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Sunbed: the advantage or harm of

Many of us dream of beautiful suntan. And business even not that all of us so want to be a brown shade - business more likely in general confidence that suntan masks all real and invented shortcomings of skin and allows even to throw out foundation from a cosmetics bag. Truly beauty demands the victims! But whether so suntan how we consider is useful? Whether sunbeds really are rescue for fans of year-round suntan?

the Industry of beauty

at the beginning of the twentieth century of the concept “beauty“ and “suntan“ were synonyms. The first the fashion on suntan was entered by women from the upper class. They luxuriated on magnificent beaches that then in drawing rooms of high society to sparkle suntanned backs. Suntan represented not only beauty, it symbolized as well wealth, idleness - the word, all that we still unite the sweet concept “luxury“. Exactly thanks to these women in the next years arose so-called “fashion to be healthy“ and there was a special direction in economy - fitness - the industry. And already from fitness - the industries the separate direction for which in Russian there was no special writing for the present even - wellness gemmated, from the English word “well“ - it is “good“. This word designates everything that we do in beauty shops, by Spa - the centers, saunas, baths etc. to be healthy and beautiful. The concept “wellness“ includes also visit of a sunbed.

With emergence in the atmosphere of Earth of ozone gaps suntan on open space became obviously unsafe entertainment - physicians of the whole world sound alarm in connection with increase in quantity of oncological diseases. Communication between sunshine and increase of quantity of cases malignant melano - we - and in it can evolve the most ordinary birthmark, - is traced absolutely distinctly. But the fashion on suntan still exists and will exist, seemingly, long - to glance in any, even the most modest sports club or beauty shop enough. In the list of the services offered there it will be obligatory a sunbed.

the suntan emergence Mechanism

under the influence of sunshine in skin begins to be developed by

a special pigment melanin which problem - to protect skin from a solar ultraviolet. The more we are on the sun, the more melanin is formed in cells of skin.

it is So useful for

- or nevertheless it is harmful?

the Solar, natural ultraviolet is subdivided by

into three groups on wavelength: UF - And, UF - In and UF - Page. Earlier was considered that the main reason for solar burns and aging of skin is the ultra-violet radiation of type A, but the last researches proved that beams of type B get into skin more deeply and destroy the collagenic layer “responsible“ for maintenance of elasticity and smoothness of skin. Beams of type C do not reach the Earth`s surface at all - they are held by an ozone layer in the atmosphere. However, the ozone layer becomes more and more thinly every year, and such countries as Australia which faced a problem of “ozone gap“ endure the unknown growth of number of cancer diseases.

But also other party of a medal exists.

Shortage of sunshine leads

to the most severe depression, the person begins to see world around, so to speak, “in black color“. That the ominous ghost of a depression did not dim light before eyes of residents of the northern countries, doctors recommend to them to spend much time on day to light as under the influence of those ominous ultraviolet rays in a human body endorphins - the chemicals causing feeling of pleasure are produced. Shortage of endorphins also leads to a heavy depression.


Russia - the typical northern country, and shortage of sunshine in winter time is felt rather sharply. Besides there are some vitamins, for example vitamin D which are formed in skin only under the influence of sunshine. And the short northern summer is obviously not enough for providing us with a necessary reserve of these substances.

are come to the rescue In this case by sunbeds.

What is sunbeds

Sunbeds are the cars developing the radiation almost identical solar under the influence of which in skin melanin begins to be produced and by that the desirable shade is reached it.

Sunbeds exist several types: house and professional.

Main that the person interested to sunbathe in a house sunbed needs to know, is that if you wish to receive rather deep tan, you should spend in a house sunbed more time, than in professional since. power of lamps - small, and quantity them - is less, than in professional. But for those who intend to improve only slightly skin color and to add “the general health“ to the organism exhausted in the winter and avitaminosis, the house option of a sunbed will be ideally suited.

Professional sunbeds are characterized by the following signs:


of the Lamp of a high pressure usually have the power of 160 - 180 W. Such lamps in a sunbed on average there can be 40 - 48 pieces. And such type of a sunbed very much is suitable for those who appreciate the time. But consider: at the greatest number of lamps and their high power the session of suntan should not exceed 10 - 15 minutes. The first session in such sunbed should not last longer than 5 - 7 minutes at all.

Sunbeds of average power, for example with 100 - watt lamps, give the chance to luxuriate longer. The first session in such sunbed makes usually 10 - 15 minutes.

Professional sunbeds share

also on vertical and horizontal, here everything depends on preferences of the client.

still turbosolyariya Exist, they differ in the increased comfort as at them there is the most perfect at the moment the cooling system, and you are not threatened by danger “to overheat on the sun“.

of the Instruction for use a sunbed

In spite of the fact that there are always fans to sunbathe in a sunbed twelve months in a row, doctors do not recommend to hold a series of sessions more often than two times a year. In principle, many consider that suntan in a sunbed is much more useful than the suntan received in the natural way and it is possible, in something they also are right: in total - over a design of a sunbed experts worked, besides every year there are more and more “advanced“ and safer models. If it is reasonable to approach a dosage of sessions, it is possible to forget about risk of solar burns completely.

Still needs to be noted that solar suntan often lays down unevenly as internal surfaces of hands and legs sunbathe not so intensively as a surface of other parts of a body. The most uniform suntan turns out in sunbeds which have specially designed form repeating bends of a human body.

  1. Before visit of a sunbed consult with the doctor. It is categorically contraindicated to sunbathe to the people accepting the following medicines: tranquilizers, antidepressants, soothing preparations, and also antibiotics. These preparations raise a photosensitivity of skin and can provoke an allergy. Besides, the sunbed is contraindicated to the people having many body birthmarks as their regeneration in a melanoma - the cancer tumor which is formed in many cases on the place of a brown nevus (birthmark) and consisting from me - lanotsit - cells of skin in which the pigment melanin collects is possible.
  2. If the doctor gave a green light to
  3. to acceptance of “solar“ bathtubs, your task - as it is possible to treat the choice of a sunbed more carefully. If owners of a sunbed did not stint and invited to work of experts, to you will at once advise to sunbathe so much how many it is recommended for people of your type of appearance - and second longer. If you hear “sweet talks“ that “in our sunbed you can sunbathe the whole hour without any harm for health“, immediately run from there!, Learn when lamps in a sunbed last time changed. The most admissible time of operation of lamps - 540 hours. If lamps were replaced recently, reduce time of stay in a sunbed: the probability to burn significantly increases. 4. Before lying in a capsule, take an interest where there is a button of the emergency stop of the device. The feeling that you at any time can interrupt voluntarily a session, will give you chuverennost.

Before a session

So, you came to salon or sports club where the sunbed is established. You, of course, know how your skin reacts to the sun, but individual reaction to a sunbed can differ a little nevertheless from expected. Therefore it is necessary to begin with very small amount of time and then to gradually increase the time spent in a sunbed.

to you will offer

In good salon the hat, special sunglasses, plastic cones protecting nipples at once. You will be able to undress, wash up hands with comfort, and before a capsule the special rug will comfortably settle down.

remove with

“Solar“ cosmetics

As for cosmetics which is offered in sunbeds, it is traditionally subdivided into two big groups: cosmetics before suntan and cosmetics later, but her creators pursue the same aims: to protect skin from harmful effects and “to keep“ on it suntan for longer time.

the Cosmetics before suntan contains the special substances promoting achievement of suntan and reduces time of formation of pigmentary cages. When you came to a sunbed and undressed, be carefully rubbed with lotion or oil for suntan. This means will protect your skin from excessive dryness and will help it “to absorb“ radiation better. Sun-protection factors are not a part of this cosmetics.

the Cosmetics after suntan possesses the intensive calming and cooling operation. At once after a sunbed it is necessary to apply the lotion promoting manifestation of suntan and its fixing on skin on skin.

All similar cosmetics is made by

especially for this or that type of appearance, and use by people of the Celtic type of cosmetics for the Mediterranean type will not bring any benefit.

I one more: if you decided to take a shower after a sunbed, refuse the srubs and means containing soap. Use only very soft means for sensitive skin.


Guard - we burn!

If you got solar burn, do not panic: the slight burn will pass independently. Your task - to drink as much as possible liquid and to grease the place of a burn with the easy moistening means like a children`s milk or the same notorious kefir which our grandmothers treated us in similar situations. You can also get advice in salon.

At a severe burn should see a doctor.

is not recommended to Visit a sunbed and to sunbathe on the sun in the same day.

we Will indulge with

a face in the winter

If you want to achieve gentle, golden complexion in winter time when the body is covered with clothes, you can use special ultra-violet lamps for the person - you can independently get them. Special pass - sunbeds for the person and area of a decollete is also in tanning studios.

It is unconditional, a sunbed the good thing allowing us to keep without effort beauty and a fresh look in city conditions when there is no an opportunity to luxuriate on the beach and to sunbathe in the natural way. But whether here it is worth sunbathing in general? Solve.