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Birthday of the child in house conditions of

How to celebrate children`s birthday and not to go crazy how to keep the apartment from invasion of friends of the child? You sometime had such questions? Or your child did not tell you yet that he is going to invite to the birthday of half-group of kindergarten, five best friends from the yard and only three from section? What to do? To order a holiday in club? To close eyes to everything and to try to worry this day? whether

Can be arranged to

in general a children`s holiday in the apartment and with pleasure to wait for following? Easily.

How to decide

For a start should acquire

that birthday of the child is not only his holiday, but also yours therefore it is absolutely optional to shoulder everything completely parents. Children will be quite able to help you. They can decorate the apartment (though it can quite be not decorated at all), to set the table, and the most important, they have to help to clean the apartment.

What is required from you?

you have to know

whom the child is going to invite, and he has to know - how many friends you are ready to see. When invitations it is finished, contact parents of future guests to discuss with them organizational issues. The most frequent: as the child will get to you whether there will be his parents during the holiday and if is not present when they have to take away it home. Will not damage at all to find out - whether someone from the invited children has an allergy.

the Size of the apartment does not allow you to accept at the same time both children, and their parents? You are a little familiar and do not know how to tell about it? Do not worry! If you tell, than you are going to occupy children, you will take an interest in features of the guest and you will leave the phone to his parents, they, most likely, easily will understand you. It is unlikely they want to remain with you in the apartment to taste salads, just they do not know you too, and the reasons for experiences at them can be not less, than at you.

Try to estimate really the sizes of the apartment and the forces. If you arrange a holiday the first time, be limited for 2 hours. It is many even if it seems to you that children were not tired yet, and you are ready to amuse them half an hour more - hour, resist temptation. Better slightly nedogulyat, than peregulyat. The reexcited children do not pose threat for your apartment, only if you well know them.

in What to be engaged in

you Think, than to feed little guests? This question the latest, it will not take a lot of time. It is much more important to think up, than to occupy children.

If you are going to hold competitions, begin at once, do not allow children to disperse, in 10 - 15 minutes you can just not manage to bring together them. Someone from guests is late, and you are forced to wait? It is not necessary! In advance think up what you will play in that case. It is desirable that it was quiet game to which it is possible to be connected at any time. I can offer “Black with white do not take and is not present - you do not say. You will go to a ball?“ “Words on one letter“, “Words on one subject“. When all gather - start the main program. Try to remember the childhood, to read books, to look - for certain you will be able to find in the Internet what will be pleasant to you. I can only advise one - to alternate quiet competitions to mobile, to watch that whenever possible all children somewhere won.

you Doubt, you cannot understand what game will interest children - buy several toilet rolls and cheap balloons. I did not see the child who does not like to play “mummy“. Even disputes who will be a mummy and who her creator, as a rule, does not arise. And will arise - it is easy to solve, only lay up more rolls of paper. Why balls have to be cheap? They burst easier. It is difficult to imagine more cheerful competition. Balloons it is possible to use in many competitions the simplest - transfer around under music (that at whom the sphere remains in hands, either leaves, or performs some task).

our most favourite competition - a perekidyvaniye of spheres from one half of the room on another. Children are divided into two teams, and begin to throw balls on the territory of other team, that team which after the Feet team will have less spheres wins (the room can be partitioned off two - three chairs). When all competitions end, suggest children to polopat spheres. It is not necessary to feel sorry for them. They burst with such roar, and it delivers to children a heap of delight.

What to prepare

Now for a question, than to feed guests. The main thing to stock up with rather large number of drinks, children drink much. A lot of joy is given by permission to mix different juice, juice with aerated water, or with tea.

Children, in the majority, eat a little and absolutely not that we would like. All eat sausage and something from vegetables - cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper - can be cut with pieces, and it is possible to create some kulinarno - an architectural masterpiece. Many love fried chicken fillet in crackers.

Some children eat with

cheese, fruit. Strange, but not everyone loves pizza. It is stranger that many eat greedily potato cream soup. I try to digest this fact years five. Usual cream soup, from usual potato, all difference of my recipe from the recipe of my mother is that I add a mustard teaspoon to a pan, and on a table I put a plate with white croutons and a saucer of the cut green onions. Whether children like to throw croutons into soup, whether there are some other reasons, but I cook this soup on each birthday.

caviar Sandwiches enjoy

popularity approximately at every second. It is possible to put nothing one table Any more, salad will cause interest in the rare present child.


How to feed children with Russian salad salad

All ingredients and put in different small capacities (jars from - under baby food very well approach). On each can it is necessary to paste a label, and on it to write the name which should be thought up. If children are not able to read, the name can be drawing. The choice of the name depends only on you. If you have a birthday according to the scenario about Harry Potter, then in jars potions will lie (peas - eyes of a splokhvost, egg - germs of chicken); if you look for a treasure, in jars there will be treasures, here it is necessary to strain brains.

Still should prepare the instruction, it is desirable ciphered - instead of figure letters, rebuses if children are not able to read, it is possible to draw schemes according to which they will look for notes with figures - each figure corresponds to figure on bank. In Russian your instruction has to be deciphered so: take bank No. 1 - pour it into a copper (salad bowl) prevent 5 times clockwise, 5 times - against, and so all banks in turn, the translation of the last phrase - squeeze out half-packs of mayonnaise and mix. Better if one child guesses the first offer, the second pours out to bank, the third mixes and so on that all participated. On my supervision such salad is tasted almost by all.


It is blown? Together!

Most important, of course, cake! Or rather, candles on it, cakes favor too not everyone though almost all want a piece more, in practice the majority is able to cope only with small.

Existence of the house of candles should be checked in advance not to run at the last minute searching. The birthday man blows out the candles, it is possible to cut cake. Wait! Children will receive a lot of pleasure if you allow to blow out the candles everything are just put to everyone candles by the number of its full years. It will take not enough time. Very seldom someone refuses, children like to blow out the candles.

Birthday comes to an end. For guests mothers, grandmothers and nurses come. Do not forget that the hero of the occasion said goodbye to guests and thanked them for the fact that came.

it is a high time for p to look over the apartment Now. Toilet paper rolls? She had to be brought together during the special competition “Who Will Collect More“. It is necessary to give to children at least two empty packages, each team will fill the. The remains of balls clean up quickly, but also it was possible “to get rid“ of it on children. Just change three (four, five) pieces for a chocolate medal or for the whole ball which the child will carry away home. Mountain of ware? It was necessary to regret himself and to buy disposable plates (on 2 - 4 on the brother), then you will have only cups, a salad bowl and forks with spoons.

Be ready


still any “small“ councils Are. Just keep in mind that you can face that:

I still. Do not hope, everything at you will not turn out, it is necessary to improvise, interchange the position of different competitions, perhaps it is necessary to refuse some, and to carry out some “encore“. Make the list of all necessary trifles and check their existence. Frequent what had to be precisely at the right time is anywhere, but not houses - the camera, candles for cake, tubules for cocktail, bandages on eyes (are used in many competitions), napkins, an adhesive tape, pencils, scissors, garbage bags.

It seems all: told almost about all the “cunnings“, except most important, but it absolutely simple - return to the childhood, play with children as equals - you derive from a holiday only pleasure.

to you should be the judge during competitions - you judge honestly, but try to create conditions what all children could win somewhere.

P. S. You rejoice what your child has a birthday in the summer, and you “do not threaten“ to appear in narrowness of the apartment? And you are ready to answer a question why all schoolmates invite to themselves to birthday, and he cannot invite them? The answer is obvious? For me is not present, and we celebrate in the winter a name-day (as option it is possible to mark out 7,5; 8,5 years and so on). Did not convince? Your business, but you lose an excellent occasion to get acquainted closer with friends of the child.