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The orange developing rug of

you will laugh, but I sewed this rug more than a year. The beginnings last months of pregnancy, and finished to the first Ilyushkiny birthday. Here that means - two children! Several times there was a desire everything to throw and Timoshina the developing book at us still is living, but there was a wish to finish business. And if the rug quickly bothers us - I will clean to grandsons:-).

the Rug is made by

of orange fleece 1,20 * 1,20 m (for some reason color came quite aggressive to a photo - actually it not so). At once it was conceived that the rug will be quilted therefore at first I made a basting rhombuses. When sewed toys, looked not to climb on borders of rhombuses where the machine will prostrachivat then. The lining is made of coarse calico, and in the middle - a synthetic winterizer layer. On the advice of many mothers, I sewed several pieces of a flypaper that the rug could be stuck to a carpet to lining fabric in advance.

the Fringing is executed by a slanting inlay which is sewn on the machine. I want to pay attention to one important point. It is better to Pristrachivat in two stages: at first one edge - from seamy side, and then the second time with front. Otherwise, even despite a basting, the line goes unevenly - is close, is far from edge.

A now about toys. In the top part of a rug the sun, a cloud and a cloud are located. The sun - from a fleece piece, beams - from yellow and gold ribbons, companies - a piece of a red ribbon, and an eye - a button. (At once I will notice that I sewed pair buttons from a wrong side that they could not be torn off to all buttons). The cloud - from soft white fabric, is filled by a synthetic winterizer, a rainbow - from multi-colored ribbons. A cloud - from plush. In it strongly rustling package is sewn up. Lightnings - gold ribbons, a rain - beads.

Never throw out ringlets from pacifiers, especially multi-colored. I sewed them on a ribbon, and they perfectly rattle. The second similar toy - an elastic band with the strung multi-colored beads and buttons. On their example it is possible to study colors, a form and the size.

Game “Who where Hides?“ consists of a tree with a lawn and doghouses. In the doghouse there lives a dog, in a grass under a tree the mouse hides, and in a crown the cat hid. In total animals are connected “approximately“ by a hook, filled by a synthetic winterizer. The hat elastic band which second end is fixed on inside of their dwelling is sewn to each of them. The doghouse is made as follows: the roof is sewn completely, and a lodge only at the left and from below; its right corner - on a flypaper, comes unstuck and sets free a dog. A stone - purchased thermoapplication.


At a lawn also did not sew the right side of the top part, and the crown is not sewn on a third: in these parts too flypapers. A lawn and a crown quite big therefore that were not rumpled, did them of fabric in two layers. Decorated a tree with buttons - pears and purchased rosettes from ribbons. It is possible to play differently: for example, at first the mouse went out for a walk, it was frightened by a cat, and the cat was banished by a dog. Also to sound fir-trees (gav - gav, meow - meow and pi - pi - pi), the child will quickly remember who as speaks.

I made by

For game with purchased thermoapplications two compositions. The first - a flower with four multi-colored petals from raznofakturny fabrics. Over each petal the flypaper piece is sewn. I sewed pair pieces of a flypaper on fleece pieces (it does not crumble at the edges), pasted the iron of butterflies and cut out on a contour. A task of the kid - to put each butterfly on the petal: green - on green, blue - on blue etc. The stalk and a leaf of a flower are connected by a hook.

the Second composition - a tree at a pond. The trunk is filled by a synthetic winterizer. A grass - from ribbons, pebbles - purchased pomponchik, flowers - children`s buttons. In a pond there live small fishes, and on a tree apples grow, and the crow still sits. It is possible to learn to consider (a crow one, small fishes two, apples three), to remember who where lives, or to arrange confusion (to trade something places: what not so?) .

Of course, I want to pay attention that it is impossible to leave the child alone with fine details. Therefore if the kid plays one, all trifles on flypapers hide.

Cleaning a rug, it is possible to put trifles in a special pocket that next time it was interesting to transplant all on the places. I made a pocket with eyelets of elastic bands which are buttoned - hearts. Several multi-colored buttons are sewn to it. They can be pulled, considered, to compare on color and the size.

I made by

With multi-colored buttons also New Year tree. Still garlands - hat elastic bands with beads from a tree, ceramics and plastic are sewn to it. It is sewn very strong - it is possible to pull and drive beads to and fro, as on schyota. Under a fir-tree gifts - children`s buttons (pencils, the hare and machines). And still thermoapplication - a cat with a gift.

Considering interests of the senior, Timoshki, there was a wish to make something on an automobile subject. It is the bus and the truck. The bus is made with windows which had to be swept off. It all is sewn on a contour, except top. Strips between windows are also stitched: so each window represents a pocket. Here the laminated photos of children, us - parents, grandmothers and the grandfather are inserted. Timoshka with Ilyushka - on different cards, and at everyone is drawn the wheel. Focus that the wheel is visible only at ahead sitting - here the highest window. Headlights and wheels - buttons, a ribbon lengthways - for appearance.

At the truck also the focus. The body is made a pocket to which inside the strong synthetic string with three wooden beads is sewn. Game is following. The bear is a driver (purchased application too) unloaded stones, but three pieces everything are remained in a body. Help to find them. We hide a string in a pocket; a task of the kid - to find beads to the touch.

I the last toy - a frog. For it I took an old purse, unbent metal clips and unstitched leather details. On their pattern connected new by a hook from green threads; also tied pads. Eyes - from an old soft toy. The frog can be “fed“ with something, for example, apples, but as shows experience, children like - to open process - to close to a frog of companies.

Just in case sewed an elastic band - an eyelet for replaceable toys. At present on it a knitted hare. The ringlet from a pacifier, and its little body - the tied ball from a rattle is sewn to his pad.

I Wish all new creative ideas and their fast embodiment!