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That in a name to you we wash

Appearance of the child on light - it is always a big event for parents. Many pleasant efforts are connected with this phenomenon: it is necessary to prepare the room or a corner for the child, to buy clothes, toys and a heap different necessary and not really trifles.

But the most important that parents should make during this period is to name the kid. Adults have to approach this very important step extremely seriously and consider everything in advance. If a few years ago parents had time to come to the agreement and only after that to go to the REGISTRY OFFICE and to register the kid, then now the immediate family needs to make it, as a rule, to the father from the written consent of mother to her with the child of an extract of maternity hospital. And remains to time for considering catastrophically a little.

Why catastrophically? It is connected with the fact that, naming the baby a concrete name, at the same time not only development of the personality, but also its further destiny definitely goes. In it the major role is played by a sound wave which is formed at a name pronunciation, and, respectively, information which is transferred by this wave. The name is a same code of the child which repeats tens of times day by day. Right there also the proverb in which it is said that if hundred times to call the person a pig, then he zakhryukat becomes clear to us.

Often the child grandmothers or grandfathers call by the name of relatives, for example. And at the same time passes to the child not only a name of the relative, but also many other things that his previous carrier had in life. Respectively in this situation there are one continuous “if“. Not everything is so sad if this person was understanding, wise and worthy, and also, we will conditionally speak, with normal or happy destiny. And if everything is not so safe and iridescent? And then if not all this freight of adversities, problems, unresolved tasks, then their part precisely “lays down on shoulders“ still the little man. Similarly occurs if the child is called by name by the father, for example, Nikolay Nikolaevich turns out, then there is a double imposing of a name. As a rule, too not always positive.

began unfashionable to call children by the usual widespread names Now. All try to give to the kid some more elaborate or rare name. Or perhaps it is worth reflecting and taking and reading value of a name who want to name the child? If your ideal, education in morality and modesty is, but at the same time you name, for example, the daughter Anjelica, then the sound wave connected with this name will create certain difficulties in this question. At once all are occurred by the work of the same name and the girl bearing this name. Therefore also parents and the girl should put a lot of effort for correction of a situation.

Also everything is difficult

at the name of the child universal, speaking to the modern language, unisexual names, for example, Zhenya, Valya, Yulya, Sasha and so on, that is names which are suitable both for boys, and for girls. Though it should be noted that all - each of these names bears the impress this or that floor more, for example, Yulya and Valya - female, and Zhenya and Sasha - man`s. In cases when the boy is called, for example, Yuli (as a rule, he will be called Yulya, as if it was not pleasant to him), and the girl Sasha, respectively the name, to be exact the related sound wave leaves the marks on character, behavior, and, therefore, and on destiny of the child. At boys at the same time more female lines, and at girls - man`s are shown. Having observed such children, it is possible to notice, at them even the manner of behavior passes on a certain type that is shown in domination of opposite characteristics to this floor.

the situation is Worse if the fact that during expectation of the kid parents (or the parent) wanted is still added to it, waited, for example, for the boy, and the girl was born and at the same time still “man`s“ is named it. All perfectly know how the condition of mother during pregnancy influences development of the child. Here both its physical state, and sincere, first of all emotional is important. But for some reason the role of thoughts and desires of parents concerning a sex of future child of very few people worries. Often the family dreams of one sex of the kid, and he is born another. Also happens that reaches hysterics at parents. Though newly appeared fathers, of course, are more often and mothers are very glad to the been born kid. But if they knew what harm was already done to the own child, dreaming of his belonging to this or that floor!

In the people is said that dreams of mother expecting the child come true. Thinking what it will be, she dreams of this or that internal or external dignity of the kid, let us assume, wants that if there is a daughter, then let there will be eyelashes long, as at mother, or clever as the father. And that the most interesting, such, as a rule, also occurs. Fulfillment of desires! And whether it is always good when desires are granted?

In this case, telling about a sex of the child, and considering that it is already put, it is possible to claim with confidence that it is not necessary to break the thoughts harmony of future birth. Otherwise changes of a hormonal background not far off, and, respectively, and all that is connected with it. For the uninitiated person almost it can externally not be shown. But appearance (it is as much as necessary possible to meet small children and to be mistaken with definition of their floor) changes, the behavior, at last, changes the identity of the child. Thereby all conditions for additional difficulties and problems in the future of the child are created. Even on writing of the word harmony - hormones are very similar. Not for nothing doctors, speaking about the importance of the last for an organism, compare them to the first violin of an orchestra.

Of course, each parent himself has the right to arrive as considers it necessary. But, in view of importance of this circumstance, calling the child, you should not proceed from this as far as the person more on a family council voted for this or that name. Just at the choice it is worth being guided both by heart and soul, and mind, and books where it is possible to obtain the necessary information.

I in the conclusion wants to remember the well-known phrase from the animated film:“ As you will call the yacht, so it also will float“. Children are not the yacht and even not an aircraft carrier, it is human life. Let it will be happy!