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Mishutki`s third anniversary. Birthday in a teremka of

we had fantastic Mishuta`s Third anniversary. Mischa very much liked the fairy tale “Teremok“, we also used it by preparation of birthday, besides we had a set of dolls for this fairy tale.

We prepared invitations and small presents to our guests. The apartment was tried to be decorated in the Russian style as far as it was in our forces. On the children`s little table stylized under Khokhloma laid lacy napkins, put a samovar, on it hung up a linking of sushka, hung up couple of decorative straw toys, hired her wooden small benches at the grandmother.

the Storyteller (mother)
the Bear (father)
All guests

of Scenery - Teremok made of a dense cardboard and a fir-tree.

Storyteller: - Hello children! I am very glad all of you to see! And who at us today the birthday man?

Children: - Mischa!

Storyteller: - Then let`s wish Mishutka happy birthday and we will play the game “Loaf“.

Game “Loaf“.

As on Mishina a name-day
we Baked a loaf.
Here such height,
Here such nizhina,
Here such width,
Here such dinners.
the Loaf, a loaf -
wish Happy birthday!

We held this game in such option, and it is possible to carry out it, as usual.

Storyteller: - Here what good fellows! Children, and you love fairy tales?

Children: - Yes!

Storyteller: - Then listen to my fairy tale.

Over a screen (it it is easy to make, having put a crossbeam on two chairs and to cover it with a plaid, and from above fabric of green color. On fabric it is possible to sew florets, berries and. t. p It is possible to put sideways a folding bed, and at you the screen will turn out too) there is Teremok and fir-trees. It is desirable that before the beginning of the performance some folk music began to sound. There is Teremok.

Storyteller : - Costs in the field teremok, teremok! It is not low, is not high, is not high! As across the field, across the field, runs... guess - children who runs!


- pi - pi - she told,
At once ran away into a mink,
What the baby is?
It is greyish...

Children: - the Mouse!

Storyteller : - Hi, mouse!

Mouse : - Pi - pi - pi, hello children, hi the storyteller! It is possible for me to you in teremok?

Storyteller : - Of course it is possible, only the lock should be opened!

Mouse : - Now I will try. Children you will help me?

Children : - Let`s help!

the Finger-type game “Lock“ Costs


in the field teremok (Put handles a lodge)

the lock hangs On a door. (Bound fingers in the lock)

Who it could open


Knocked with

, (On this word rhythmically you tap the friend about the friend with the bases of palms, without uncoupling fingers)
Twisted, (Without uncoupling fingers, you pull one hand to yourself, another from yourself, alternately changing them.)
Pulled, (You pull handles in different directions, straightening fingers, but not releasing the lock completely.)
Also opened! (Sharply releasing hands, you part them widely in the parties. The rhyme needs to be read not really quickly, but it is accurate and rhythmical that the movements of the kid coincided with a rhythm. Especially allocate final “opened“, kids very much like to show as widely they opened a lock).

All movements to children with a mouse is shown by the Storyteller.

Storyteller : - Good fellows! Opened the lock! Now it is possible to continue the fairy tale further!


in the field teremok, teremok! It is not low, is not high, is not high! As across the field, across the field, runs... guess rather who it!

the Green kvakushka Jumps on a bog
Zelyonenky legs,
Call her...

Children : - Frog!

Storyteller : - Hi, a frog - a kvakushka!

Frog : - KVA are kVA, hello! Let me to yourself in teremok for a holiday, I will show interesting game to you - “Streamlet“ is called. KVA! I love when it is wet.

the Game “Streamlet“

That “streamlet“ which all played in the childhood. If who forgot partially: all are built in couples, join hands and raise hands up, and several people (for dynamism of game better not one, and a little) pass at hand, choose someone to themselves in couple and become in the end. The one who was left without couple also enters a streamlet and chooses to himself couple...

Storyteller : - Thanks to you a frog for game, come into our teremok! And I am farther the fairy tale I will tell. Costs in the field teremok, teremok! It is not low, is not high, is not high! As across the field, across the field, runs....

Long ears,
Fast pads,
Grey, but not a mouse,
Who is it?...

Children : - Zaychishka!

Storyteller : - Hi, hare!

Hare : - Hello children, hi storyteller! Let me in teremok! I you will teach to jump our way, on - hare both to sing and to dance too! Give, children, at first we will jump here so, here so.

of the Child jump as hares.

Hare : - And now repeat after me all words and the movements.

Hare greyish sits,
And ears moves. (Palms we put to the top, we represent ears of hare).
Here so, here so -
He moves with ears. (We move with handles on the top).
Hare wants to dance,
Should accompany hare. (It is clapped in palms and we stamp legs).
Here so, here so -
It is necessary to accompany hare.

Hare : - As well all of you do, children! And now to dance we will go!

Round - “Zainka“


, resemble,
Greyish, resemble.
Here so - so resemble.
Here so - so resemble.


, turn round and round,
Greyish, turn round and round.
Here so - so turn round and round.
Here so - so turn round and round.


, stamp a leg
Greyish, stamp a leg.
Here so - so stamp a leg,
Here so - so stamp a leg.


, dance,
Greyish, dance.
Here so - so dance,
Here so - so dance.


, bow, Greyish, bow.
Here so - so bow,
Here so - so bow.

All do to

the corresponding movements.

Storyteller : - Oh, you also exhausted us hare! Pass in teremok!
- Children, you hear? Someone else to us runs! It seems, I know who it!

the Red cheat
Hid under a fir-tree.
the Hare is waited by the cunning that.
As call her?...

Children : - Fox!

Storyteller : - Hi chanterelle - the sister!

Fox : - Hello! I ran by and heard as here it is cheerful! Let me in Teremok, for a holiday, on Mishutkin birthday! I you will teach to sing a song about birthday!

Everything together I will eat the song “Let run clumsily...“

Storyteller : - Thanks, Chanterelle, well you sang with children! Run in our teremok!
- Oh, someone growls. To us still the guest hurries.

Friendship is driven by him with the Fox,
For others - awfully angry!
All teeth silk and silk.
Very terrible gray...

Children : - Wolf!

Storyteller : - Hi, a top - a gray flank!

Wolf : - Hello! Here I, came to greet you, friends! Let me in teremok!

Storyteller : - Well, the Top - a gray flank, we will let you in our teremok, only at first riddles with us porazgadyvay!

Wolf : - He agrees, think!

Storyteller : - Listen attentively!

the pear Hangs
It is impossible to eat.
What is it?
Wolf : - It is some wrong pear! In our wood there are no such!

Children : - Bulb!

Storyteller : - Correctly! Listen to the following riddle.

in the Winter and in the summer
in One color.

Wolf : - It I!

Children : - Incorrectly! It is a fir-tree!

Storyteller : - Good fellows, children! Here to you still riddle. Without windows, without doors
the room of people Is full of br.

Wolf : - I know it! It is my hole!

Children : - No! It is a cucumber!

Wolf : - I am not able to solve your riddles! Give better for our birthday man a ball we will inflate!


the Game “Cheerful Ball“

inflated quickly a ball, (Children disperse, forming a circle.)
It becomes big,
Here what! (It is shown by hands.)
Suddenly the sphere burst - ńńńńńńńńń (We narrow a circle to the center.)
Air came out, (We lift handles up.) . (It is shown by handles what became a ball.)
We will not begin to grieve, (We swing the head.)
we Will inflate again.
we Inflate quickly a ball, (Children disperse, forming a circle.)
It becomes big,
Here what!

Storyteller : - What big ball we for Mishutki inflated! The good fellow a top, thanks to you, pass in teremok!

A who it roars and is so loud?!
who sucks the Paw in the winter,
And still he loves medical
Can loudly begin to roar,
As call him?

Children : - Bear!

Here our father who is changed clothes by a bear with a bast basket in hands leaves.

Bear : - Hello, hello! Beautiful at you teremok! Let me to yourself!

Storyteller : - Yes that you, the uncle Mischa, you what wons big, and teremok small, will not be located you, in it!

Bear : - Well, in teremok I will not get, but with children to play, I want!

Storyteller : - Play, of course! Children at us clever, cheerful, with pleasure with you will play? Let`s play with the uncle Mischa, children?!

Children : - Let`s play!

Bear : - Perfectly! Only at first I to you will read the diploma from the King Lesa!

is Got by a roll. Reads the diploma.

the Diploma

“We wish Mishutka happy birthday!
we Declare this day - day of pleasure and fun!
I Rule over everything to children and animals,
Songs to sing and dance,
to offend Nobody!
Amicably, cheerfully to play!
to Run, jump, somersault
And not to cry, and to laugh!
to be treated with Tasty cake!
the King Lesa“

Gives the diploma to the storyteller. The diploma is hung up on a place of honor.

Bear : - And now it is time to play, to check your dexterity!
So far I to you went, lost all cones. Children, help, please, me to bring together them!


On a floor scattered cones everywhere. Children have to assemble all cones in a basket, and then give it to a bear.

Bear : - There is thanks! And which of you knows what at us - bears a favourite delicacy?

Children : - Honey, berries!

Bear : - Correctly! We are bears big sweet teeth! Now I you will teach to pick berries! You look and repeat after me.

the Game “We Pick Berries“

(Slightly raise before yourself a hand, so that the weakened brush appeared approximately at the level of the person. Fingers are weakened, hang down down.)
I remove From a branch of a berry (Fingers of other hand you stroke each finger from the basis to the tip as though removing from it the imagined berry.)
And in a bast basket I collect. (Both palms you put before yourself a cup.) . (One palm put by the boat you cover with other also put palm.)
I will try a little bit.
I will eat still slightly - slightly. (One put palm imitates a bast basket, another we touch the imagined berries and we send them to a mouth.) the Lung to the house! (We stamp legs.)

Repeats several times, and speed constantly increases.

Bear : - There now, now you are able, berries to pick! Now I want to look at your force! Who is ready to contend with me?

the Game “Pulling of a Rope“ to

For this game is necessary to

a thick rope. On the one hand the rope is delayed by Mishka, another - all children.

Bear : - Oh, strong you are what! And well - the show skill to me!

the Game “Who Will Quicker Reach the Middle“

the Red ribbon attached

to the middle of a rope, and tied the ends of a rope to pencils. On the one hand the child, with another Mishka reel up a rope on a pencil. Who domotat to the middle, that and the winner quicker.

Bear : - And this time I was beaten. Here for you game.

the Game “Turnip“

We were divided by

into two teams. In each team there has to be an equal number of players. 2 small balls are necessary For this game, (and it is possible just to draw 2 turnips). Balls lie on a floor. Both teams are built and at first run on one participant from each team. Their task to reach a ball, to touch it a hand and to return. The player comes back to team, takes the second participant of team by hand, and they already run together and everyone has to touch a ball and. etc. At the end already all team runs and comes back together with a ball.

Bear : - Ouch yes good fellows, children, both strong, and dexterous, and cheerful, for it I will award you!

is Handed to each child by a sack with a gift, and to parents on candy.

Bear : - I with you would play and it is time to come back to me to the wood. Good-bye, children!

Mouse and Frog : - And it is time for us. And at parting we want to hand to Mishutke birthday cake which we especially for it baked, and to present a present!

the Mouse and the Frog everything transfer

to the birthday man. Cake was taken away, of course, by me, and the birthday man - a gift.

Fox and Wolf : - We for Mishutki wrote a greeting card!

are Handed a big card - a bear cub in which the congratulations and all other guests left then.

Hare : - And I for all children inflated balloons!

From - for screens balloons take off.

Storyteller : - Thanks, animals! Good-bye!

All animals wave pads and disappear. Children say goodbye to them.
Storyteller : - Here and the fairy tale the end and who listened well done! Good-bye, children!
I to you wish to have fun well, and it is time for me to go behind new fairy tales!

Children : - Good-bye!

All sit down to a holiday table, and tea drinking with festive cake, tea from a samovar and other entertainments begins here.

the Holiday turned out saturated and dynamic. And in a performance parents took active part in all games. To the parents occupied in a performance, distributed the scenario of the fairy tale in advance. Very much it was pleasant to all.


  1. the Set of dolls for the fairy tale “Teremok“
  2. Teremok. It can be drawn on a Whatman paper and to paste on a dense cardboard or to make of a box, having pasted over it with paper under a tree.
  3. Screen.
  4. of 2 average balls.
  5. the Basket with cones.
  6. the Long and thick rope for pulling.
  7. bear Suit. The suit was made so: the father was dressed in all brown. On trousers and a polo-neck sewed fur pieces, on the head there was a bear mask
  8. the Storyteller`s Suit I did so: braided a braid, tied a red ribbon on the head, threw with a scarf shoulders, put on a long skirt and a white blouse.
  9. the Cartridge with the Russian folk music.
  10. the Cartridge with children`s songs.
  11. of the Invitation.

of All to you the kindest.