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One day behind a school school desk. The diary of the involuntary tenth-grader

School day of the senior is not much shorter than working everyday life of the adult. On the instructions of edition, I decided to try on on myself a role of the school student to understand how is to modern pupils. Chose one of the most difficult classes - the tenth.

Time: 7. 15. Subject: “Road, road...“

In the subway rush hour. The car is crowded: kids are first graders with parents, the hurrying adults and pupils of the senior classes. Most of teenagers on the way in vain do not waste time: read textbooks, thumb through abstracts, “on a knee“ solve mathematical examples.

At the modern senior every day on six - eight lessons. Many of them coupled, that is for one discipline it is allocated on two - three hours. In a day there pass lessons of three - to four objects, and practically on everyone there are homeworks. Let`s try to count the volume of out-of-class load of the school student approximately:

Algebra - on the house are set by 10 - 15 examples (3 - 4 numbers in the textbook); in profile classes it is more. Time necessary for performance of tasks, - 40 - 60 minutes.

Geometry - two - three tasks, plus the proof of the theorem. Several axioms by heart. Time - 30 - 45 minutes.

Russian and literature - needs to write

compositions, reports and to manage to read literary works. For example, in the tenth class the obligatory program includes about 30 books of various authors so on reading not less than an hour a day will leave. To write the composition, it is necessary at least an hour and a half; as much preparation of the report or paper borrows.

of the Physicist, chemistry - the passable theory by heart, two - three tasks of each subject. About 30 minutes on each subject.

History, geography - reading the textbook and additional literature, sometimes - preparation for reports and control. Of 30 minutes till two o`clock.

we Will sum up of

the result. On preparation for occupations not less than three hours are necessary every day. Home seniors come not earlier than five. About an hour it is necessary for lunch - a dinner, as much on rest. Pediatricians advise school students to go to bed at ten o`clock that the growing organism managed to gain strength before new day. Therefore, time is always not enough either for a dream, or for homeworks.

Time: 9. 30 Subject: “We develop memory and independence“

the First lesson - history. On a board the subject is written: “Christianization of Kievan Rus`“. I cheered up: now I will listen to interesting legends, I will wake up finally. Not here - that was! At first it is necessary to perform a task on the passable material. Each pupil receives a leaflet with questions on a subject of the previous lesson: “In what the reason of emergence of political dissociation in Russia and in Western Europe?“, “Why agriculture was the most important occupation of east Slavs?“ ... Five minutes on preparation, then everyone reads the question and answers.

What qualities needs to be possessed

well to get on well at history and other humanitarian disciplines? First of all, the developed memory is necessary. Not incidentally the majority of liberal arts colleges include history or social science in the introductory examination block. You can hold the mass of dates in the head - means, and in the future you will manage to remember large volume of working information. But to cram by heart the paragraph behind the paragraph - not an exit. Teachers of higher education institutions testify: many entrants have no own opinion. They only retell contents of textbooks, but is not able to draw conclusions and to generalize information. This problem is solved by preparation of papers and the general discussions on various historical subjects.

Vremya:10. 20 Subject: Do you speek English?

the Second lesson - English.“ Wash“ the class breaks into groups depending on preparation level. I get to Upper intermediate group (“above an average“) is the minimum level necessary for receipt in good not language institute.

the Foreign language is handed over nearly everywhere. Requirements raise every year. If fifteen years ago test on English often was formality, then now practically for all specialties very serious tasks are provided. In some higher education institutions, and not necessarily specialized, entrance examination in a foreign language becomes decisive. For example, most of entrants of faculty of journalism of Lomonosov Moscow State University “are cut off“ in English though Russian and literature are considered as officially profile objects.

But not only to humanists should pay special attention to studying of languages. Not less serious requirements are imposed to entrants by economics, law and other departments. “Technicians“ of the recent past foreign did not know, and it seemed norm. But modern IT - the expert without it will not be able to work.

Not all schools can provide to

the training level sufficient for entering a higher education institution. Therefore most of seniors are engaged in addition, and their academic load becomes even more intensively.

Vremya:10. 30. Subject:“ On change“

Got to talking with “schoolmates“. Ahead six more lessons, and many will go then to various training courses. And it after eight school hours! Until the end of school there are nearly two more years, but the majority already prepares for entering higher education institutions: legal, economic, financial... The school teacher told us that he sees one of the schoolgirls future teacher - the girl has obvious pedagogical abilities. But it is not going to teacher`s college: work is not prestigious, a salary not big.

Vremya:10. 40. - 12. 10. Subject: “The theorem and axioms“


the Third and fourth lesson in the schedule are costed by geometry. First of all, we write down homework: to solve several problems, to learn definition and the proof of the new theorem.

of the Mathematician - one of the most difficult objects. Even the most courageous experimenters from education do not suggest to exclude it from the program of the senior classes:“ the queen of sciences“ systematizes knowledge, helps to keep a brain in a tone. But it causes difficulties in many pupils. Humanists often do not acquire new material, are not in time behind speed of more advanced schoolmates.

At private schools such problem is solved by

- small classes allow the teacher to carry material each school student. But if in a class 25 - 30 people, individual explanations at a lesson are unattainable luxury. As a result - unsatisfactory estimates which quite often appear even at pupils, quite successful in other objects.

or even additional classes with the school teacher not all parents are able to afford

of Tutors. And independent occupations help not everyone: someone has not enough knowledge, to someone - will powers. The universal solution does not exist. It is possible to call only option, optimum on material and power inputs: several introduction lessons with teachers and permanent independent job.

Time: 12. 20. Subject:“ About control“

Russian and literature. Pupils demand results of a dictation which was written at the previous lesson. But the teacher with firmness “holds the fort“: today on it there is no time. The correction of mistakes will be next time.

Not all know that examinations are carried out by certain rules, and any teacher is obliged to observe them. In - the first, about the forthcoming dictation, a statement, the composition or any other examination in writing, the teacher is obliged to warn in advance. Pupils have to have time for preparation. In - the second, examinations it is not recommended to arrange the first and last day of week. On Monday children are still too relaxed after days off, it is difficult for them to concentrate. And by Friday are tired and make more mistakes. In - the third, the school students who skipped several classes due to illness from control have to be released. For them examination is transferred. If in one of teachers at school left, and to it the administration found replacement not at once, the new teacher cannot immediately arrange examination - pupils need time to remember passed.

Time: somewhere after an hour... Subject: Whether “It is possible to choose estimates?“

the Sixth lesson - informatics. In the last several months “my“ class passes the Solo on the Computer program. Today examination. The computer starts a task: on the screen there are letters, and you have to press the corresponding keys on the keyboard. A press method - the blind person ten-manual. To look at the keyboard it will not turn out even if you will want to swindle: too high speed is set by the car.

the Young man who received “four“ is dissatisfied with

. Asks for permission to repeat, but refuse to it: an official repeating an examination - concept institute. The school does not rewrite examinations. Expression “to correct the two“ means to answer once again the same subject: the bad note does not disappear anywhere.

Time 15. 00. Subject:“ We have a rest“

After six lessons the lunch and a big change are provided. Then - two more lessons, circles and sections. The break lasts the whole hour. During this time children manage not only to have dinner fully, but also to walk in a schoolyard and which - who - even to play a ball.

Measure necessary. Even physicians advise adults to do pauses in work. First graders, besides changes, have a rest each fifteen minutes: do exercises for fingers, easy warm-up. But also rest is necessary for teenagers. Six hours of continuous work are much: on assimilation new there is no force left any more.

In the second half is not recommended to conduct day “serious“ lessons: mathematics, physics, Russian. For this time usually leave singing, drawing, etc.

Time 16. 00. Subject: “Home!“

I Admit to

honestly: I did not sustain up to the end academic load. Left after the sixth lesson. And two more class periods were necessary to my schoolmates. Then sport, open classrooms, training courses, performance of homeworks.

Loading which to the adult is difficult for realizing up to the end. And school students “maintain reputation“ day by day.

the Notebook of the parent

answers with

questions of parents the head a press - services of Department of Education of Moscow A. V. Gavrilov.

- At school where my son studies, teachers do not put down the current marks in the diary. It is done by the class teacher, but is irregular (sometimes once a week, and sometimes once a month). Whether there are some rules of maintaining the diary of the pupil?
- recommendations about maintaining the diary Are. The teacher - “subject teacher“ has to put down marks. But if the diary is filled in by the class teacher - it is not violation. It is quite admissible if it happens to a regularity once a week. But it is not enough once a month! Parents can discuss this question at meeting.

- If the pupil cannot pass USE in a certain subject in due time whether it has an opportunity to hand over it in additional days? What reasons for this purpose can be considered as valid?
- in case of a serious illness the graduate can pass the Unified State Examination in reserve days. If the graduate is not on examination in the appointed day without good reason, he has no right to pass the Unified State Examination in reserve days. Such pupil is considered not certified for the corresponding educational subject, and can pass final state assessment in a usual form in accordance with the established procedure in August.