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I want to tell the difficult choice of

Ya about us with the little daughter. A time ago I actively participated in conferences on this website, rejoiced to the fact that at us with the daughter everything develops well. Still - the first month I fed her with the decanted milk and several times a day mix (there was not enough milk, and the first weeks two was not in general), then, having made certain efforts, we passed only to the decanted milk, but it went very difficult, and the lyalka could not take a breast in any way. Ate a small bottle.

5 months So proceeded, and on the sixth my baby not just took a breast, and stuck to it - both in the afternoon, and especially at night. If did not want to eat, then just nestled breasts, smelled it and further slept. It was impossible to sleep separately and I and did not try - we since the birth sleep together and are glad to it.

only me began to seem to

I that so perfectly we will be always fed as this idyll ended - my girl got sick, with a temperature under 40, the unclear diagnosis - “just cold“. From the appointed treatment better disappeared, after the first course of antibiotics there was terrible dysbacteriosis, vomiting and every other day - deterioration in a state.

Two times we were in hospital, and the seventh and eighth lyalkin met month in the same place. Four courses of strong antibiotics from which at adults - that legs give away not that at the baby, infinite procedures and analyses made nervous not only the daughter, but also mother. I do not understand those who say that for establishment of a lactation it is necessary just to calm down. There are situations in which it is impossible to calm down - when see the child after reanimation with blue “bracelets“ on hands and legs, that days without a break this little man lies connected in some wires or when begins to shake the baby at an entrance to a procedural office... Probably, any mother in such situation will not be able to calm down even if externally looks decently.

Not I one in such situation had problems with a lactation, at two of my neigbours in chamber milk - at one absolutely was gone, and at another was not enough also for one feeding, and at me arose laktostaz, and the amount of milk was sharply lowered too. I tried one means behind another when on it it was released it is sensitive time, but that surprised me - other women even did not try to keep milk! And sincerely were surprised that I do it? Though it were even less their lyalka, than mine! We were six, and to them three and five months old.

I understood

I - it is all about an initial spirit, I was convinced that there are practically no desperate situations, and it is necessary to WORK on establishment and preservation of process of a lactation. There are happy exceptions when milk itself flows, but it is not my case, unfortunately.

I want to tell

Ya many thanks to this website that gathered a lot of useful, for confidence in overcoming of temporary difficulties with breastfeeding, for the fact that did not put a hand as others in a similar situation!

C laktostazy I coped quickly, here the main thing not to start a problem, I was helped by a camphoric compress for the night and dry mustard with a sack to the place of hardening for the whole day, and still a remarkable salt grelochka - the smallest of available on sale. To be decanted there was practically no time, and all these means did not distract from the basic - care of the child.

was few

of Milk, and my mother who prepared the following means came to the rescue here.

  1. appeared Fine laktogonny means seeds of salad sheet. For preparation of drink from them take 20 g of seeds, carefully crush in a porcelain mortar and fill in with a glass of boiled water. To accept on a half-glass 2 - 3 times a day. Very simply - you take a thermos and you drink.
  2. it is Also good, as well as the radish juice with honey diluted (1:1) the cooled and slightly added some salt boiled water is opposite, however, (on 100 g of a radish - 100 g of water and 1 tablespoon of honey).
  3. Massage of a breast under a warm shower me was almost inaccessible to
  4. (houses very well helped!) and helped with hospital... massage of a neck! I also did not think that it is so effective!
  5. Nicotinic acid (RR vitamin). To begin about 0,5 tablets 2 times a day before the feeding. To bring to 1 tablet 3 times a day. After reception face reddening and burning of a breast is felt - it vessels extend, and milk arrives better.
  6. Vitamin E 0,1 - 0,2 - 2 times a day. To accept 7 - 10 days.
  7. Ascorbic acid to 1,0 g a day. To accept 7 - 10 days.
  8. in maternity hospital to me recommended to drink cocktail - nonalcoholic beer + the concentrated milk + funduchny dust, but even only one nonalcoholic beer well helps to increase amount of milk.

Milk gradually began to arrive, the baby calmed down only at a breast and for this reason I so wanted to keep a lactation - nerves of the child need to be preserved in any way. On my supervision, homeopathy for increase in amount of milk - more effective means, than decantation.

A the illness all did not recede - now long bronchitis which the baby could not leave in any way. And I was told to limit feeding of the child to milk as it promotes formation of slime! And to feed - pyureshka, squashes and cottage cheese.

Ya was struck dumb, and did not know how to arrive. They say that the children who are on breastfeeding less are ill, but our situation disproved it.

Of course, it is not necessary to overestimate usefulness of breastfeeding, but also it is impossible to underestimate too. Here and there was a situation in which it was difficult to decide - what to do, nurse or not? I sat and thought, thoughts were very heavy of - for huge sense of guilt which I tested before the child for the fact that the lyalka so is ill for the fact that I could prevent, probably, it, for the milk with which I feed her and which can do much harm it.


But on the other side of me the emotional condition of the child concerned - as I will be able to calm her without breast? From ukachivaniye it was curved by an arch and cried out and when reached and stuck into a breast - on half an hour sobbed and gradually calmed down. The internal voice prompted to me that it in this situation when the child is irritated and is ill, it is impossible to deprive of it chest feeding, this best soothing. The daughter already began to refuse feedings up (because from a spoon she is “fed“ also with drugs) and when it at a breast - nobody pricks, does not take blood and does not cause other troubles. Here such intuition at my child - to keep closer to mother, is closer to Tit that it was not sick.

I in this situation I had the best adviser who can wish, again - my mother, the physician and just very skilled woman. She bought vitamins for feeding and Essentsiale forte, and told that we will improve properties of my milk. Vitamins - always, and Essentsiale forte on 2 capsules 3 times a day - week, further - on one capsule, and at a lyalka became pure and smooth cheeks and legs! And nothing helped, I gave it very expensive antihistaminic preparations (of course - according to recommendations of doctors). All said that we have a severe diathesis, an allergy nearly to everything, including my milk!

us was discharged on January 19 from hospital, houses, of course, a lot of work on strengthening of lyalkiny health still is necessary. I am very glad that kept breastfeeding in a situation, crisis for the child. Houses the daughter became distsiplinirovanny - eats vegetables, fruit, loves cottage cheese, but still, does not want to refuse mother. And now it seems to me smaller and defenseless than when it was only brought from maternity hospital. And I love it even more though I thought earlier that there is no place stronger!


Ya it is sure - the love to the child helps to overcome any difficulties! It is necessary to present itself on the place of the child, and a lot of things will become clear. Heartily I wish good luck and health to kids!