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The sixth sense or as we react to weather of

Long since is known that the health of the person depends on weather. And though at “the nature there is no bad weather“, most of kids are sensitive to its changes. Recently doctors were engaged in studying of how our organism reacts to weather changing, these reactions complicate the course of many diseases at children (however, as well as at adults). So there was a new direction in pediatrics - children`s meteopathology, or a kerosopatologiya. Now, appointing treatment, experts have an opportunity to consider sensitivity of the kid to weather changes.

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Reaction to change of weather experts call

A behind a window reorganization of biological systems of a human body in response to changes of atmospheric factors: pressure, temperatures, humidity. This reorganization can be followed by violation of behavior, health, decrease in mechanisms of adaptation (adaptation). Normal the organism of the healthy kid has to adapt to changes in world around quickly and easily, without giving a special inconvenience. The exception is made by newborns: they have no ready protection against external environment, and there is only a knack gradually to adapt to natural light, low and high temperatures, humidity of air. At the same time the kid gains skills of “taming“ of impacts of electromagnetic and infrasonic oscillations, changes of atmospheric pressure gradually, in process of a growing and a hardening of an organism (though acquaintance to these phenomena happens till the birth, that is vnutriutrobno).

Meteosensitive children whose organism in response to atmospheric changes gives painful reactions are considered as

: kids quickly are tired, are capricious, hardly fall asleep, sleep badly, they aggravate chronic diseases. Sensitivity to weather changing are not constant line of our organism. It amplifies depending on as far as the kid is sick. Besides, at a certain age children react to weather more sharply. They are especially vulnerable during the critical periods of formation of immunity:

  • till 6 months;
  • within the second year of life;
  • in 6 - 7 years;
  • in 12 - 15 years.

    the Possibility of an organism it is correct to ul to react to change of weather it is weakened at overfatigue, an emotional stress, and also from - for the postponed illness when work of the central bodies of regulation is broken (first of all - vegetative nervous system which is responsible for constancy of the internal environment of an organism of the kid regardless of external conditions). Results of researches which were conducted by pediatricians show that the kids having diseases, chronic or prolonged on time, are very sensitive to changes of weather (see the table).

    Children`s diseases and changes

    Disease Vegetodistoniya`s Skin Children`s eczema
    of System of bodies the Frequency of reactions of sick children to change of weather
    It is warm - vascular of 80%
    Respiratory Pneumonia
    Bronchial asthma
    of 34%
    of 53%
    Digestive Chronic gastritis
    of 42%
    of 32%
    of Blood formation Hemophilia of 58%
    of 42%
    of 39%

    Doctors allocate to with 4 types of weather. They lean on them, studying influence of weather conditions on children. I and II types are conditions, favorable for a human body, when processes in the atmosphere go exactly. III, IV types - adverse conditions, they are followed by jumps of temperature, atmospheric pressure, speed of the movement of air and the abnormal weather phenomena (a thunder-storm, a blizzard, a geomagnetic storm). Owners of the increased meteosensitivity react to weather III and IV types that is shown by so-called vegetative crisis which is followed by numerous complaints to feeling sick and an exacerbation of the current and chronic diseases. Classical example of adverse weather - development of a cyclone over the European part of Russia on February 5, 1999 when atmospheric pressure in Moscow fell to a critical point - 711 mm rt. column. Practically all, young and old, felt on themselves external oppression, and experts noted an exacerbation of chronic diseases and raising of a flu epidemic. Other example: the sunny weather is connected with cyclone replacement by an anti-cyclone and growth of atmospheric pressure. Against these events vertical air streams become more active that leads to increase in concentration of harmful substances, first of all allergens at the Earth`s surface. Such is the true reason of increase in allergic reactions at little Muscovites at the beginning of October of this year.

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    to understand, how is the weather influences an organism of the kid, the doctor has to collect a set of data: whether well the child transfers climate changes and weathers whether his behavior from - for changes in the atmosphere changes as the illness develops if the kid is sick. Having analysed these data, the doctor defines an index of weather sensitivity and does the conclusion whether reactions of an organism of the kid meet standard. In certain cases painful reactions to change. weathers can appear sooner or later, than this change will come actually. In the first case it call alarm when the organism catches electromagnetic and infrasonic oscillations in the atmosphere before visible change of weather. And in the second - posledovy, it means that for response development it needs certain time.

    two types of meteotropny reactions at children Exist:

    • First type. Influence of weather leads to the fact that the kid gets sick or it aggravates chronic diseases.
    • Second type. In response to changes of weather the kid becomes whining, sleeps badly, quickly is tired, complains of headaches. In the first case it is possible to speak about the expressed form of meteoreactions, and in the second - about hidden.

    Idea of how the organism of kids reacts to changes of weather, helps doctors to expect possible exacerbations of diseases. Based on a weather forecast and reactions of the child, it is possible to appoint treatment or to prevent possible painful aggravations. For example, we know that most of babies, especially if they are on artificial feeding, react to sharp changes of weather emergence of gripes and an abdominal distension. Therefore shortly before weather changing the pediatrician can appoint medicine which will prevent unpleasant feelings. To children with chronic diseases, for example with bronchial asthma, in days of adverse weather it is necessary to appoint or strengthen treatment.

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    If deterioration in a state of health of the kid is not connected by

    with some external reasons (viral infections, violation of a diet) - it means that it can be caused by weather changing. The care of parents, to be exact, their attentive relation to its state will help to protect it from adverse influence of weather. Warm clothes, heaters will protect the child from cold and moisture, a hat and light-protective points - from sunshine, a reasonable hardening - from differences of atmospheric pressure, electromagnetic and infrasonic oscillations. Continuous walks, clothes on a season, air and water procedures (it is desirable contrast) train an organism, allowing it III and IV types are easier to adapt to weather conditions. For strengthening of its protective forces scientists suggest to use special baroustanovka with the adjustable level of pressure. Besides, will vitaminno be useful to kids - mineral complexes which contain a necessary minimum of nutrients (till 2 years children receive them with products of baby food).

    doctors choose by

    For children, sensitive to weather changing, one of three types of meteoprevention depending on duration of its carrying out: single, current and seasonal. Such treatment has to be picked up individually taking into account features of an organism of each kid. Besides necessary drugs, to children appoint massage, medical physical exercises, physiotherapeutic procedures, reflexotherapy, homeopathic remedies.