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The Christmas fairy tale in Prague of

Long - long we waited for this trip, and here came on December 17 - day of our departure from the house to travel across the Czech Republic.

in the Morning in 2 hours prior to departure of the train to Moscow I watch a morning news from where I learn that filled up Germany and the Czech Republic with snow on the ears, the Prague hail - one of the main sights - it is closed for visits, and on roads awful jams and traffic jams. Well … Cheerful prospect … But not to return tickets, eventually? Perhaps everything will manage, on that we and the Russian people.

the Trip began

with travel in the passenger Astrakhan train - a such shed on wheels because on another to go it was not represented possible of - for early a departure of the plane from Domodedovo. I will add plus to this picture that the last aeroexpress train leaving the Paveletsky station in the airport was cancelled … So it was necessary to reach by a taxi, we will add on even the sleepless night spent at the airport, and it is possible to present in what mood I waited for the representative of agency Amigo - Tours for obtaining our exit documents at 6:15 in the morning (time of the beginning of registration in 2 hours prior to a departure).

I all nothing, but turned out that at the appointed time the agent did not appear, and representatives of other companies and the manager of the airport had even never heard of such agency. How you think what thought visited me the first? In the course of throwings on the airport it turned out that us, such “undocumented“, five people therefore when the representative of agency appeared with the plate in the field of our vision, slightly shook us. As a result, we were registered by the last.

Lowering details of 7 Domodedovo cordons, we appeared on the plane, and so, adverse weather forecasts all - passed us. Flew “Kaliningrad - an avia“ - well, fed with a breakfast, some dozed (it I about the husband), some chatted (it I about themselves).

Met by

us in Pardubice orderly, accurately, without slips. Weather pleased: as though there were no messages on snow blockages in the Czech Republic. Czechs very accurately unloaded baggage (ardent hi Domodedovo!) and 1,5 hours later we were already in Dum hotel. Landed us the first since the hotel was the most distant. We knew about it, for us it was the house-keeper - option, but we never regretted since we had no excess at least 100 euros. We considered that we will better spend for the road on half an hour to one party + 280 kroner (about 340 rubles) on week the travel card.

the Hotel is in the quiet dormitory area of Prague. Big, modern. In number two rooms, a hall, a separate bathroom (a bathtub with the pallet). From additional conveniences - the refrigerator and the TV, and the hair dryer, the iron and the safe - for a fee. The breakfast - a buffet - not really various, but suited us (macaroni with vegetables, rice with vegetables, soup, fried sausage, boiled eggs, fresh vegetables salad, cheese, sausage, pastes, butter, jams, yogurts, cream, different pastries, tea, coffee, milk, cocoa, juice).

Having abandoned all things and more - having less made toilet, we went to the center of Prague since there were 12 o`clock in the afternoon on the Czech time. In the subway the controller approached us at once and demanded a yezdenka (ticket), but we boards - stocked up not with a bast, all as is necessary, by rules:-). And he, probably, was upset …

But the most interesting began

, of course, at excursions. We were very lucky with the guide, the lady Olga Rendlova. Excellent work!

We wandered about small streets of Prague, in the Old place, in the New place, saw a delightful Prague hail and Is small the country, ancient Jewish Yozefov and huge Wenceslas Square. About sights I will not write - it is necessary to see it (for example, on my photos;-)), I will pay attention only to separate details.

Prague zoo . In spite of the fact that we were in it in the winter, it really admired us with purity and care of animals. When came into the pavilion to tigers, the collapsed big cats showed us the ideally pure paunches. At once there was an association with a new plush toy. Probably, they are washed with shampoo there and scratched brushes daily.

it is a lot of

of Pavilions. Here both gorillas, and paradise birdies, and the Indonesian jungle, and also huge sea turtles, penguins, pink flamingos, even you will not remember everything. We paid separate attention to polar bears. The fencing is glass, through it it is visible the water falling from falls. Glass ideally pure! On paths peacocks important walk. In a word, we did not regret that visited this paradise vacation spot.

Lock Miller. we visited This place independently and not for nothing. It left to us 5 times cheaper from the offered organized round by guides. Reached from bus station in only 35 minutes, then asked the local how to find Kromboltsov Street, language of a mimicry and gestures. He also explained to us (well though at a temple did not twist).

the Most interesting that we 20 went minutes around this lock, but did not think that it is Melnik who looked as the usual big house. Even tried to come illegally. In a word, it was amusing. It became even more amusing when it became clear that the guides speaking in Russian no, and we were handed on a leaf with explanations about each room of the lock. So we went to independent excursion.

Then I wanted to buy

castle Lyudmila wine, but I was dissuaded, and it was decided to go to tasting. To start us locked in a cellar where we poaukatsya a little, and then gave out on a glass and sent to other cellar for independent tasting without guide. Unlike excursion group, more than 12 wines made in the lock the Miller, and to them only 4 were offered to us. Well nadegustirovavshis, we regretted that in the cellar there were no shops, and that could be tasted till the evening: And wine ordinary - a smell good, and taste any. But this our personal opinion and taste.

in Melnik we admired

A confluence of Vltava and Laba (Elba) from an observation deck behind the lock.

Lock Sikhrov and Detenitsa . Sikhrov pleasantly struck the lock with the rich interiors which remained from the Middle Ages. At an entrance asked whether it is possible to photograph on what we were told that for this purpose it is necessary to buy licenses for 50 kroner. One honest person from all group got it, and all other dishonest clicked for free, and I including:-). Nobody did remarks, and I have a really good time:-).

the Lock to Detenitsa restored, the interior, generally a remake according to old photos and archives, but in it very much was pleasant the hunting hall with trophies and also the hall with the weapon of the Maltese knights (original). They say that new owners of the lock found a treasure and on this money restored the lock and constructed the castle Detenitsky brewer. In the same place showed us the museum of beer as it is cooked as it is stood, in the same place we it also tried. Light it was pleasant more dark, and have a snack on smazhenny (fried) cheese - tasty! The tavern in the castle brewer is stylized under medieval: wooden tables and benches, a stone floor with straw, under a cage ceiling with skeletons, an open fireplace, skulls. In a word, it is very bright and effective!

Independently wandered on Vysehrad, but it was not lucky with weather a little - brought down snow in large flakes, and it was decided to replace an excursion route.

we Visited and Cesky Krumlov - such the small town of the stiffened 16th century. Small lodges with tile roofs, paved narrow small streets and the huge lock towering on the rock. In a castle ditch and until now there live bears.

As they say “if you were not in Karlovy Vary , you mean were not in the Czech Republic“ therefore we went to this typically a resort. From sources did not risk to drink since still the way back was coming, and for 1 time all the same you will not cure any sore. Sources in a colonnade are interestingly equipped, but the geyser which beats from the 500th meter depth and has temperature of 72,8 degrees Celsius especially was pleasant. As we were in Christmas Eve (the eve of Christmas), met only Russians and Japanese. Czechs, probably, prepared for a Christmas dinner which is kaprovy soup (carp soup), brambrovy (potato salad), fried kapr (carp), an apple strudel.“ Not densely“, - we thought and arranged an independent Christmas dinner:-). Besides, Karlovy Vary is the only place where we were impudently shortchanged at restaurant … In Prague it was not.

In general, having visited Prague, we decided that we like the Czech beer and Italian cuisine. Somehow the local cuisine did not impress us … But beer is a song. Let`s begin with the fact that at the price it is cheaper than gasoline, and we will finish that beer brands over one hundred. You will not try everything …

At Wenceslas Square is the National museum at which in 1968 the Soviet tanks shot, thinking that there parliament: - (. There are in the history offensive incidents. Actually, in the national museum there are huge expositions of minerals, objects from archeological, paleontologic and anthropological excavations, the huge zoological exhibition, and an interior, lists and frescos of the museum shake imagination.

By the way, Czechs very friendly and quiet people. We were taken for some reason for British, and I in English know only “No smoking“:-) - it was useful! From general impressions I will add that the Czech Republic very pure country, excellent roads, good service, perfectly adjusted transport connection.

Separately I want to mention

that we were in the Czech Republic in prechristmas days. Everywhere there were Christmas concerts and sales, festivities. In a word, the atmosphere of Christmas reigned.

Every day we left at 7:30 in the morning and came crawling around 21:00. Larks what to do?

Small nuance. We ponabrat a heap of souvenirs in the form of glass, porcelain, and also alcoholic drinks (Bekherovka, Fernet a citrus, Absinthe liqueur), and at the Pardubice airport it became clear that the hand luggage should not exceed 5 kg! Here to me it became bad since everything was necessary to hand over in baggage. All return flight I mentally said goodbye to each small bottle … Amused itself with hope that though something will remain …

When on an arrival in Domodedovo I received baggage, I had to catch literally from the escalator the soft ten-kilogram bag with bottles and other souvenirs since bags flew just head over heels. At many bottles broke, but mine everything remained, I packed everyone into a woolen sock or a mitten (thanks to my grandmother for care of the granddaughter), and also did not regret that I packed a bag into polyethylene at the airport. By the way, it costs 30 kroner (36 rubles), and in Domodedovo 130 rubles (feel a difference).

Only about what we regretted

in Prague that we had no spare pair of legs:-)! We surely will arrive still, but in the summer, to admire paradise gardens with peacocks and wonderful locks!

Thanks to the Internet, our travel across Prague was much easier since we were thoroughly prepared for a trip. I share useful links: