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My first New Year. Adelija, 9,5 months of

on December 30

winter, also something white is cold to

Behind a window there and beautiful flies from the sky. Mother says that it is snow. Beautiful and wet. I touched it, it also cold, handles froze from it.

Since morning mother began to gather for walk. Again these clothing. I do not love them, it is necessary to cry. Did not leave, all the same dressed. So, kengurushka. Urraaa. Means where - nibud we will go. On a visit or in shop - by bus or by the subway? Interestingly.

I Love walks in a kangaroo. It is much more cheerful to be pressed to the mummy and to pull legs and hands in a step to her movements, than to sit in a carriage. But here I do not like to get into a kangaroo, it is necessary to complain, perhaps, mother on hands will incur on walk? Dreams, dreams... So, got up. “Went!!!“ .

Bus. The big car and is a lot of people, some look simply, others smile and play, cheerfully. Oh, shop. Mother said that she wanted to buy me gifts for New Year. It is interesting that it will be?

So - with, the children`s shop, is so much interesting jars, toys around. Mother, buy me this toy yellow. You know, it is my favourite color. Well and that that houses could not be passed from - for toys, I will play this. Well not 10 minutes, 5... well, all right, 2... but 3 times a day... is not present? Eh, here so always. Again rags. To me mother buys a dress. Beautiful. I will be pryntsessy. Oh, and in this piece at me hands - legs on walk will not freeze. At last! The mummy of the middle of winter waited and bought me a warm envelope. Thanks! And this blue velvet dress for campaigns on a visit. Aha, it is pleasant to me, take and do not think, and that hot already. Bothered me in shop, let`s go home, to sleep.

Bus. And why we stand? Mothers, you were tired, sit down where - nibud. Oh, something people began to swear. But mummy sat down, well and me it is better - to hang is so long rather heavy.

Mother, as always, to purchases for me is glad to

, more, than I. If you could put on the bought dresses yourself, I think, you would not give them to me, itself would carry.

on December 31

Evening. Mummy laid me on an evening dream. Itself ran all day, prepared something, probably, prepared salatik for a holiday table. So, something is sad one to sleep.“ Mother, go to me“. Here so, on mother much better and warmly.

Woke up, and there is no mother, only a father`s back, decided to take a nap in old year too. Eh, to have a little cry perhaps, to call mother from kitchen?

Oh, mother what you are beautiful! Prepared for a meeting of New Year? Also you smell of food adult, prepared, huh?

Eh, something so to sleep hotets. Well, mother, maybe, I will smoothly pass in a dream from Old in New year? Eh, will not allow to have a sleep: porridge, bathtub, clothing of dresses.

Well, and in a dress - that is inconvenient to creep.

Well, a chiming clock beats, drink juice for my health, parents. Good fellows. And me juice? Well...

There now, again this one-eyed unit! “Delechka, make so, do not sit, do not creep...“ . Here you need photos, you and pose! And me to sleep hunting.

of Ur, undress, so we will sleep. What the cap red is? Again to photograph? Well you, parents are torturers, you give! I will cry, I was tired.


better the next New Year we will make everything in my opinion. I will be able to tell by then that I want. And I want many balls, toys, to eat at a table: to take everything that I see and to pull in a mouth to try! It is so healthy! And then I want to dance with mother and the father in an embrace. Let me throw up, I will fly and laugh. Also allow me to get into a corridor and to the computer! I already big will be, and it will be possible for me, the truth?

Oh, milk, nyam! And still we will sing and jump on a bed, then we will go on a visit, then to the street. And we will have the real Fir-tree, prickly... I will pull down from it toys... accurately... and then... it seems, the meeting of New Year will dream me now.

Good night, my beloved parents. This New Year we met on yours, we wait for the following, according to my scenario.