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Hunger isn`t like an aunt.. (Atkins`s diet)

From a set of diets the method developed by doctor Atkins, perhaps, the most humane.“ Starving“ can not refuse anything to themselves: even if day by day they will eat on the whole chicken, and also to absorb pork chops and any other greasy food, then will all the same easily get rid of extra kilos.

the American cardiologist Robert Atkins wrote to

last century the book “New Revolution in a Diet“ in which offered the diet almost completely excluding carbohydrates. This low-carbohydrate diet still is considered one their the most productive. Its essence that you refuse vegetables, fruit, porridges and bread which occupy not the last place in a food allowance of the adult. But you can without restrictions is meat, fish, cheese, to drink fresh milk, heavy cream - and at the same time not to gain weight. It is asked: what bad is in carbohydrates? Nothing if you do not seek to grow thin. Atkins recommends to regulate consumption even of potentially useful carbohydrates, for example, those that contain in the majority of fruit.

Starvation by this method takes place

in several stages. The first - the stimulating diet. Its purpose - to cause loss of weight, to induce an organism to develop the substance mobilizing fat (SMF). This substance allows to eliminate part unused with an organism of calories of which it will not be possible to get rid also easily, adhering to a low-calorie diet. Your diet has to include no more than 20 g of carbohydrates a day. For comparison: one apple contains 15 g of carbohydrates, and in one potato - 25. So you should refuse fruit, berries, vegetables, sugar, rolls, cakes and chocolate absolutely, and to drink tea with saccharin (but not with fructose and a maltose).

At the choice of dairy products to you will need to be guided by the rule: the they are fatter, the better - the big percent of fat content means that in them it is not enough carbohydrates. And as, for example, in the fat-free dietary milk of carbohydrates it is more, than in fat, drink coffee and tea with cream. It is authorized to use also all vegetable oils, butter, mayonnaise, the fats which are a part of meat or fish. How to count carbohydrates? Their quantity is specified on packing of any product which you buy.

the Most interesting that when you begin to grow thin according to Atkins, in the first days you cannot get rid of sense of guilt. Is so much how many it is necessary to feel full, but not overeaten is possible. Difficultly to believe in it, but, eating juicy chops for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, you find not only the lost symmetry, but also harmony with the world and by itself.

easily you forget

At such diet that in general you keep to a diet. However if this or that product was included in the category forbidden by the doctor, it will be necessary to refuse it completely. Therefore when you will want to eat a pear, a cucumber or a cluster of grapes, do not calm yourself the fact that “fruit and vegetables will not damage they useful and low-calorie“. In this case it not a justification. Do not forget that Atkins`s diet - not quantitative, but qualitative. Calories to you should not be counted - only carbohydrates. In one pancake with vegetables, for example, their about 30 g. And in day you need to gather no more than 20.

By the way, much of what we use, but we do not consider as food, including chewing gum, various mixtures and cough drops, are stuffed with sugar or other podslashchayushchy substances. Therefore it is necessary to refrain from them. The inscription “does not contain sugar“ means nothing. Always you watch what amount of carbohydrates is specified on packing.

the First 14 days of a diet - the heaviest time for an organism because he receives less habitual doses of some nutrients. It is quite good to begin to drink vitamins, especially groups B and C. Chrome will also be necessary for you - it promotes extension of muscles, reduces fatty deposits and besides lowers cholesterol level.

After the stabilizing diet the choice for you: to continue to eat on this system or to begin to consume carbohydrates. Anyway you will grow thin, and, above all, will not begin to recover again. Only, of course, if you do not eat everything.

was Decided to go further? You are waited by “a diet with continuous loss of weight“. At the second stage it is possible to increase amount of carbohydrates to 40 g a day (it is an average indicator) and to eat so until scales do not show treasured number. During this period the speed with which you will grow thin usually directly depends on extent of restriction of carbohydrates. You choose for yourself critical level. If weight is not lost, it is necessary to reduce their consumption still.

the Approximate menu according to Atkins looks as follows: omelet with ham and mushrooms or fried eggs with bacon - for breakfast. For lunch make for yourself mutton brisket, a boiled salmon or a fried chicken. Do not forget about salad. The dessert is better French - cheese allsorts. For dinner indulge yourself with meat ham, chicken, cheese, egg and greens salad. All dishes very tasty and nourishing, besides the quantity of eaten is not limited. As a result, consuming up to 6000 - 7000 kcal a day, you will lose weight.

the Doctor does not recommend the diet to people with a normal weight. It is designed for those who have obesity. Besides, it is necessary to pass to a new power supply system only under supervision of the doctor who has to have an idea of this method. By the way, it has many opponents in the medical environment. Some of them claim that as as a result of this diet the metabolism can be broken, it suits only very healthy people who are not suffering from hormonal is warm - vascular, zheludochno - intestinal and other serious diseases. It is contraindicated and to pregnant women.

Atkins`s System often call not physiologic. However, the doctor in the book “New Revolution in a Diet“ writes that a hypertension, diabetes (the II type), the majority it is warm - vascular and a number of other diseases easily give in to treatment by its method which main advantage - high saturability. It is almost impossible to hunger. And still it as though is specially created for those who live in a frigid climate. That is for us.