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Openly about closed. Locks during pregnancy of

more than 20% of the population suffer from Locks, and during pregnancy the risk of their emergence significantly thaws. This problem has not only physiological, but also psychological aspects: experts know that “harmless“, at first sight, difficulties with a defekation can provoke a depression which consequence can be a pregnancy interruption threat.

Digression to physiology

What helps the person to empty intestines in time? It is established that the act of a defekation depends on the following factors:

of the Reason of locks during pregnancy and after the delivery

during pregnancy the hormones softening sheaves have the weakening effect as well on intestines muscles therefore it becomes more difficult for it to get rid of the contents.

Besides, during pregnancy for prevention of anemia (deficiency of hemoglobin) are appointed by the preparations containing iron which to some extent promote emergence of locks. Besides, sedative and diuretics aggravate locks. The first are applied to treatment of toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy, threat of interruption of pregnancy and in other cases. Diuretic preparations are used for treatment of a gestoz of the second half of pregnancy. Aggravates a lock and application of spazmolitichesky preparations (such as BUT - ShPA).

of the Problem, leading to locks, do not disappear and after the delivery. One more joins them: the stomach muscles stretched during pregnancy support intestines and interiors insufficiently. Locks can also be a consequence of reception of the anesthetizing preparations which appoint in the postnatal period for anesthesia of postoperative seams or painful postnatal contractions.

the Reason of locks during the postnatal period and just.


Treatment of a lock has to be carried out by

strictly individually, after careful inspection and under control of the doctor. As it was already told by

to p, locks often are followed by fear of emergence of desires on a defekation that aggravates a state. To avoid this component, it is necessary even in the absence of desires to a defekation at the same time to go to a toilet. It is better to do it in the morning. Be not frightened if the desire on a defekation arises at work or in any place where you are. On this case stock up with a pack of disposable napkins. Do not forget that fear of a lock, as well as any fear and a stress, serves as the reason for the complicated defekation. Therefore you have to be sure that the lock is not a serious illness and that it is quite possible to cope with it at observance of certain recommendations.

the diet of the pregnant women suffering from a lock surely has to include rough cellulose: vegetables, fruit, bean, grain crops. (I will at once make a reservation, all these products are contraindicated at exacerbations of diseases of a stomach, liver, intestines.) Chocolate, coffee, rice, semolina, smoked products, canned food are excluded from the menu. It should be noted that many of these products (except for rice and a semolina) are not recommended to be accepted during pregnancy at all. Meat is limited to once a day. Fish and seafood is it is possible, but, considering ability of these products to provoke an allergy at mother and the kid, they are recommended to be used not more often than once a week. From porridges are preferable buckwheat, pearl-barley, oat, wheat, and from oils - sunflower, olive, soy, rape.

Vegetables and not allergenic fruit can be eaten with

in any kind and in enough. The offered recipes of salads will help to adjust work of intestines.

  • Salad No. 1: Boiled beet, green peas, walnuts, greens.
  • Salad No. 2: Fresh cabbage, cucumber, tomato, boiled haricot, apples, greens.
  • Salad No. 3: Fresh carrots, cowberry, fig, dried apricots, greens.
  • Salad No. 4: Fresh beet, carrots, prunes, raisin, greens.

the Amount of ingredients depends on your taste, an exception are walnuts which have allergenic potential. Good gas station for all salads is vegetable oil.

Poslablyayushchy action one-day (fresh) kefir, curdled milk, fermented baked milk possess. It is possible to drink in the morning a glass of cold water with a spoon of sugar or to eat banana, couple of apples. Well influence work of intestines of of mix from:

  • of the oat flakes soaked in milk, mixed with apples, grated carrots and any nuts;
  • of prunes, a dried melon, cowberry with honey;
  • of a fig, apples, dried apricots, boiled beet with honey;
  • of prunes, fig, raisin, any nuts and juice of an aloe;
  • of broth from 1 tablespoon of a linen seed, 1 tablespoon of honey and juice of an aloe (broth is accepted for the night, washing down it 1/2 glass of infusion of “a tea mushroom“).

to Accept the above-stated mixes one night better on 2 - 3 tablespoons.

also prunes infusion with a fig is Not less effective

for treatment of locks. He is trained so: on 10 berries of prunes and a fig wash out and fill in with 1 glass of abrupt boiled water, close a cover and maintain till the morning. Liquid is drunk on an empty stomach; on 5 berries of prunes and a fig eat at breakfast, the rest - in the evening.

to Fight against locks can be helped also to by phytotherapy . In drugstores standard laxative collecting herbs is on sale. For example:

  • Alexandria leaf, buckthorn bark, fruits of a buckthorn, anise, glycyrrhiza roots;
  • buckthorn bark, tributary, nettle leaves;
  • buckthorn bark, watch leaves, tributary, caraway seeds.

Medicinal collecting can be made and. For this purpose it is possible to recommend a willow-herb, a melissa, a tansy, the tributary, a plantain, a camomile, caraway seeds, fennel, a violet. 3 - 4 any of the listed herbs should be taken in equal proportions, then to make 1 tablespoon of collecting by 1 glass of boiled water, to insist to accept in the mornings on 1 glass to food.

Medical action also some vegetables and fruit possess . Garlic, pumpkin, turnip, a water-melon, red currant, juice of crude potato, cabbage promote a softening a calla, and blackcurrant, a bird cherry, bilberry possess opposite action.

a Certain place in treatment of a lock is allocated by

to to physiotherapy exercises, swimming, massage and physical activity in general (if it is not interfered by the term of pregnancy and a condition of future mother).


also self-massage of intestines Is useful to . In a standing position or lying the easy movements of any palm it is necessary “to pass“ from the right groin up to a liver, then to carry out a palm above a navel and to go down to the left groin. From time to time the movements should be accelerated, giving them a type of easy vibration and waviness. Massage lasts 10 - 15 minutes. It is better to date it by then when there is a desire to empty intestines to develop a conditioned reflex on a defekation. Introduction to back pass of a candle with glycerin also can help with it . 20 minutes later after this procedure it is necessary to go to a toilet even if there are no desires on a defekation. It is necessary to stay in it 10 - 15 minutes with a careful natuzhivaniye and attempt to empty intestines. When the reflex is restored, candles are cancelled. If there is no chair nevertheless several days, then the cleaning enema from 1,5 liters of warm water with addition 1 - 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil is admissible. However you remember that frequent enemas are unhealthy.

If the lock is connected by

with fear to empty intestines from - for dangers of a divergence of seams on a crotch, then at a defekation it is possible to press seams at the moment of efforts and opening of an anus: in this case you will feel is more sure.

If the listed actions turned out

inefficient, preparations which contain the enzymes improving digestion (FESTAL, PANZINORM), and a depletive are applied. But any medicine can be taken only in case they were appointed by the doctor.