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10 steps to tremendous sex of

Began years - it is time when we seek to bring something both new and positive in the life, and at the same time to say goodbye to old problems which complicate to us life. Making the decision since new year to begin to live in a new way, do not forget that the sexual relations need updating too.

In January we make plans for the year ahead. We promise ourselves to watch over health, to find for personal care more time, to start going to the gym and the pool, to register in dancing club, to go on a diet, to grow thin... And on light there is no more effective way to grow thin, get prettier and restore health, than sex which besides brings huge pleasure. The pleasure which we test from the harmonious sexual relations with darling decorates the woman better than any make-up and fashionable clothes. Begin new year with the new relation to sex.

Step No. 1. Connect all the feelings

you Remember, - long ago when you only got acquainted with the husband and at you children were not davny yet, and there was a mass of free time, you carefully chose clothes for appointment? And most attentively treated the choice of underwear. But then you with the beloved had the general house, children and a set of cares. You began to sleep in a warm pajamas or a favourite dimensionless undershirt in which, unfortunately, it is already impossible to go outside from - for huge spots from baby food. Of course, in our climate the warm linen is much more convenient, than thin silk shirts. Especially in the winter. Meanwhile psychologists and sexologists persistently advise us to get rid of dimensionless undershirts and pajamas and to replace these very convenient, but absolutely not seductive clothes with something more sexual. The matter is that the more attractive the woman feels, the stronger her excitement and the she derives more pleasure from sex. Preparation for erotic adventures, emotional spirit is very important for us. So promise themselves to look in shop of underwear in search of something beautiful, gentle, sexual from time to time. Besides, do not forget that all our feelings - exciting smells, smooth, nice on the touch fabrics, quiet music, the muffled light are involved in sex... All this creates a situation which adjusts on pleasure. Choose a set of silk bed linen, buy new perfume, the flavored body cream which does skin smooth and fragrant. The secret is simple: when you are pleasant to yourself when all five of your feelings signal about pleasant, sex from habitual matrimonial ritual and purely physiological act turns into something magic.

Step No. 2. Glance in shop for adults

the Most exciting in sex is a feeling new and unusual, and erotic toys from sex - a shop can diversify our habitual feelings. You do not hurry to object indignantly that production of such shops is designed only for the people deprived of any shame, and honest mother of family has nothing to do there. There is nothing to do there only if you reconciled to the fact that stereotypes and complexes it is more important than pleasure for you - your own and your man. And if you think that in sex - a shop it is possible to find only handcuffs, vibrators on batteries and rubber women, you are not right. Try the flavored lyubrikant who do feelings by sharper. Or the latex ringlet which is put on a penis and stimulates a clitoris during sexual intercourse. If you never tried anything similar and hesitate to come into shop for adults, begin with search on the Internet. For a start together with the husband study the range of virtual shops - already it will inject a new life into your feelings. Choose what will be pleasant to you, and make the order on the Internet. The courier will deliver purchases directly to the house, and you will not need to hesitate, discussing the choice of goods with the seller.

Step No. 3. You speak if something is not pleasant to you

Many of us are inclined to endure silently the unpleasant moments, having gritted teeth and to suffer to the last. And it belongs to the most different areas of life including to sex. We are afraid to offend people around if we directly say about what is not pleasant to us. But if, listening to morals of parents or the mother-in-law, really it is worth suffering, then why to do the same during sex with own husband? He sincerely wants that it was pleasant to you. And he is not able to read mind. It turns out if it does something not so, and you are silent or, it is worse than that, pretend that is pleasant to you, you get to a trap only by own nonsense. To any patience the end, and to replace it - irritation comes sooner or later. So promise themselves to be frank with the beloved. Do not accuse him, do not abuse and be not irritated. Just quietly you say that it is not really pleasant to you.

Step No. 4. You speak if something is pleasant to you

If your husband - the most delightful man on light whether it is worth speaking about it? All and is so beautiful, both of you feel it - so why by all means to speak about it aloud? It is necessary for the same reason on which it is worth saying that it is not pleasant to you: your man is not able to read mind. And the fact that you consider him as the best lover on light for the man can be not such obvious, as for you. You praise it, and do not forget about details. Of course, words:“ You the best“ - are pleasant in itself, but it is better to add them with detailed explanations: what most of all is pleasant to you in sex with it. Having listed the most pleasant moments, you will not regret: having learned about what is pleasant to you most of all, he with redoubled zeal will try to give you pleasure. And one more addition: do not forget to ask also you the man that it is pleasant to him and that - no. Also do not take offense if he asks you something in your actions to change.

Step No. 5. Do not allow children to sleep in your bed

Is clear to

why many parents put small children to bed together with themselves: if the kid often wakes up at night, it is much simpler to calm him in the bed, than to run to him to other room. But, if the child sleeps every night together with you, it is possible just to forget about sex. Instead of stacking the kid in the bed, introduce such rule: the child sleeps in the bed (can be unless he is sick), and you with the husband in turn get up to children if they wake up.

Step No. 6. Entrust the child to animation heroes

Certainly, we do not suggest you to seat the child in front of the TV at several o`clock in a row. But there are moments (for example, on Saturday morning or in holidays) when it is quite possible to allow the kid to watch his favourite animated films, and parents will stay together at this time and nobody will begin to disturb them.

Step No. 7. Sometimes it is possible to have sex even without osobogozhelaniye

there are days when you so are tired that literally you count up minutes to nine when the child it is possible to put to bed, and dream that you will at once fall asleep. Sex is the last that can come to your mind in such situation, but your spouse, on the contrary, is ready very playfully. How you usually arrive in this case? You crawl to a bed and you promise that have only a sleep a little bit, and then everything will be? Physicians assure that you should not refuse sex if you were tired and furthermore you are angry or something are grieved. Endorphins, “pleasure hormones“ which are emitted during sex help to remove stress, and as a result you will sleep much better. Having responded to his appeal, do not think that you do a favor to the husband. First of all you do pleasant to yourself.

Step No. 8. Correctly choose contraceptives

If you do not plan to become a mother soon, pay special attention to this point. A lot of things depend on contraceptives. You judge: if you use so-called “barrier means“: condoms, contraceptive cream or a cap, but at the right time they do not appear near at hand and you should rush about searching on the apartment, the mood will be hopelessly spoiled. In this regard with the constant partner, of course, it is much more convenient to use contraceptive tablets. But keep in mind that only the doctor has to write out such means: incorrectly picked up oral contraceptives can have the mass of side effects including decrease in a sexual inclination.

Step No. 9. Down with stereotypes!

All of us different, and at each of us the specific features, the addictions and habits. But, frankly talking to girlfriends and reading books and articles about sex, we try on information on ourselves, we compare ourselves to others, we ask questions: “And whether enough I am sexual?“, “And whether correctly I behave in a bed?“ . The reasonable answer can be only one here: in sex there are no concepts “correctly“ or “incorrectly“, is only “pleasantly“ or “unpleasantly“, and personally for you, but not for your girlfriends, men or the author of article. Listen to the feelings and follow them. Do not do that it seems to you unpleasant only because “all so do“. Be honest with themselves and do not refuse to yourself pleasures for “decencies“.

Step No. 10. Forget about affairs

of the Woman switch from one occupation to another much quicker, than men, - such is feature of female mentality. Such feature can sometimes be very useful, and is sometimes capable to play a dirty trick with us. For example, if, having sex, you suddenly remembered unfinished important issues, your brain instantly switches from erotic pleasures to household problems. Not to spoil to yourself pleasure, try to finish at first urgent matters and to put off what all of you equally will not manage to make today. Intimate relations can be compared to creative process which result brings those more satisfaction, than more you put in it sincere and physical forces, having forgotten at these moments about everything that does not belong to this process.