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Mishutki`s fifth anniversary. The deadlock of evil spirit, 13 or adventures in the magic wood.

Here also there came the first Mishutkin small anniversary. I began to prepare for this day long before this event. Wrote the scenario, prepared scenery and suits, gifts to children, all necessary requisite and. other Mishuta, now itself, signed all invitations to the guests. Made the newspaper devoted to our first five-years period. This time we had 6 children from 5 to 7 years.

Forest fairy (mother)
Baba-yaga (father)

of Scenery: To stylize the room under the wood. We used for this purpose all houseplants, various branches, cones, pictures with forest landscapes and animals, drew leaves of trees and trees, balloons of green color. At a window put penek, over it the plate “The deadlock of evil spirit, 13“. For strengthening of effect put the cartridge with wood sounds, they were a constant background (switched off only for the period of songs and dance).

of Children is met by the Forest Fairy.

Forest Fairy : - Hello children! Welcome to our remarkable, magic wood! Now I will dress to you caps, and you will become the real forest gnomes.

the Fairy dresses a cap on the head of each child. In our case it was the set of caps for birthday. I did not do specially any caps.

Forest Fairy : - Children, and what at us today a holiday?

Children : - Mishin birthday!

Forest Fairy : - Here also let`s wish Mischa happy birthday now!


It is played the favourite game “Loaf“.

Game “Loaf“.

As on Mishina a name-day
we Baked a loaf.
Here such height,
Here such nizhina,
Here such width,
Here such dinners. the Loaf, a loaf -
Whom you want br choose.

Birthday man : - I love, of course, all, but (tells the name of the child) most!

In the center the child who was chosen by the birthday man gets up and. etc.

Forest Fairy : - Children, and what most important entertainment on birthday?

Children : - Cake!

Forest Fairy : - Truly! We with forest animals baked big festive cake today, and I want you to treat with it now! Look what beautiful it at us turned out! (looks in that party where there has to be a cake, it is not there). Oh, children, and where cake? Whether the Baba-yaga stole it?!

On the broom the Baba-yaga drops in.

Baba-yaga : - Yes, yes, yes I stole your cake and it is never (joyful) to you to find it! I have one weakness - sweet is very much loved!

Forest Fairy : - Ah you, old she-robber! Return immediately our cake!

Baba-yaga : - For anything!

Forest Fairy : - Yes you any more and have no teeth! Look, only one tooth remained, and that hardly keeps!

Baba-yaga : - And I all the same will not give cake to you, go home!

Forest Fairy : - Here only try not to give, we will not let out you from here!

Children and the Fairy sphere the Baba-yaga. She tries to escape, but children do not let out her.

Baba-yaga : - Well, all right I joked! I will give you cake, but it is hidden in the confidential place and that to reach it, you should perform all my tasks! Agree?

Children : - Agree!

Forest Fairy : - Well, we are ready to perform your tasks. But remember, you are cunning, and we are more cunning! You are clever, but we it is cleverer! You are dexterous, but we lovchy! We should give you cake! However, children?

Children : - Yes!


Yagu from a circle. It, groaning, sits down on penek.

Baba-yaga : - Let`s look! Guess for a start, my Grandmas - riddle ezhkina!

the Pretzel - bredenl, tryn - a grass,
Conjure the grandmother Yaga.

Baba-yaga : - Near the wood, on an edge,
Decorating dark pine forest,
Grew motley as Parsley,

Children : - Fly agaric!

Baba-yaga: - Look - guessed!
He is my very old friend,
the fright Will guide at all.
He bones will rattle,
will win against All heroes.
my Razlyubezny villain
Is the grandfather...

Children : - Koshchy

Baba-yaga : - Ooh, you, what! And here now definitely you will not guess!
Everything learns, will peep,
disturbs All and harms.
Bone leg
That beauty...

Children : - Yaga!

Baba-yaga : - Yes - and, and about me guessed! And I here now will conjure such riddles to you, will not solve for anything!

dark, creeping,
Tooth pounded (conjures)

, soaked
Prompt a fly agaric - you to the grandma
more artful than a riddle!

conjures So far, does various passes by hands, pritopyvat, claps, hemp runs around and. etc.

Baba-yaga: - Aha, now! Listen!
In a kitchen garden Tit costs,
tells Nothing, And not the beret from beds
And to crows does not give br.
It straw is filled the Miracle - yudo - fish... WHALE

Children : - Scarecrow.

Baba-yaga : - Well, keep! Now I will even more difficultly think! (runs all over penek and again to sit down on it) It walked on the wood safely, But the fox of the hero ate. It is at parting ripe the poor thing. He was called... CHEBURASHKA

Children : - Kolobok!

Baba-yaga : - Again guessed (grievously)! Well, here to you still riddle!

beats with

of Poor dolls and torments,
it Looks for a magic key.
At it the terrible state,
Is the doctor... AYBOLIT

Children : - Karabas - Barabas!

Baba-yaga : - Well what it all of you guess and guess! Well, I now still will try.

In it is found
With it do not want to be found
And all his girlfriends -
Bloodsuckers and frogs!
Seaweed all grew the Kind grandfather... FROST

Children : - Water!

Baba-yaga : - Well what you will do! Yes, one riddles you will not manage here, a fly agaric to you dried for lunch (swears)!

(Addressing children) I thought here, my dear children, the road to the place where there is a cake, distant, it is advisable to be supported! I laid up which here - that. Now I will treat you, and you have to guess, than I you treat it.

to Children tie with a scarf eyes. The baba-yaga, in turn approaches everyone and gives a piece of some fruit or vegetable, and children to taste have to guess that it. The baba-yaga gives a piece and sentences: it is a mukhomorchik, these are frog legs, it is a leg of a flying mouse, it is a pale toadstool, it is a pigtail, it is a camel prickle, it is a moss and. etc., to prevent to guess correctly.

Baba-yaga : - There is more to come! I for you welded kissel from a mold, feed - with it each other and not just feed, and blindly. And I will look how you will cope with it! (laughs).

to Children tie with a scarf eyes (at us 3 couples, each couple fed each other in turn if for the child there is no couple, it is possible to invite someone from parents). Children sit down the friend opposite to the friend. One and second child is given a spoon and a cup with kissel (kissel it is desirable to make dense) and they begin to feed each other. That the child was not soiled better him by something to cover. It is possible to use safer for your floor and the child`s suit option: to weld liquid kissel, to pour it in a children`s small bottle and to ask to feed the father, mother or each other through a pacifier, previously having made in it a big hole.

Forest Fairy : - Well, the Baba-yaga, again at you nothing left. Children coped with your task!

Baba-yaga : - Oh, chavy - that became boring for me (yawns). In a dream me chavy - that drives. Hour is unequal, I will fall asleep. Amuse - me rather! The song what sing and play!

Forest Fairy : - It is easy to us to make it! However, children?

Children : - Yes!

the Fairy distributes to children musical instruments. We used drums, rattles, a pan, tambourines, in a word, everything that managed to be found. I included, become already traditional, the song “Let Pedestrians on Pools Run Clumsily“. Children played the instruments, trying to get in so music, and sang along.

Baba-yaga : - Oh, well you play! Oh, amused me, even there was a wish to dance! And you are able to dance - that?

Children : - We are able!

Baba-yaga : - And I will check it now!

We will go around, Hey, ryabyata now, not to yawn! What the Baba-yaga will show, it is necessary to repeat amicably!

the song of grandmas - a hedgehog from m / f “The flying ship“ Sounds, all sing, the Baba-yaga shows the movements, children repeat them after it.

Baba-yaga : - Oh, oh, oh, it was exhausted! All right, I will go, I will sit down on penek and I will have a rest it is sensitive! And you catch to my cat to Vasily a small fish so far.

delivered to

Ya in the center of the room a children`s tray with water. In it started plastic small fishes with magnets. I gave to each child a rod with a magnet, children caught small fishes and put them in a bucket.

Forest Fairy : - It seems to me, the Baba-yaga, is time to give you to us cake! Children performed all your tasks!

Baba-yaga : - I will give, I will give, here only collect to a mine rejuvenating apples! I want that I began to be called to call - the Granny - Yagusya Fine! And they tozh will not prevent you. On each apple - figure and a letter, put them correctly - you learn where cake is!

Forest Fairy : - There will be to you apples!


On all room apples were hanged. On each apple there was a letter. That it was easier for children to put words, on each apple still there was a figure which corresponded to number of a circle in the table. I attached the table with circles on a wall. Thus, the child found apple, ran to the table and by means of the Fairy pasted the apple to a circle with the same number.

Children gathered by

all apples and made the following phrase:“ Look for an oak“.

Forest Fairy : - A baba-yaga, we to you collected rejuvenating apples and words made! Tell now as to us to reach an oak.

Baba-yaga : - There is nothing to do, well I will tell! To get to a magic oak, you at first should battle against forest monsters, then to pass through a bog to a big fly agaric, and from it a streamlet to reach an oak! You will be able - your cake, and is not present - mine!

Forest Fairy : - What you, harmful Baba-yaga.

Baba-yaga: - Generally I am cunning,
In sense of meanness of an interior! (happy tone)

Forest Fairy : - Early you rejoice! Children at us clever and courageous, they will cope with your tricks! Cake will be ours! However, children?

Children : - Yes!

of Forest monsters was drawn, pasted on a dense cardboard, on a reverse side pasted a special leg - a support and put on a coffee table. Children in turn forced down them cones. As soon as all “forest monsters“ were won, children moved further. Now they should overcome “bog“. For this purpose the Fairy gave to each child two big legs (two drawn a foot), shifting them in turn and crossing with one on another, it was necessary to reach the following item, and, at last, by means of the game “Streamlet“, we reached an oak. On an oak the leaflet, hung on a leaflet a note:“ Cake in an ice slope“. By means of leading questions of the Fairy children guessed that it is the refrigerator. Cake was ours! (The route was such: from a window to room doors, further through a corridor - a bog to the fly agaric attached to a clothes case and from there by “streamlet“ on kitchen to the refrigerator on which the adhesive tape pasted an oak).

the Game “Streamlet“

All are built in couples, join hands and raise hands up, and several people pass at hand, choose someone to themselves in couple and become in the end. The one who was left without couple also enters a streamlet and chooses to himself couple...

Forest Fairy : - Well that the Baba-yaga we won against you! You were not helped by your insidiousness!

Baba-yaga : - Won against the Grandma - Yozhka,
Here could not be told,
Well, it is time for me to depart, to look for other cake!

the Baba-yaga sits down on the broom and speaks: “Earth, farewell!“ also jumps on the broom towards a door. Children were delighted with this show simply!

Forest Fairy : - Good fellows, children! You perfectly coped with all difficulties! I will give to you for it gifts as keepsake and balls from my magic wood.

the Fairy distributes to children presents, and each child chooses to himself a ball.

Forest Fairy : - Children, cake we found, but I am afraid, it bewitched. I will carry - I it in the forest laboratory and I will remove everything grandmas - spell ezhkina, and you have a rest so far and eat gifts forest. Here to you nutlets (baked and real) from a little squirrel, here mushrooms (baked) and apples from a hedgehog, here honey and berries from the uncle Mischa, pies with cabbage from the hare, a chicken (fried) from chanterelle.

After children were supported with

, the Fairy gave already absolutely “safe“ cake with candles, and happy children and with pleasure started its eating.

each guest left to

Before leaving the wishes on the Mishutkiny newspaper. (In the lower part of the newspaper cloudlets were pasted. On each cloudlet - the photo of the child, and children wrote the wishes near the photo).


  1. Penek for the Baba-yaga, was made as follows: covered a stool with brown plush fabric, on it sewed cones, branches, leaflets. It is possible to use a plaid for this purpose.
  2. the Big oak and a fly agaric drawn on a leaf of a Whatman paper. A little separately drawn, oak leaflets.
  3. Forest monsters.
  4. the Tray with pieces of vegetables and fruit, cups with kissel
  5. the Lesnoy Suit of the Fairy. This suit requires something long, a dress, a skirt or a sundress. On clothes florets and leaflets are sewed. The wreath or the wide-brimmed hat decorated by the same with flowers and leaflets can be a headdress.
  6. Suit of the Baba-yaga. Long skirt, with patches, on a jacket long strips from fabrics of dark tones are sewed. On the head a wig from long hair and a scarf. On a nose - a wart. Corresponding make-up.
  7. the Broom for the Baba-yaga.
  8. of the Cone.
  9. Sets of fishes and rods. The quantity of sets is defined by the number of children. Bucket.
  10. Musical instruments.
  11. the Cartridge with songs.
  12. of “Leg“ for transition through a bog, on couple for each child.
  13. “Rejuvenating apples“ - 8 pieces
  14. of the Invitation for children.
  15. Small souvenirs, for memory, for each child. Balloons.