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Non-state higher education institutions: a question of trust

Many still hold the opinion that at the choice of a higher educational institution it is necessary to give preference to exclusively state universities. But this opinion is based on stagnancy and conservatism - heritage of former Soviet period. To consider, as quality of training, and level professorsko - teaching structure are high only in state higher education institutions - means not to notice the changes which happened in the domestic higher school for the last ten - fifteen years.

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at the rating of higher education institutions made on the basis of anonymous polls of students. Results unambiguously say that commercial higher education institutions not simply “step on heels“ state, but also are ahead of them by the head on many positions. And it is not casual. In the private higher education institutions offering really quality education, programs and methods of training more advanced, more modern than in state. And as for personnel structure, in private higher education institutions the most courageous and initiative teachers leave state universities. The matter is that often they do not find support to the undertakings, they are pressed by outdated “ceiling“ of programs and techniques. And the material factor (for anybody not a secret that salaries in state higher education institutions are floutingly low) plays the role. And many teachers combine activity in the “an alma - a mater“ and teaching in commercial higher education institutions. So, the opinion on “slipshod“ teaching at the private higher schools does not maintain any criticism.

But should not think that, choosing private higher education institution, you bring all risks to naught only because you pay for training. There were cases of the termination of activity of commercial higher education institution per se. Quite often it happened that diplomas of honestly disaccustomed graduates were not quoted employers at all. Options of collection of money on “progressive“ system when for each course it is necessary more and more, but why and for what - it is absolutely unclear are also quite possible. All these and other problems - costs of formation of paid higher education, but it is necessary to consider them at the choice of educational institution.

At a stage of submission of documents (and it is even better, one one or two years prior to entrance examinations) needs to talk to students of higher education institution which you chose. From their lips you will hear what it is not told in advertizing leaflets of private higher education institution about. Namely - whether the educational institution by a method “all inclusive“ works, that is whether providing with literature enters, use is material - technical means, library, the Internet and so forth in a total cost of training? If yes, the trust to such higher education institution has to increase. If is not present, it is necessary to find out how many additional resources will leave on all these services and whether the game is worth the candle...

One of the major moments to which it is worth paying attention, practical training and employment in the specialty is . In solid private higher education institutions the service of employment providing to students of older years and graduates of vacancy at choice and in the prestigious companies quite often works. If the private higher education institution is not anxious with future of the graduates in any way, and also a rating of the diploma in labor market is a disturbing symptom. Quite perhaps, as quality of education in such higher education institution very low.

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for the training, so having the right to wait for quality and full education. Therefore not superfluous will be to find out according to what programs there is a training whether the higher education institution uses modern techniques, whether there is a possibility of practical training and training abroad etc. In this sense the level of teaching foreign languages is indicative (first of all, English). If students of older years of the higher education institution chosen by you cannot connect in English two words, and and it is not necessary to speak about the second foreign language, you should not come to this institution. Without good knowledge of language the success in any of spheres of activity is inconceivable today.

Pay attention and to training conditions - protection, repair, purity, it is material - technical base, food, additional classes etc. The good commercial higher education institution will provide you all these conditions at the qualitative level. Doubtful - hardly.

Training courses, schools and offices - also excellent way to get acquainted with the chosen higher education institution especially as discounts and privileges are, as a rule, provided to graduates of these courses at receipt. On courses of preparation high school teachers therefore you will be able to estimate without effort and quality of training teach, and - it is more global - correctness of your choice in general.

do not forget such moments as the diploma of the state sample, a draft deferment and entering of ALL of the financial obligations taking place into the contract which you sign with commercial higher education institution. In general, it is better to study the contract together with the lawyer, or, at least, with parents. In the contract there should not be indistinct formulations, all obligations and the rights of the parties have to be registered accurately and clearly. Pay special attention to circumstances under which the contract can be dissolved; on system of penalties; on various options of monetary compensations.

Solid commercial higher education institutions usually make the contracts, considering all these points. They do not want to lose the reputation and the earned authority from - for legal discrepancies and financial misunderstanding. About what private higher education institutions we speak specifically? Look at Vseved`s rating, and also other ratings. Ask students. Sign up for training courses. It is thought that your choice will be correct. And for the money you get really quality higher education which will allow you to achieve great professional and personal success in the future.