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We look for the nurse of

to the Father it is time for work. The grandmother hurries on meeting - she on a responsible post. Mother needs to rehearse. And small “fefochka“ needs the nurse... The plot is familiar to us not only according to the movie “On Family Circumstances“.

Long since in Russia young and moderately wealthy mother had a reliable assistant - the nanny who brought up the kid from a cradle. It trained the child in knowledge of life, it confided intimate secrets of a family. Today interest in this profession endures the next splash. Though the labor legislation also provides a child care leave, many young mothers do not use this privilege: do not want to stumble on career steps. But even most it is career the focused or careless mother becomes captious when the speech comes about education of the child. There are hundreds of reservations, the whole windbreak from questions and pros and cons of the next candidate. How to choose the nurse which would find a common language with the kid with you and at the same time would not encroach neither on your property, nor on the head of the family? How to find the good nurse and to distinguish the cheat? How not to overpay and remain in an advantageous position? Let`s resolve these issues in process of emergence.

we Set a task

For a start we will understand why you need the nurse. Whether she will sit with the child, you at work so far? Whether it is required on several times? Whether the nurse will live together with you or to come as required? The weekend nurse, the nurse on holiday... Options can be various, but the main thing - the question price depends on your purposes. The babysitter will cost dearer, than that that will live in a family. But, on the other hand, you, perhaps, also do not need every second presence of foreign person.

of the Price and a condition of selection will vary considerably depending on age of “client“. At each stage of life of the child you will impose all new and new requirements to his teacher.

From 0 to 1 years . It is the best of all if the expert with medical education is engaged in the newborn. The diplomaed teachers and children`s psychologists will come later, and on the first year of life there is nothing more important than health. The nurse has to understand modern baby food, precisely know all rules of care of the baby, and not just be able to change pampers. If you want that with your kid were engaged by techniques of early development, look for the expert with the corresponding education.

From 1 to 3 years . Let`s expand requirements to the “baby“ nurse: besides medical qualification not bad that the nurse had knowledge in the field of psychology. Till three years the mentality of the child is put and it is important that all stages of his development passed in accuracy according to recommendations of modern experts. For children of such age it is recommended to select the teacher not more young than thirty five years.

From 3 to 6 years . The child learning the world at this age has to be not only is fed, washed purely up and accurately dressed - it is time for it to receive skills which will be useful in adulthood. Look for the nurse which graduated from pedagogical higher education institution, and it is better - with experience in initial classes or preschool institution.

6 years Are more senior than

. to the Preschool child and the more so to the child of school age needs not so much the nurse, how many the tutor. In this case not to do without diploma of the teacher, but data on medical education fade into the background at all are not obligatory. The teacher of elementary grades, the teacher of foreign languages, the music teacher - at you is various options and their combinations to provide worthy education to the child.

we Begin with


According to the recommendation . The easiest and painless way. Interrogate the colleagues or mummies walking with kids in your yard: for certain among them there will be those who (or acquaintances) already used services of babysitters.

Pluses: good recommendations from the checked people - certain “quality assurances“

  • does not need to pay p in
    • commission charges for intermediary services.


    • certain discomfort: the nurse employed according to someone`s recommendation, or, moreover, it is more difficult to dismiss someone`s relative, than absolutely the stranger;
    • risk that your family secrets to which the nurse will adjoin will become known to your acquaintances;
    • by
    • with the nurse “on acquaintance“ most often does not sign the employment contract. In this case there is a threat of sudden cancellation of business relations.

    According to the announcement . If was not in the nearest circle of the nurse, try to expand a range of searches. For a start check announcements in newspapers on employment and glance in the Internet where there are special boards of the announcement for house personnel. If the suitable option was not, publish own announcement of hiring. In this case it is better not to leave a home telephone number: be limited mobile or working, and also specify exact hours when you can call.


    • need to pay the staff recruitment commission is absent;
    • of the nurse which look for work through newspapers and the Internet those who come through agency, as a rule, apply for a smaller salary, than.


    • you invite to the house absolutely the stranger, and it can be unsafe;
    • prepare for filtering the arriving calls from potential candidates. Many of them can be inadequate. Quite often according to announcements from individuals small recruitment agencies call, develop strategy of behavior with them;
    • to you should conduct several internal interviews with nurses. It is better to do it not in own apartment, and to organize the first conversation in cafe.

    Through agencies . The most comfortable and most expensive way. It is the best of all to get acquainted for a start with operating conditions of agency, to compare several possible options and to select 2 - 3 agencies with which you could cooperate. Those who have enough only applications on the Internet, obviously lose before those intermediaries who invite mother to a meeting at office or come out to the house. Before a meeting with the staff of agency accurately trace “profile“ of future worker, write down all requirements which you impose to it, think over conditions of her work, anticipating questions which usually arise at such meetings.


    • the good agency has impressive base of candidates and for certain at once will offer you several options at choice;
    • the agency usually bears responsibility for reliability of work and reliability of the recommendation;
    • on a case of an illness or dismissal of the nurse the agency usually free of charge selects it worthy replacement;
    • your relations with the nurse are fixed by
    • legally.


    • for work of the intermediary should bring a certain remuneration;
    • small or not too popular agencies can neglect
    • the duties or carry out them not in that volume which was stipulated (not to check nurses, not to make out the employment contract, not to replace nurses free of charge). Certainly, you can have legal proceedings with them - but this and spent time, and forces. And who will sit with the kid at this time?

    we Make the choice

    of the Candidate for a role of the nurse are picked up. Now it is necessary to make a difficult choice. Before a meeting make the list of your requirements to future nurse. Suggest the husband to make the same. Now verify your lists. Delete from them all you can do without. Some parents with ease will renounce an ideal order in the house. Others agree to that the nurse did not know three languages and did not understand laws of physics. Someone will agree to employ the nurse more young. Of course, it is less experience, but energy and eagerness - are available!

    Prepare in advance questions which you are going to set to future nurse. Write down them and you hold a leaf before yourself, otherwise by all means miss something important. Undoubtedly, conversation assumes spontaneity elements so be not surprised that you set much more questions, than assumed to a meeting with the nurse. However, you will have a main thing that you did not miss anything essential at yourself a crib where everything is stated on points. Take an interest at the candidate that forced it to look for this work. Sometimes this question becomes the first and the last. Experience of similar work: whether the nurse happened to work with children? If yes, ask to tell about former places of work in more detail. If it is the first attempt to become the nurse, then you should not strike the beginner off the list of potential workers automatically. Perhaps, she is skilled mother. Or very responsible young girl who with pleasure helped parents to raise the younger brothers. It is necessary to ask the mature worker what forced it to say goodbye to the previous employers. How the nurse will cope with the child if he refuses to follow orders or breaks bans? Do not wait that the nurse will begin you to quote chapters from the book on pedagogics. Attentively listen to her answers. If she in general showed common sense and endurance at least in the theory, it is a good sign. Gradually you will develop the general line of conduct with the child. What is done by the nurse when it is very upset or angry? The anger happens even at the most patient and stood people. And here is how they show it and constrain, it just what you try to understand. What will be done by the nurse if the child was cut or choked? Or seriously ached? The skilled nurse it is learned will rap out all measures of first aid in case of emergency. For what term the nurse needs this work? Change of the nurse injures the kid, and to you adds a headache. Again to be let on searches, to conduct interviews, to ask for leave from work, to get used...

    On what conditions?

    • accurately hours and days of work. If the nurse lives in your family, all the same she needs to know in what hours she can be intended for personal time.
    • Be ready to submit to the applicant the list of her future duties. Well think over what you want: the housekeeper, the cook, the key keeper and the governess in one person? And it happens. However, is much more expensive. The more obligations for the house your nurse, the has less time and energy will be at it on care of your child, on his full education and development.
    • the Issue of earnings has to be resolved by
    • at the first meeting to mutual satisfaction of the parties.

    of the Recommendation. With experience you can ask letters from former employers for the nurse. If it is the first work for young Mary Poppins, whenever possible discuss her business qualities with somebody who is well familiar with the pretender.

    It seems that you came to an end of the first interview. What`s next?
    you do not hurry with the answer. Give yourself time to scroll the first meeting in memory and to think. Listen to the internal feelings. Whether it is comfortable to you with this person? Whether it seems to you reliable and decent? What will be able it to give to the child? To be convinced of correctness of the feelings, meet the nurse once again and only then make a final decision.