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Mountain skiing: answers to not asked questions

Winter... The sun, the tremendous blue sky, is delightful the scrunching snowball, you admire beauty of the surrounding nature. There is a wish to reject cares and to devote week to itself, darling? The reasons for which such decision is made can be as much as necessary: with mere curiosity to desire to have a rest from household chores in the company with the husband or friends. Be engaged in mountain skiing. This type of active winter recreation will allow to distract and spend time with advantage for health.

If you decided to be engaged in mountain skiing, the set of questions will fall upon you: what to buy, where to learn with whom to ride what to choose and where to go?

the Choice of clothes

Before departure in the mountain should pay special attention to clothes, the soldier the ammunition does... Modern alpine skiing suits not only are beautiful, elegant, but also are not blown by wind, well hold heat, do not get wet, and also provide good friction on snow that will help to stop quickly in case of falling on a slope. It is necessary to put on in mountains by the principle of “cabbage“ - many thin layers, but not two thick things. The fine breathing linen which takes away moisture from a body is put on a body.

the Following layer - a fleece jumper which also takes away moisture further - to an external jacket. If it is cold - one more layer - thicker jacket from fleece (polartek) and already then - an external jacket or overalls with a hood, waterproof, but breathing. If flies wind, the hood will not prevent at all.

the Warmed trousers and a jacket or overalls can be chosen as

, being guided by the price as each producer has several fashion lines: from very economic to most road executed from hi-tech - waterproof, but breathing - materials. Special alpine skiing gloves are obligatory even if rather warmly: without them when falling on a rigid slope it is possible to injure strongly skin on hands. The hat, a warm baseball cap or an elegant cap will add a clothes set, it is only necessary to pick up such which will not blow off wind.

Not superfluous: thin, surely coming to an end above a boot, elastic, not creating a uniform fold. They provide also withdrawal of evaporations up, out of boot limits, and comfort to a leg. By the way, between a boot and your leg there should not be nothing, except a sock, only the layered clothing is admissible - but it is obligatory without folds.

Points on small slopes are not necessity though in snowfall without them to ride uncomfortablly. And here in mountains good points are necessary: they will protect eyes from the rigid mountain sun. Experience shows that special ski glasses with the neutral gray or mirror light filter are the most universal, and is yellow - the orange light filter increases contrast of a landscape at fog. It is possible to use also usual sunglasses, it is only necessary to be convinced that they do not pass ultra-violet part of radiation of the sun, strongly sit on a nose and will not fall down at the first turn. If you wear glasses with dioptries, choose models of ski glasses which can be put on over habitual points.

the Choice of equipment

can think also of equipment Now. Ride from the very beginning new, qualitative equipment. Do not buy “just as new“ a ski of five-year age. Hire equipment for several first days, and then buy easy, soft, short, obedient and beautiful skis. You deliberate over that, to buy the or to hire? There are three options.

First - for those who plan to leave to mountains for a week in a year, and the house not to be engaged in skis. Very many act this way, and the majority of them uses services having rolled. Both in Russia, and beyond its limits in“ each place adapted for driving there are prokata in which it is possible to take the required equipment set. Pluses - it is not necessary to drag every time with himself bulky equipment and to store his houses. Minuses - you every time will spend time and money in prokata and almost never receive well suitable boots which can rub legs, provide an ache in an ankle and other small pleasures. And in Russia very essential pledge will be required.

the Second option - to buy

the equipment and to carry it to mountains. Pluses and minuses are stated in the first option, but here they should be perceived on the contrary (where minuses are described, read “pluses“ now).

Third - to buy only boots. Yes, they heavy also take a lot of place and in a bag or a suitcase, and in a house case. Yes, they will get out of fashion quicker, than will manage to fail. But... You do not want to rub periodically to yourself legs with crude boots which will dangle in addition on a leg?


Boots - the most important detail of equipment. If boots do not suit you - alas, it is quite possible that you never receive pleasure from driving. Each producer produces tens of models of boots of various groups. Boots for beginners - the most comfortable, soft, it is frequent with a possibility of switching of the modes “walking-driving“ that helps to accustom to unusual footwear. But avoid boots “with a folding heel“ - they are comfortable, but will not provide the necessary support. If you play sports and are well physically developed, it is possible to buy also more rigid boots. The most rigid boots - for athletes - provide a minimum level of comfort, high precision and speed of transfer of efforts to a ski. Use of such models by the fan can frighten off in general it from driving - to a leg can be very rigid, it quickly freezes, will not bend boots.

In any good shop the qualified consultants are, they will help to pick up boots which will suit you best of all, it is only necessary to spend as much as possible time for fitting - carry out in the chosen model at least minutes fifteen to be convinced that there are no unpleasant feelings. The boot has to fit very tightly a leg from all directions, anywhere there should not be a feeling of discomfort, the foot should not have opportunities to move, the heel should not come off an insole if you go or try “to get up on tiptoe“. If you feel that the leg can turn in a boot, - you will not be able to turn a ski in time.

needs to be noted also that boots for women should be chosen from the models developed and which are let out taking into account features of a structure of a female leg. Usually in such models more comfortable materials are used vnut (a renny insert, and height of a top is reduced.

Use all opportunities which are given you by adjustments of a boot, and nuances of beautiful and exact turns will quicker obey you and you receive pleasures from driving more. Very important detail - get to yourself personally adjusted insoles which will make for you in shops in the Alpine resorts. by

of the Ski

of the Ski for a start it makes sense to choose p the least rigid and most forgiving mistakes. Of course, if you play sports and are well physically developed, it is possible to get and skis are a little more rigid - for riding, a little more “advanced“. But do not buy the most powerful skis for experts or athletes at all. Nobody studies (moreover on streets with heavy traffic) to drive the car driving Ferrari. So why to buy expensive (moreover and specialized) models of skis to learn the elementary movements? Trust in the consultant in shop better. In addition women and here have an advantage before men: in addition to unisex to models of skis they can choose from the models which are specially developed by producers.

First, the most noticeable difference of the models addressed to a fine half of mankind - design. Gentle pastel shades and graceful lines of drawing are most widespread. The second feature of models for women - weight. At production of female skis the lightest materials are applied. The third difference from the universal skis focused on men - rigidity: models for women are slightly softer.

also one more feature of a design of models for women Is. The matter is that thanks to features of a structure of area of a basin at women the center of gravity is displaced a little back in comparison with an arrangement of the center of gravity of the “average“ man. For the accounting of this difference of a female figure from man`s the waist of a ski and an installation site of fastenings are displaced forward approximately on 10 - 15 mm in relation to “traditional“ location.

Council for the choice of length of skis (or “sizes“) - skis have to reach “a nose“, and sometimes if the hostess prefers careful, slow driving on the flat and well prepared slopes, can be and are even shorter.

Always you watch that your skis were greased and ground. And at once after purchase grind and grease them because new skis almost always safety, stupid for reasons. Sharp edgings will not allow skis to slide off on a frozen slope therefore skis need to be given to a workshop in order that they were ground and greased, at least once during a season.

of Fastening. The main criterion of the choice of fastenings - effort of operation. All produced models of alpine skiing fastenings are reliable therefore the choice of brand - business of your taste. Consider only that some producers let out systems “a ski - fastening“ and it is necessary to get a set.


of the Stick on length, a coloring and on as far as you like how the handle of a stick lies in your palm (the hand has to be in a glove). It is possible to choose suitable length so: the hand, squeezed on the handle of the stick put on a floor, has to be slightly higher than a waist when you stand on skis. The thong is necessary at least not to lose a stick. It is very convenient when when driving it is precisely adjusted on a hand. And rings - an important element of safety, they help a stick not to fail during snow at a prick.

As well as where it is better to buy equipment? If business happens on one of the resorts of Europe or in Moscow, St. Petersburg, it is enough to find shop with reasonable prices and to entirely trust in the seller. Tell consultants in shop what condition of snow is pleasant to you, how aggressively you ride. Choose equipment which will help you to progress. Having spent enough time (two - three hours), you will be able to choose for yourself a suitable set. The lowest prices - at the end of a season when practically all shops sell collections at a discount to 50%, sales begin in recent years in January. In the different countries of the price differ: for example, in duty-free Andorra the prices sometimes approximately are one third lower Moscow, and in the USA - above.

Mountain skiing and the child

Recently parents even more often want to divide moments of pleasure which is tested with the cub, having a rest in mountains. And maybe, the kid simply there is nobody to leave. Anyway - with what age to begin?

Walking of a cub of two - on a slope demands three years from parents many forces and patience, and also a constant control of temperature of a nose, fingers on hands and other ritual gestures. And for more adult children an eye yes of eyes is necessary. An exit - alpine skiing kindergarten which is available in each normal resort. At more advanced age - the groups of children riding with the instructor or the personal instructor. All these options will provide to your kid good pastime, competent training, and will allow to devote you another couple of hours themselves.

Where to ride?


, the best place for beginners - slopes of one of the Alpine resorts. France and Italy, Switzerland and Austria - in any of the countries a set of resorts with comfortable hotels or cozy boards. However, in the majority of resorts can not be the instructor speaking in Russian.

can Also very comfortably spend time on solar slopes of Andorra: rest will cost a little cheaper here, than in the Alpine countries and the number of Russian-speaking instructors are significantly more here.

are famous for

of the Country of Eastern Europe for the fact that almost all instructors know Russian here. But if you go there, then will make not the best choice from the point of view of mountain skis as height of mountains small and snow can be a little. However, if you plan for the first time to drive a little bit, and it is generally simple to take a walk and admire snow-covered mountains, to visit the beautiful cities - here too it is possible to have a good time very much in the winter.

Where to learn?

to be prepared by

A for holiday, it is possible to seize the first skills of “sliding on an inclined surface“ and on slopes in Moscow or Moscow area. For example, in the sports club “Kant“ located absolutely near Nagornaya metro station.

Slopes of the bulk mountain near Novoperedelkino - new ski center which was constructed to sezonu2002 - 2003

the Traditional place of driving are also the slopes of Krylatsky hills which are going down to the rowing channel. However, on days off it is crowded here, and routes are not in the best state.

In Moscow area the most “alpine skiing“ direction is Dmitrovsky - in areas of Turist and Yakhroma stations there are several modern ski centers.

In all listed places, in Moscow and beyond its limits, prokata of modern equipment, mountain skiing and snowboard instructors, locker rooms, left-luggage offices, cafe or snackbars are, in the evening slopes are lit - it is possible to drive also after work.


Councils beginner!

do not forget to take
  1. in mountains protective creams from the sun and put a cotton kerchief by means of which sweat is wiped in a pocket: droplets of sweat are the lenses which are repeatedly increasing force of sunshine. And without sunblock cream with a protection factor 18 and more you, especially in the spring at the height more than 2000 meters, can burn to blisters - the mountain sun very cruel. Also take hygienic lipstick with sun-protection properties.
  2. of the Route in resorts have color marking: the simplest - green, it is slightly more difficult - blue, then red and the most difficult - black. Begin driving with green slopes, on more difficult slopes to you it can be very uncomfortable.
  3. do not put on in same both when driving, and after it.
  4. Learn to walk in alpine skiing boots and to independently carry the skis. Girls who ski (means - really ride) carry the equipment, and do it stylishly and with ease.
  5. A now the most important. Never, under no circumstances learn to ride at the close friend or the relative, especially at the husband!