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The first hairstyle of the kid

Earlier you coped with the locks which are falling down on a forehead and closing ears and hardly your child would allow to make manipulations with the hair to someone to another. But the kid grows up, and the hairdress demands professional leaving.

the Grown locks climb in eyes, forcing the kid to make the fancy movements by the head to get rid of hindrances. In the summer you helped out Panamanians and kerchiefs under which the grown hair so successfully hid. But, perhaps, came it is time to put a hairdress in order. However it is absolutely unknown how the child will treat that he should sit quietly in a chair while around his head scissors in hands though experts will flash, but it is absolute to it unfamiliar.

That the kid did not begin to be capricious and go obstinate, having appeared in an unfamiliar situation, you need to be prepared in advance, considering features of behavior of the child. And, of course, in detail to tell it about what will occur in a hairdressing salon, and about what will be required from it that the campaign was successful.

On mother`s feet

U you the favourite stylist to whom you go not the first year and which takes of you the hint is? Whether it is worth addressing it with the kid? In many respects it depends on that how fashionable or solid salon you visit. If you are sure that the behavior of the child will not cause discontent other clients and will not embarrass you, safely conduct it to the expert to whom you trust. However, it is worth taking an interest in advance whether he happened to cut small children.

Residents of megalopolises without effort can find

salon where are engaged in exclusively children`s hairstyles. But the usual hairdressing salon in your area where for you will always find time can become the simplest decision and for certain masters who have an experience of communication with very different including the least clients work. Remarkably, if in this hairdressing salon there are video screens and chairs rising by the necessary height. If is not present, you can bring several favourite toys and books of the kid which will help you to distract and calm him. Some children incessantly spin and fidget in a chair and even strive to run away, others tensely stiffen, being afraid to move, but anyway for the child the first campaign in a hairdressing salon - concerning and even the event demanding some courage.

Masterly equipment

to reduce time of stay in a hairdresser`s chair and to avoid a risky stage of washing of hair in a sink, wash up to the child the house head. Then the hairdresser will only moisten clean hair. If you feel that it is inconvenient to kid to sit on a pile of phonebooks or it is uncomfortable in a chair, too big for it, put him to yourself on knees and tell it about what is done by the hairdresser and what remarkable will be result. Usually the hairstyle lasts no more than fifteen - twenty minutes. Anyway it will be difficult to kid “to hold on“ longer. Some kids begin to panic, having seen the cut-off locks on a floor. Small children have a feeling of the integrity still fragile and not really steady therefore they prefer not to leave what belongs to them. Surely - it is better in advance, before arrival in salon - explain to the kid that hair grow constantly and from time to time they should be cut in order that they did not disturb. Surely assure the kid of what his ringlets will grow again soon. Highlight that to it will make a hairdress as to the adult that all people go to a hairdressing salon where do them beautiful hairstyles. Your delighted exclamations very much will please the kid (as well as the hairdresser). The child with pleasure will consider a new hairstyle in a mirror, being filled with respect for himself. Here is what to be proud - he took one more step to the world of adults. For memory of so significant event you can take with yourself a lock of hair which together put in a casket.

to Pass a boundary


your convincing arguments in favor of a campaign in a hairdressing salon encounter desperate resistance? Perhaps, fears of the kid are too strong and he is not ready to new experience yet. In this case it is worth inviting the hairdresser to the house: in a habitual situation it will be simpler to child to trust in the stranger. With honor having passed the first test, your child for certain will treat more favourably the offer to go to a hairdressing salon. If the kid is capricious that day when you planned a campaign from - for the fact that did not sleep or not really well feels, cancel planned. Wait for the moment when it is in good mood. If your child watchfully treats all new, let for a start he will stay during your hairstyle nearby. One the fact that the kid learns in advance as the hall looks will help it to feel more comfortably when there comes the responsible moment. And soon he will demand visit to the hairdresser, having considered that his hair insufficiently well lie. And you with pleasure support his desire to look fashionably and stylishly.