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Study as health!

About 40% of graduates of schools are limited in choice of profession to a state of health. Doctors find violations of mentality in 65% from them. Need to reflect seriously about health of our school students ripened. Teachers - innovators grasped at idea. What is the schools propagandizing so-called health saving technologies? The correspondent of “Career“ visited these educational institutions.

In 2001 the government declared that education improvement of quality will become one of priorities of the Russian policy. The ten-year plan of modernization of system of training was accepted. Four years later officials recognize that the task still did not even begin to be carried out. Meanwhile the schools of health working as city experimental platforms organize district seminars where exchange experience. Process, as they say, went.

All to rise!

School No. 760 - typical for the dormitory area of Moscow: the white building to three floors, is a lot of children from the next new buildings, classes on average on 25 people. The day-care center of the girl with enthusiasm draws, having settled down on a floor, in hands - neither brushes, nor pencils. Children remove letters … fingers. The teacher of first “B“ Marina Dmitriyevna Pishchikova explains: “It is special food paints. They are absolutely harmless and are easily washed away. It is convenient to draw fingers - children remember letters easier, besides it develops motility“. On the first floor two girls jump in the circle drawn on a floor.“ It is the exercise machine too, - the director Vladimir Garmash explains, - it develops coordination of movements“. So far children jump on “exercise machine“ which was called “classics“ earlier, their mothers patiently wait in the hall.
- you accept this school?

eight-year-old Masha`s Mother says that she is happy:
- the Daughter with pleasure goes to school. At lessons children watch the running sparks on a ceiling. Teachers speak, it strengthens sight. And still here write with fountain pens. However, it is necessary to wash often clothes, the daughter comes back from school all smeared with ink.

Health saving technologies the school No. 760 introduces

in classes from the first on the fourth.“ At first we saved up analytical base and only then began this experiment. But now we receive pure result, - Vladimir Garmash says. - School desks are selected under growth of each child, is “sedentary“ and “standing“. And each 15 minutes obligatory break: children are interchanged the position, to the child 45 minutes are heavy to sit in one place. Thus, kids do not manage to be tired acquire material better“.

At this school all write

with fountain pens because the continuous letter, according to authors of a technique, is very important for first graders. At school did measurements and found out that “in 20 minutes of the usual letter at children all symptoms of stenocardia are observed“.

“For the first year of training while the child learns to write, it loses 6-8% of the vital potential because there is arrhythmia, an overstrain. During the letter children, straining, hold the breath, and it is very harmful. Tension as it appeared, the usual fountain pen and an inkwell - a neprolivayka removes“, - Garmash tells. He claims: what not in compliance with human nature, does it harm. The letter - one of such “harmful hobbies“ mankind.

I nevertheless at first graders of school No. 760 serious, serious loading which can quite nullify all efforts of the director: English from the first class, French - from the second. Sometimes at kids happens on six (!) lessons in day.

the Physical cult with greetings

“The main thing - to fight for health healthy that there were no patients“, - the director of the Moscow school No. 1959 Mikhail Asiryan is sure.

the Atmosphere at this school weakening, a situation - as in rest house. On floors big soft sofas, instead of an opposite call - cheerful music. In the middle of the building - the Alpine hill with the small fountain. On the street children rejoice to the first snow, in the school yard four boys play snowballs. I ask ten-year Artyom whether it is pleasant to it to study here. “It is pleasant to me that there are psychologists that they have enough time for everyone“, - Artem says.“ It is not so simple to get to this school“, - not without pride the grandmother explains it.

“We will become school of health soon, it was necessary only to pass certification“, - Mikhail Asiryan brags. According to him, “schools of health are divided into two types: the schools applying improving techniques, and schools of health of sanatorium type to children with serious deviations. The first in Moscow more than two hundred, and schools which want to receive the status of schools of health, - 78. But it is unknown how many they will remain after the future certification of the Ministry of Education and Science. There is a lot of persons interested: these schools are financed especially“.

- So in what similar schools differ from the others?
- One schools actually changed policlinics, others just observe sanitarno - hygienic norms which already have to observe.

- As you came up with idea to create school of health?
- the simple formula of health Is: food, breath and movement. If the person is physically healthy, then the mentality is steady, this person will be able to make good career. And to live safely - it is the purpose of any person. It is necessary to begin with school.

- What in your concrete case is meant “school of health“?
- we have a center of health - it is medical, psychophysiological, korrektsionno - improving services. They provide the physician - the psychologist - pedagogical escort of all uchebno - educational process with first on the eleventh class.

- How exactly health saving technologies are used in educational process?
- In - the first, at lessons the child should not get tired, for this purpose are developed by us a physical cult - minutes. They are carried out one or two times for a lesson and help children to restore the lost energy. In - the second, there are special didactic materials, educational sets created by laboratory of professor Kasatkin, they can be used at any lesson. The curriculum of school includes health lessons at which children are given additional knowledge about health. They will be seen off by physicians and psychologists. Every day at school begins with morning exercises.

the Head of psychological service of school No. 1959 Zemfira Dzhabrailova supplements

: “We also have a device “psychomat“ on which we investigate functions of higher nervous activity: memory, attention, thinking, orientation in space, we carry out personal features tests“.

School of our alarm

Heads of the most successful educational institutions using health saving technologies met in November of this year at the all-Russian forum “Education and Healthy Development of the Child“ which was held under the auspices of the Federation Council. One of organizers of a forum - the member of the Federation Council Anatoly Korobeynikov.“ Whatever shocks happened on our planet, the only thing that remains invariable throughout centuries, - need of people in health and training. These two categories not only the base of each state, but also its comprehensive success“ - its report so begins. Senator addresses colleagues, listing “school risk factors“:“ stressful tactics of pedagogical influences incompatible to the child`s nature organization of educational process and out-of-school occupations“. Complains about “modern verbal, it is formal - the rational school constructed on the child`s obezdvizhennost“ which “includes against him not only educational overloads, but also such mechanism of destruction of health who ignores activity of a body and sense organs in educational process, giving preference instruktivno - to the programming training methods“. Rescue seems - well to Korobeynikov in “hope for itself“, but not in “expectation of the help of the state“.

In work on the report of - on Korobeynikov was advised by professor Bazarny who is indignant:“ Today, so far as concerns school, executive power completely ignores implementation of the adopted laws. The law on education guarantees a priority of healthy development of the child, a role of primary prevention and punishes the adult to promote intellectual, spiritual and creative development of the child. It is the social order of the people of the power. But it is not observed!“

the inevitable question Arises: in preservation of health of school students everyone will go the, reserved way or sometime enthusiasts will combine the efforts and in the country the uniform action program will appear? I did not find the answer to this question in Korobeynikov`s report … Probably, rescue drowning remains business drowning. And health saving technologies - the next fashionable subject for discussion.