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The ode to health workers of

For the first time I met the district doctor of a regional maternity welfare unit on the eighth week of pregnancy. More skilled girlfriends dissuaded me so early to be registered, but I as it is peculiar to the majority pregnant with the firstborn, too worried whether everything goes as it is necessary. To eight o`clock in the morning I went to reception to the gynecologist, hoping to be in time to ten for work. But in 9. 30 it became clear that the turn does not hurry to move, and I had to call the chief quickly. Closer to 11 I nevertheless crossed a threshold of a treasured office. The first what the midwife asked me about whether I am going to be registered.


Ya, and she added: “Then you have to buy us office: A4 format paper, scissors, notebooks and daily log the next year“.“ Well“, - I agreed, hoping for the good relation to me in the future. After that issued me the list of all infections existing in the nature on which detection it was necessary to make tests.

“Keep in mind, pregnancy the enterprise expensive now“, - the doctor warned. I once again agreed, took the list and hurried for work. Otherwise it can turn out that to pay analyses there will be already nothing.

I asked for leave with

In a week from work a bit earlier and again went to reception. Having stayed ritual three-hour turn in a stuffy corridor, I at last - got to an office. The midwife measured to me pressure: 130 / 90. Years of study at university were not in vain - in one of the most difficult sessions I showed “an illness of students“ - vegeto - vascular dystonia. Since then during strong nervousness, a stress, fatigue at me pressure began to jump.

“It because I spent three hours in turn, and in a corridor smells of paint“ - I explained. On what received the following answer: “If for you and it is a stress how you in general are going to give birth?“. Before an exit shy stretched a package of office, without having heard in reply even banal “thanks“.

On the following reception the situation repeated: the three-hour turn, pressure 130/90, “and you brought office?“. The more I was irritated, the pressure jumped stronger. At last concerning pressure I was sent to the therapist. The therapist was a lady clever and attentive, on my story that as soon as I come home, pressure comes back to norm, answered: “Willingly I trust. All of you here at me such“. Nevertheless, in several weeks to me was come to lay down in maternity hospital on inspection.

In the biggest chamber where I was lodged, (!) places. I, fortunately, got a bed not at a sink where since morning the turn, and not at a door which terribly creaks and is not closed up to the end gathers. The collective, however, was selected quite good, and all nothing if it was not necessary to communicate with doctors. The neuropathologist directly was engaged in me. The gynecologist was only indignant that I did not make tests on sexually transmitted infections, besides, yet that I always had dabs of 1 degree of purity. Issued me one more list of analyses on an infection. I was surprised that it, at least, was twice shorter than the fact that wrote to me to consultations. As soon it became clear, each analysis cost also twice cheaper. I was glad economy and at last - resolved this issue.

the Neuropathologist also appointed by

to me a heap of procedures (ultrasonography of kidneys, heart, a thyroid gland, a tomography of a brain, an electrocardiogram) and analyses (to hormones of a thyroid gland, urine across Zimnitsky, Reberg, Nichiporenko etc.) Nothing pathological at me was revealed not. Pressure in the mornings and to evenings was normal. But did not hurry to write out me. Probably, without knowing what else with me to make, I was sent for consultation to the endocrinologist as in 14 weeks of pregnancy I gained 3 kilograms, besides, that before pregnancy was quite thin.

In an office besides the doctor, still. The doctor examined my neck, measured pressure, asked: “And you always had such big eyes?“. “How many myself I remember“ - I grinned. Then she asked to take off a dressing gown. Under it nothing except swimming trunks was. She began to consider stupidly me, and together with her the girl and the guy stared at me. I was burned with shame and boiled from indignation. Without having found anything strange, she allowed me to put on. After that the remarkable idea - to measure to me pulse came to its mind. It, naturally, read off scale. “Oh, yes you have a tachycardia!“ - she was delighted.“ You know when I undress before men, at me pulse always becomes frequent“ - I snapped. And she with feeling of the fulfilled duty wrote out to me tachycardia pills.

this diagnosis pleased

of the Neuropathologist too. Disturbed her only the fact that she did not find out the reason of my increasing pressure. She especially did not trust my story that in 20 years I already passed similar inspection which did not reveal any deviations too. “And, maybe, to you to make a puncture of kidneys!“ - she was suddenly inspired. What I refused and thought that it would be time to run from hospital. Next day I packed things and came to the neuropathologist with the declaration of abandonment of medical services. She did not want to adopt the statement.

Then I told that I will not come today to spend the night, and I will be written out for non-compliance with the mode tomorrow. She asked and to make - her problems less. I left with things home. And since morning came for an extract.“ I will transfer you to a day hospital, - the neuropathologist told, - will come time in three days. You see it is necessary to lie on inspection 16 days. I cannot write out you. And still, do not take away bed linen - it has to be visible that the place is taken“. I agreed.

In a week after an extract I went to consultation again. I found a note in a mailbox that to me there came the patronage car. All pregnant women, irrespective of term, have to come to reception of times a week and make every time the test of urine. From a threshold on me the midwife was thrown up, say, where I vanished so much time. “Put in hospital and lost?“ - I tried to smile. “Put also lost“ - the midwife told, as if asserting the right is unclear on what.

Ya stretched it results of analyses: everything was negative. “And why you at us did not make tests?! You what, you do not trust us?! Why you then in general to us go?!“ - the midwife dispersed. - “And here not all: on hlamidiya, a mycoplasma, an ureaplasma, trichomoniasis, gardenellez at you only dabs. It is necessary to take on all this a blood test. And blood at you only on a rubella, a cytomegalovirus, herpes, toxoplasmosis. It is necessary to hand over dabs on herpes, a cytomegalovirus and toxoplasmosis too. Go, pay. Or too you will go to other place?“ I was shocked, just there were a wish to start howling and escape home. But I got money, gave in a charge to the midwife and passed on a chair.

me does not have

U medical education, nevertheless, it seemed to me strange that on the listed infections it was necessary to hand over dabs. Surprised also that at negative dabs additional blood tests are necessary. But I preferred not to communicate and preserve nerves. In total - pregnancy - such state when there is a wish for banal rest.

results of analyses came In two weeks. By birth the ureaplasma and a mycoplasma with credits 1:100 came to light.“ And what it means?“ - I asked “Yes nothing terrible, just once there was an infection“ “It is not necessary to treat?“ - I specified. “Yes during pregnancy in general nothing can be cured“.

In 18 weeks made also tests on possible anomaly of a fruit. “Yes you have awful analyses!“ - from a threshold the midwife frightened me. I stood as driven and clapped eyelashes. “It is necessary to repeat urgently! To double-check! Here we had a case recently - it was necessary to do interruption on the fifth month!“. I paid the analysis, took a blood test. I come in a week. “How my analyses?! - I ask. “What?“ - it is lazy the doctor yawns, - “And... Good, good“. “The second analysis came?“ - I specify. “And you what, handed over two times? The second... Here... Too good“.

Twenty five weeks. Ultrasonography. It is found platsentit.“ It from - for infections, - the doctor says, - I Will appoint to you rovamitsin. Only buy in our drugstore, and us the manager abuses that that in our drugstore is bought little“. I decided to descend in the paid center on ultrasonography. Any platsentit, everything is ideal. Naturally, did not begin to drink antibiotics, but did not admit to the doctor it - was so tired of these arrivals.

the Doctor began to insist

on repeated testing. I resisted. Eventually, she promised that she will not let me in maternity hospital, and I forked up again. Just stupidly gave money as to the robber on the street, without everyone on that the reasons. Dabs are good, in blood the same credits. Ultrasonography shows again platsentit. I understand nothing, but say that the device became outdated long ago and plainly shows nothing. Appoint antibiotics. I decide that I will not make any tests more. In several weeks there is the same question. I agree in words, but I play for time - to lay down in maternity hospital soon.

the insurance subject Arises. The insurance costs one thousand rubles, without it do not put in maternity hospital. But legally the right to force “voluntarily“ have no to be insured. I do not want to be nervous - I buy this nasty insurance. All are happy. By the way, in maternity hospital it is necessary to buy even catheters on the money. Here such here divorce in Russian.

I think Now whether correctly I arrived what resignedly gave for all money? Whether it was worth fighting for the rights or health of the kid is more expensive? For me, maybe, it and not huge money, but the fact that you part, sorry, as the last lokhushka... Very offensively. Well, maybe, I was also not right that indulged you, but, misters in white dressing gowns, find though the conscience remains. Yes, the state pays you pennies, but it is not an occasion to be engaged in extortion and intimidation of pregnant women. There is a strong wish to believe that not all doctors such, and I was simply not lucky.