fact that even long action of cold does not break his constant body temperature. At such person when cooling processes of return of heat in external environment and vice versa, there are mechanisms promoting its development decrease. Thus, we see that the physiological essence of a hardening consists in improvement of temperature-controlled mechanisms.

to Increase protective forces of an organism and its adaptation opportunities, to develop individual reactions to cold or heat it is simple. It becomes by the same principle, as well as building of opportunities of muscles or memory: regular trainings and gradual increase of loadings. Set of trainings in this case is also called a hardening.

the Hardening has the all-strengthening effect on an organism, improves blood circulation, normalizes a metabolism, reduces number of catarrhal diseases several times, and in some cases almost completely excludes their emergence, and also promotes increase of physical and intellectual working capacity.

to Start a hardening never late: at any age you can begin to carry out the tempering procedures, and the earlier you will begin them, the organism will be healthier and steadier. But consider that the hardening is begun on condition of full health of the person. Therefore before the revitalizing procedures it is necessary to consult with the doctor and to decide how to carry out a hardening taking into account age, specific features and a state of health of the child.

That process of a hardening took place

of the Rule of a hardening smoothly, it is necessary to follow certain rules.

  • you Carry out the tempering procedures at all seasons of the year and without breaks.
  • Gradually increase force of the irritating influence (air, water, the sun).
  • Consider age and specific features of the child.
  • the Tempering procedures have to be followed by positive emotions of the child.
it is the best of all than

if use of the tempering procedures is fixed in a day regimen. Then at the child a certain stereotypic reaction is developed. Breaks in a hardening reduce the resistance to temperature influences acquired by an organism. So, carrying out the tempering procedures during two - three months, and then leads their termination to the fact that during five - seven days the kid comes back to that state what it had prior to procedures.

Violation of these rules results

in lack of a positive effect from the tempering procedures, and sometimes and to exhaustion of adaptation opportunities of an organism. Indicators of the correct carrying out a hardening and its positive results are: sound sleep, good appetite, a good increase in weight, cheerfulness of the kid etc.

is not present

of Contraindications for a hardening. In case of symptoms of a disease the hardening is temporarily stopped. After recovery, through one - two weeks, resume it from an initial stage.

the hardening Modes

the Hardening of children can be divided into two modes conditionally. The first mode is an initial stage a hardening in which there is a formation of thermal stability of an organism. The second mode - the supporting period in which at the expense of a regularity of occupations the acquired readiness of the child to perceive temperature and other influences of external environment without functional violations remains. During the first mode the tempering loadings increase according to the scheme of the chosen hardening methods, during the second they can fluctuate according to a season. The tempering actions are subdivided into the general and special . Treat the general:

Already these actions create to

conditions for the correct development of a children`s organism.

treat special events: hardening air (air bathtubs), sun (solar bathtubs) and water (water procedures) .

Air bathtubs

Children are very sensitive

to a lack of fresh air. Being a long time in badly aired rooms, they become sluggish, irritable, they interrupt a sleep, appetite decreases. Fresh clean air makes salutary impact at any diseases. The general air bathtubs indoors sometimes replace only with a partial short-term exposure of a body during change of clothes. It depends on a state of health of the child at the moment.

Air bathtubs are the first tempering procedure for the baby. Air temperature in the room of the newborn has to be 23 ° With, for children aged from 1 till 3 months - 21 ° With, from 3 months to one year - 20 ° With, years - 18 ° are more senior; C. High power expenses and consumption of oxygen by 2,5 times bigger, than at adults are peculiar to babies. Therefore it is necessary to air the room 4 - 5 times a day for 10 - 15 minutes in the winter, can be summer of a window leaf constantly open. Airing by means of a window leaf is carried out in the presence of children - decrease in air temperature on 1 - 2 ° With is the tempering factor. At through airing air exchange happens much quicker, but it needs to be carried out to absence of the child.

Before acceptance of air bathtubs the room should be aired. For babies optimum air temperature when carrying out procedure has to be 20 - 22 ° S. Krom of the tempering effect, in this period of life air bathtubs promote blood saturation by oxygen through skin as permeability of skin at early age is very high. For kids from 1 to 2 years air temperature has to be 18 - 19 ° C. For children 2 years which are well transferring a hardening are more senior, air temperature can be reduced on 3 - 5 ° S. Vnachale procedure lasts 1 - 2 minutes, then each five days it increases for 2 minutes and reaches till 15 minutes, for children till 6 months and till 30 minutes for children 6 months are more senior. The maximum time for carrying out air bathtubs in 2 - 3 years - 30 - 40 min.

Air bathtubs surely have to be combined by

with gymnastic exercises. Children are more senior than one and a half years take air baths during morning exercises: at first - in shorts, an undershirt, socks and slippers. It is possible to leave only pants and slippers later.

of Kids with signs of the lowered adaptation to change of temperature of air (resistant pallor, the expressed capillary drawing the skin cold to an extremity) cannot be discharged of the sparing tempering procedures. In this case the child can be undressed partially, air bathtubs to spend only 5 minutes, but several times a day.

In summertime of babies can be taken out on fresh air practically right after the birth. Having begun from 20 - 40 minutes a day, walk time is quickly increased and led up till 6 - 8 o`clock. In the winter in a midland of Russia children are taken out for the first time on the street at the age of 2 - 3 weeks at air temperature not below - 5 ° With for 15 - 20 minutes, it is better in windless weather, and gradually this time is led up till 1,5 - 2 o`clock twice a day. The lowest air temperature, admissible for walks, temperature - 15 ° is; Page.

in the Winter around a child`s face so-called “well“ is better to arrange

, using for this purpose either a children`s blanket, or an envelope hood that will allow to create space of warm air around the person, both the nose and cheeks of the baby will remain warm.

Cold is not contraindication for walks. It is necessary to clean a nose only previously.

the Hardening the sun

Moderate doses of ultra-violet radiation intensify biochemical processes in cages, accelerate growth and healing of body tissues, increase resilience to infections, stimulate work of endocrine and nervous systems. Under the influence of sunshine vitamin D in skin which does not get to an organism with food is formed.

However needs to be remembered that sensitivity to ultraviolet rays of subjects is higher, than the age of the child is less. Surplus of ultraviolet rays leads to development of skin and oncological diseases therefore direct solar bathtubs are contraindicated to children till one year.

the Tempering procedure has to

is carried out in a shadow of trees. Children about one year have enough radiation of small part of a body (a face or hands) within 5 - 10 minutes.

in the Summer of light - air baths is recommended to be taken at air temperature 22 ° With above for babies and at a temperature of 20 ° With for kids from 1 to 3 years, it is better in windless weather. Duration of the first bathtub at babies - 3 minutes, at more seniors - 5 minutes with gradual increase to 30 - 40 minutes. Children are more senior than 3 years no more than 15 - 20 minutes can acquire a direct tan, and for their summer there have to be no more than 30. In a midland of Russia of light - it is better to take air baths from 9 to 12 o`clock in the afternoon, in hotter climate - from 8 to 10 o`clock in the morning. The behavior of the child has to be active at this time. At air temperature 30 ° About solar bathtubs it is impossible to accept.

Skin of the kid needs to be protected sunblock cream in the summer. These creams have different degrees of protection, and the choice of cream depends on skin type: the skin is more pale, the above there has to be degree of protection. On wind and after bathing it is necessary to apply cream repeatedly. There are creams with the so-called steady filter which do not lose the properties even after several bathings. About it it is possible to read on packing.

After solar bathtubs, but not to them, to children it is possible to carry out water procedures. After them the child should be wiped, even in hot weather as moist skin promotes overcooling of an organism.

Water procedures

the Water hardening makes stronger impact on an organism, than air bathtubs. It is connected with the fact that heat conductivity of water is 30 times higher, than air. Distinguish three phases of reaction of an organism to action of the lowered water temperature. The first phase - narrowing of vessels of skin, and at deeper cooling and hypodermically - fatty cellulose. The second phase - in connection with adaptation to low water temperature occurs expansion of vessels, skin becomes red, the metabolism amplifies. This phase is characterized by improvement of health, increase in activity of the person. The third phase - adverse: adaptive opportunities of an organism are exhausted, there is a repeated narrowing of vessels, skin becomes sinyushno - pale, the shiver appears. At systematic use of a water hardening the first phase is reduced and quicker the second comes. The most important at the same time - not to allow approach of the third phase, not to lower sharply water temperature and not to tighten procedure time.

Water procedures are divided

into traditional and nonconventional (intensive).

the Traditional hardening

the Technique of a water hardening depends on age of the child. It is possible to bring a hardening element in usual water procedures - washing, a podmyvaniye, bathing.

Age of the child from the birth till 2 - 3 months

Age of the child from 2 - 3 to 9 - 10 months

Age of the child from 9 - 10 months to one year

At this procedure the child can sit or stand. At first pour over a back, then a breast, a stomach and in the last turn - hands. After douche of the kid wipe dry before easy reddening. In the beginning water temperature has to be 35 - 37 ° With, then each five days reduce it on 1 ° With also lead up to 28 ° The Village

Age of the child from a year to 3 years

Can use the general rubdowns with decrease in water temperature to 24 ° With; the general douches (water temperature is up to 24 - 28 ° Ń).

Since one and a half years can apply a shower which makes stronger impact on an organism, than douche as except water temperature also mechanical irritants work. The shower needs to be held close from the child`s body (at distance of 25 - 30 cm). The stream of water has to be strong. Procedure duration - till 1,5 min. Water temperature and its decrease - as at the general douche.

the Intensive (nonconventional) hardening

At intensive methods of a hardening arises at least short-term contact of a naked body of the child with snow, ice water, air of negative temperature. But it is necessary to accustom the child to cold gradually. Otherwise the hardening can become the reason not of increase, and on the contrary, suppression of immune activity of an organism. Practically all doctors dealing with issues of a hardening of children of early age consider that bathing in ice water is contraindicated to kids .

the Contrast hardening with

contrast foot bathtubs, contrast rubdown, a contrast shower, a sauna and the Russian bath from 3 - 4 years will help to Pass

from the child, traditional to an intensive hardening, to you.

the Most widespread method - contrast douche of legs of the kid. For this purpose in a bathtub put two basins filled so that water covered legs to the middle of a shin. In one basin water always the same temperature (38 - 40 ° C), and in another on the first time on 3 - 4 ° With below. The child at first immerses legs in hot water for 1 - 2 minutes (“brattles“ them), then - in cool for 5 - 20 seconds. Number of alternate immersions - 3 - 6. Each 5 days reduce water temperature in the second basin on 1 ° With also lead up to 18 - 10 ° S. U of healthy children finish procedure with cold water, and at weakened - is hotter.

Attention - do not pour over a leg of the kid cold water if they at it cold.

to Children contrast foot bathtubs are more senior than

it is possible to replace with a contrast shower: influence of hot water (40 - 50 ° C) within 1 minute it is replaced by douche by cold water with the minimum temperature of 10 - 15 ° With within 10 - 20 seconds. To alternate 5 - 10 times.

the Sauna and the Russian bath

In a sauna (a sukhovozdushny bath) use hot air of a steam room (about 60 - 90 ° C) with low humidity and the subsequent cooling in the pool (water temperature 3 - 20 ° Ń).

the Child can visit a sauna of times a week, for a start doing one calling for 5 - 7 minutes at a temperature about 80 ° With at height of the top shelf. It is gradually possible to allow triple visit of a steam room for 10 minutes with the subsequent cooling.


In many regions of our country widely use possibilities of the Russian bath for a hardening. The maximum effect is observed at strict observance of a cycle:“ heating - cooling rest“ in the ratio 1:1:2, that is it is necessary to take a steam bath, take a cool shower approximately identical time, and to have a rest - twice longer. For the three-year-old children who only are getting used to the Russian bath one cycle suffices. In the beginning it is necessary to be in a sweating room no more than 3 - 5 minutes, through several visits it is possible to increase time till 5 - 10 minutes. It is better to apply douche, then a cold shower to cooling, late it is possible to pass to bathing in cold water. Gradually the number of calling a sweating room increase up to 4 - 5 times.

of Contraindication for visit of a sauna and a bath

the Acute infectious diseases which are followed by high temperature, spasms, injuries and surgeries in the head, chronic diseases of kidneys, urinary tract, zheludochno - an intestinal path, a liver, lungs, oncological diseases, and also endocrine violations. At purulent diseases of skin it is possible to visit a sauna after their treatment.

In carrying out the tempering procedures one very important condition is - never go too far. Do not try that your kid was the “most tempered“ from the peers, do not try to act “ahead of schedule“ - so far as concerns health, excessive haste is unacceptable. It is better to observe strictly all recommendations of doctors and to work slowly but surely.