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Myths about stomatology of

the Myth 1.

Garlic and toothache.

recommends to apply

In traditional medicine to removal of a toothache garlic. The wrist of the left hand is rubbed from the inside with garlic, and then to pulse through fabric bandage a little more polished garlic until there passes pain. The doctor P. M. Kurenkov who described this national way himself considered that sectarians are the Molokans using it “strong trusted in miracles and recovered by power of the belief“. So treatment by garlic - most likely the myth that, however, does not prevent you to try this way on itself, especially if you seldom visit the dentist.

Myth 2.

At a toothache should put on a painful tooth the crumbed aspirin or cotton wool with alcohol.

It is not just the myth, and dangerous delusion. At hit on a mucous membrane of an oral cavity these chemicals can cause a burn, and sometimes very strong, depending on amount of the damaging substance and time of its influence. These “poultices“ do not affect a painful tooth in any way.

Myth 3.

For bleaching of teeth needs to clean them soda.

This myth is very hardy

. Actually soda is a rigid abrasive. And attempt to bleach enamel thus only tears off it, doing to teeth big harm. It is the best of all to brush teeth paste and if there is a need to bleach teeth, then to make it at the doctor.

Myth 4.

Gold never causes an allergy.

is a myth. Gold in an oral cavity can be the strongest allergen. Some people in places of contact of gold crowns from a mucous oral cavity have strong centers of an inflammation and even an ulceration of fabrics. So sometimes any most ordinary alloy is better than gold.

Myth 5.

After removal of tooth it is necessary to disinfect often and carefully an oral cavity.

It so, but some too diligent carry out this procedure, washing away a blood clot from a wound. It is necessary to know that the most important condition of uncomplicated healing of a wound after removal of tooth is formation of a blood clot. If it was formed, then healing happens quickly and without inflammatory processes. So this place is the best of all not to touch 2 - 3 days.

Myth 6.

Traumatic periodontitis can arise only after a trauma (a bruise, blow).

the Most frequent reasons of developing of this disease not injuries, and, for example, the regular pressure upon teeth of a mouthpiece of a pipe or a musical instrument happen. It is quite good to get rid also of addictions - a perekusyvaniye of threads, pressings on tooth a pencil or the handle, hulling of sunflower seeds etc.

the Myth 7.

Milk teeth should not treat.

One of harmful myths. Milk teeth lead Nelechennye in the childhood to serious problems when changing teeth. So it is necessary to treat everything that demands treatment.

Myth 8.

Neuralgia of a trigeminal nerve arises at cold.

Is not present

. Neuralgia of a trigeminal nerve has the virus nature and is shown by herpetic rashes on face skin though cold provokes this disease. The first that needs to be done at the first symptoms of neuralgia, is to get rid of a virus i.e. if the illness passes into a chronic stage, then the post-herpetic painful phenomenon can develop, and it is necessary to treat him by means of anticonvulsive preparations.

Myth 9.

All sweet is harmful to

to teeth.


It is surprising, but it not so. Chocolate is even useful since. the substances which are contained in cocoa - beans, protect teeth from caries from - for the antimicrobic effect. However, in everything it is necessary to observe a measure.

of Pepsi and the cook - to stake stomatologists recommend to drink through a straw since it reduces contact of the liquid spoiling enamel with foreteeth almost by 70%, and with radical - for 30 - 50%.