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Piracy junket on the Black pearl. The scenario of children`s birthday

On the fourth birthday of Mishutki I wanted to make something special, fascinating and interesting. The idea was prompted by the scenario “Meeting with the Old Pirate“ (taken on the website the Sun) and some other materials on a piracy subject. Here what scenario at me turned out.

During the holiday we had 2 boys and 2 girls 4 - x years. Each guest, including adults, I asked to come in a suit (the benefit is simple to make it) and to think up to myself a “piracy“ name.


“piracy pictures“ In the Internet. Prepared with Mischa here such invitations to all guests.

of Expensive (name of the child)!
I Invite you and your nice family to a piracy party
devoted to my birthday!
the Party will take place onboard the one-room ship
“A black pearl“
on September 2 in 16. 00 on piracy time!
the Thunder-storm of the seas - the Captain Mikhaylo
P. S. Everything to be in the corresponding prikid and armed cap-a-pie!

Decorated the apartment with balls with “Jolly Roger“, and also blue and silver, garlands - palm trees, sea pictures. Drew with the father on 2 - x the Whatman papers which are stuck together among themselves the big ship (“Santa - Maria“ H. Columbus) and hung up it on a wall, put on a mast of a parrot, (a figured ball - a parrot), put toys of marine animals which were at our place. Generally, tried to create the corresponding atmosphere.

Barmalya (father),
Ataman (mother),
Pirates (birthday man and all other guests).
the Ataman welcomes guests, says that now her best friend will come and suggests children to guess him.
He is the craftiest villain,
frighten by It all children,
the gun and a knife Carries,
he Makes a robbery.
It is poor, is rich,
And all the time looks for a treasure.
Answer quickly Who it... BARMALEY!

Barmaly : - Well, hello, my dear razboynichka! Very long ago we did not see each other, very long ago had not fun together! Here I will look now how you are able to sing our piracy songs and to dance our piracy dances! Give everything together we will sing the song about my grandfather!

Children and adults everything together sing

and dance. (I unpacked a lyrics and distributed to all guests in advance. The song can be chosen any other, for example, the song “Speak, We Are Baddies - Beeches“ well will approach.)

my grandfather - the robber, the robber, the robber.
He, really, is very famous.
Who will pass by the grandfather - gives All money at once, Differently. (2 times)

Refrain: Where you, a time dashing,
When could live robbery and - yes!
Really this time will never return? (2 times)

to me the grandfather in inheritance, in inheritance, in inheritance
Left only the old gun.
Why I need the gun,
When already many years
In a pocket are not present coins?
In a pocket there are no coins?

Refrain (2 times)

Barmaly : - And tell - to me, my dear piratik, chegy - that you here everything gathered?
Children : - On birthday of the captain Mikhaylo!
Barmaly : - Ah, here it that! Then give our birthday man we will congratulate our way, on - piratically.

All play the game “Loaf“.
Ataman : - Barmalya, look what at us at remarkable, cheerful razboynichka! Let`s them take with ourselves on searches of a treasure!

(Addressing children)

this treasure is more tasty than ice cream,
it is finer, than bananas,
Flowers, both a rainbow, and a garden,
Both parks, and fountains.
the Circle of treasure lie! Forward, also designate alarms!
the treasured treasure
And new roads Waits somewhere for us!

Barmaly : - You are right, the Ataman, they are able to have fun, and here I want to look what they dexterous, courageous, strong and resourceful! (addressing children) I will take you in the team and I will tell where the card of a treasure, but at first you have to pass several tests, collect 7 coins and learn the ancient piracy word. Are ready?

Children : - Are ready!

Barmaly : - Let`s begin with charging.

What it is necessary for us for charging?
Separately socks and together heels.
we Begin with a trifle:
we Last to a ceiling.


It does not matter that did not get -
Were straightened. Above steel! Also we cost not “hands in trousers“ -
Before a breast we put hands.

That for laziness us was not abused -
we Will repeat breakthroughs by hands.
Hey not to stoop, children!
up to the end cramp shovels.

Stop! the Support is for legs?
the Hand up, another - sideways. are familiar With exercise?
Is called “inclinations“.

To the right - to the left we repeat

we Bend ourselves and we straighten.
And now inclination forward.
Hands in the parties. And here...

It seems to

that the Windmill spins
Rose. Exhaled: “Oh!“
Breath and exhalation. Again - a breath.

Recovered the breath, and all together
We will jump on the place.
the Body with force was loaded -
Missile defense a smile was not forgotten.

Barmaly : - Well, well, not bad for a start! And be now divided - into two teams. My Ataman prepared for you magic balls. The coin whose team will quicker find it in a ball is hidden in one of them, that also will receive a gold coin with a letter.


For this competition needs a basket with several small balls for each team. Children take balls and begin to unwind them, and adults help. That there were no offenses, the victorious team received a gold coin, and lost - silver (here it is important to watch that letters did not repeat).

Barmaly : - Good fellows! But here to you still task. You know, sometimes treasure maps break off on pieces and hide in different places that nobody found. Here I cut the card too and I will look now whether you in five minutes will manage to collect pictures, and on a reverse side you also will find the card.


Ya from section “Colouring“ 4 of the picture on a sea subject. Made each picture in duplicate. On other party 4 - x a coloring drew a pseudo-treasure map - any strelochka, crosses, anchors, the Jolly Rogers, the sunk ships, and. etc. According to one picture cut on the wrong parts. Gave the whole pictures at the end of a competition to children that houses painted. Children collected pictures, and cards - together with adults. When cards were assembled, it became clear that all signs on them are not informative, and there is no present map!

Barmaly : - Ha - ha! I deceived you. I, of course, will give a coin with a letter to you, and the card is not present! At first guess my riddles.

In a thicket, the head having lifted up,
Howls with hunger... GIRAFFE.
( a wolf )

Who is a good judge of raspberry?
Clumsy, brown... WOLF.
( the bear )

of Daughters and sons
Learns to grunt... ANT.
( a pig )

In a warm puddle
Loudly croaked... BARMALEY.
( the young frog )

From a palm tree down, on a palm tree again
Dexterously jumps... COW.
( a monkey )


the Ataman and Barmalya were prompted by the wrong answers.

- x a letok these riddles were a little complicated

For 4. It is better to pick up riddles easier, for example, on sea subject.

Barmaly : - I put one coin in a ball here. Who the first domotat a rope to a ball, that also will receive it.

I put a coin In a balloon. Attached a ball in the middle of a rope, and tied the ends of a rope to pencils. On the one hand the rope on a pencil was wound by the participant of one team, with another - the participant of the second team.

Barmaly : - And you know that pirates have to be well-aimed. And you are well-aimed?

Children : - Yes!

Barmaly : - And here I will check it! We will throw kernels now! Whose team will get most, that also will receive a gold coin with the following letter.

Game:“ Throwing of kernels“

I delivered to

On the middle of the room a wide bucket and prepared several balls of average size. It is possible to hold this game still thus: one participant of team (the adult or the child) takes a bucket, and catches them balls which are thrown by the second participant of team.

Barmaly : - Good fellows! Accurate children! And whether here quickly you run? We - to pirates - sometimes should be on the lam! We will arrange competition of fast walkers now. I will give you special piracy slippers - fast walkers, we will look how you will cope with them.

the Game “Fast walkers“

Two participants of different teams put on footwear, very big by the size, and chase each other through all apartment. We used slippers of our father.

Barmaly : - Good fellows, and coped with it! Yes I look, you are excellent children - the real old salts! But the real pirates are able to give prearranged signals. For this purpose to have to use voices of animals. Now we will check whether you are able to speak on - animal.

Game:“ Animal chorus“


For this game need pictures with different animals and a melody of some song (though it is possible also without it). We included a melody of a song of a crocodile of Gena about birthday. Instead of words it is necessary to sing by voice of the animal represented on the picture. Each group sings in turn several lines.


Ya children and adults into four groups. Everyone groups extended the picture with an animal and sang by voice of this animal. For example, if the cow got, it was necessary to sing - mu - mu - mu, a goat - me - me - me and. etc. Children and parents sang, and conducted Barmalya. At the end lowed and all growled already together. It turned out very cheerfully.

Barmaly : - Well sang, pleased me, well, I will give you the last letter. And the last to you test. I want to look whose team will correctly collect quicker and will read the ancient piracy word, I will show to that team the card and I will take with myself on searches of a treasure!

Children, by means of parents collect and read the word PIASTRES. Of course, both teams are won in this competition.

Barmaly : - And I deceived you again, I have no card because it was eaten by fishes! (laughs) to you it is necessary to find all fishes and to unstitch to them a belly. You will find pieces of the card which should be collected and deciphered in them!

I here all moved off in searches of the fishes made of balloons. Children very with enthusiasm looked for them and with great pleasure ripped up to them a belly, and then all together put and solved the card. I hid “A chest with treasures“ in kitchen. The card represented the plan of our apartment. Therefore both the parts of the apartment and objects which are in each of them were designated. Designations were such:“ The road of knowledge“ (racks with books), the “North Pole“ (refrigerator), “Fire cave“ (plate), “Water“ (bathroom), “Land of Nod“ (sofa), strelochka, anchors, etc.

the Card cut a kingdom on 8 parts, enclosed pieces in 8 balls - fishes. It is necessary to tell what to children, appeared, on forces to decipher all names with the small help of adults and to find the place where the treasure is hidden. How many there were pleasures when children found “A chest with treasures“!

during all competitions cheerful music sounded! And at the beginning and at the end of a holiday (when went behind a treasure) I unmuted the sea.

Then: “Jolly Roger“, “Highest wave“, “Salty wind“, “Old salt“... and, of course, the real piracy cake on which cream drew the real ship with pirates.


  1. . Cut out the lock from a cardboard and pasted over with gold paper. Inside there were bags of gifts for children. From above on bags of gifts chocolate coins and candies in bright brilliant wrappers lay, as created effect of treasures.
  2. the Treasure map - the drawn plan of the apartment. She can be made old, having taken on light and over a candle or having wiped previously with tea leaves. Then you will have the present, ancient map with burn marks.
  3. of 7 coins from a gold and silver cardboard on which letters the PIASTRES making the word are written.
  4. Cheerful music. It is possible to make a special selection of songs about the sea, pirates, robbers. The cartridge with sea sounds (but it is not obligatory).
  5. Four pictures on a sea subject in 2 - x copies.
here is how can make by

A fish of a ball (patterns and the description are taken from the scenario “Meeting with the Old Pirate“). Balloons by quantity of fishes, bilateral color paper, an adhesive tape will be necessary for you.

  1. inflates a ball.
  2. by
  3. To a ball paste a mouth, two eyes, a tail, two fins. The tail is pasted on that place where the ball is tied by a thread.
  4. by
  5. On a back to fish an adhesive tape pastes a thread for which fish will be suspended.