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Holiday which wait for

U of everyone the concept about a family holiday. For me it is first of all a holiday children`s: beautiful, cheerful, with games and prizes.

When I was small, I was often invited to birthday to my neighbor - the age-mate. His mother arranged for us cheerful competitions and lotteries, and all children came back home absolutely happy, with prizes and chocolate medals on a breast.

my parents had no time to do something similar therefore I very much envied Nikita. But now I can arrange such holidays of which once dreamed for the children. Dear fathers and mothers! Undoubtedly, at each of you the experience of the organization of family celebrations, but I will risk to add several councils and I will give couple of interesting links. And I will begin with rules of a good holiday which I output for myself.

Begin with
  1. preparation in advance. Write the list of all ideas (at me it is called “What to buy what to make?“ ), and slowly realize. Invitation cards for guests, scenery for puppet theater, checks and the packed prizes for a lottery - all this demands time.
  2. Charge part of preparations to the second half. Let`s say you mother, stay at home with children, and have no opportunity to go shopping. Ask the father to look sometimes in newspaper a booth where dolls, machines, balls are on sale much (i.e. prizes for a lottery). And also try to get caps, pipes, different pleasant festive attributes in advance.
  3. Determine by
  4. the beginning of a holiday so that not to interrupt a day sleep of the child. Because tears and hysterics will spoil any fun.
  5. Solve
  6. how many on time the holiday will last. Proceeding from it, make to yourself a crib with the approximate plan: that in how many, and in what order will occur.
  7. If you want to use
  8. any paid services - weigh all pros and cons. Is “expensive“ - not always means “with soul“! Unfortunately, nobody is insured from tasteless cake to order, drunk Father Frost or the unhumorous clown. And happens, and from the outstanding order. Of course, it will be possible to swear and return money, but the holiday - that is already spoiled! Therefore in similar cases use recommendations of friends and acquaintances.
  9. Guests have to leave by all means you with souvenirs. Candies, prizes for competitions and other pleasant trifles will give all sea joy. And the most important, your children will understand over time that pleasantly not only to receive gifts, but also to give.
  10. It is known that children are unpredictable. Therefore if the child suddenly got sick on the eve of day of X - be not upset. Postpone a celebration. Eventually, and in theaters performances transfer from - for diseases of actors. And your efforts all the same will not be gone!

A now main: about the holiday.

Decoration of the room

If a holiday - New year then everything is clear. The beauty - a fir-tree, garlands, tinsel and a set of New Year`s toys - here and it is necessary to invent nothing. Together with children it is possible to ornament window paints, to stick together a festoon, to cut out and hang out on snowflake walls. By the way, here the website (“Dave`s Snowflake Patterns“) to which schemes of nine different snowflakes are uploaded. They are enough to be unpacked, and then it is simple to cut out on a contour.

A if a holiday - birthday? What to think up, except balloons?

Now on sale various luminescent figures often meet (asterisks, planets). If to take them on light, then they some time will glow in the dark. It is possible to hang out such figures under a ceiling. Perhaps at first nobody will pay attention to them, but then when turn off light to bring birthday pie - all will tell: “Ah!“

do not leave to

empty a wall. On them it is possible to hang out not only drawings or photos of the birthday man.

of What your child is fond of

: by cars? Robots? Fantastic fairies? Create a collage. If there are no forces and time to do a complex composition with cuttings of magazines - there is very simple option. You buy in bookstore a poster (for durability it is possible to paste it on a Whatman paper), you unpack suitable children`s photos of the necessary size, and voila: your son driving the racing car, and the daughter - in an environment of fantastic fairies. It is possible to use photos of guests: they with surprise recognize themselves as gnomes or teddy bears. Do not forget about playful signatures.

If you rather free time, also have a desire to make something really original - decorate a doorway with brilliant curtains from candies. Of course it provided that children in a family not small (i.e. nobody will pull curtains). It is required to you: the synthetic thread is a lot of small caramels (allsorts), a wooden level (on door width are better) with carnations also.

to bind

of Candy as follows: you tie a small knot on a tail of the first candy; further, having receded a little that between candies there was a small distance, you tie the second - at first for the lower tail, then - for top. The thread all the time goes lengthways, do not tear off it - against brilliant candy wrappers it all the same will not be noticeable. Having connected several candies, test a garland for durability: whether the thread approaches? You spin garlands on length of a doorway and by quantity of tacks on a level. You hang up over a door. It is better to be engaged in all family - only this way you will cope quickly enough.

If you have a small child, and you, for example, celebrate the first birthday, it is possible to hang out a series of photos “From Zero about One Year“ on a wall. But that it looked originally, to use only those photos where the kid is represented entirely and to cut out his silhouettes. Such evolution of development will turn out: from little “worm“ to the huge person. Here he sleeps all the time, here holds a head, here turns over, sits, creeps and, at last, goes, swinging a huge rattle. Certainly, photos have to be rather big. Of course, it is expensive, but it is optional to do much - enough five - six pieces.

Still as option, here such interesting family composition: prints of palms of the father, mother and children - a cockerel, a chicken and chickens.

the Holiday table


Here is costed by the following task: has to be not only it is nourishing and tasty, but also it is interesting. In - the first, do not prepare much: as a main course chicken, potato, and one - two salads will approach. Also put on a table everything at once - it is not necessary to wait until eat salads to serve potato: poor children will slip under a table with boredom. Let all will gorge on at once, and before tea drinking will release space for games.

Now concerning interesting. Of course, for children it is necessary to think up something special, and each mother has recipes. But I want to give also the reference to the website (“Million menus“) with original recipes of children`s kitchen: here you will find sandwiches, snack and cakes in very interesting execution.

Look at these pictures: how to you such motorcycles and little men? Unless the child will pass by such dishes?

Still the important moment - decoration of a table. Of course, it is healthy if on plates of guests wait for nominal paper hand-made articles: for example, the multi-colored butterflies or clowns pasted on cones. Yes, to tell the truth, now and in shops very wide choice of different jewelry: skewers for a canape, straws for cocktail, amusing animals on glasses. But here in the center of a table it is possible to put something special.

For example if the holiday - approaches in the winter here such snowman - fruktovik.

It is made by

of grapefruit, orange and tangerine - they are fastened among themselves by a wooden skewer for a shish kebab, and a nose - carrot and a hat - prikreplyona toothpicks. As a collar serves the foil from cake. Buttons and beads I pasted a bilateral adhesive tape. The only shortcoming - instability. Therefore there are two options: to cut off a little a bottom and to put a snowman in the middle of a dish with fruit allsorts, or “to dig“ a little a bottom in a vase with candies.


Very much to me liked idea of one mother to make a miracle - a tree. I did not see the photo, but itself I represent it so.

we Take

a branch, centimeters 5 - 6 in the diameter, and surely branchy, pine, for example. We fasten it to a fanerka which at desire is painted, or simply we drape with fabric. And to branches it is tied by a packing gold ribbon of candy which at the end of a holiday we distribute to guests. Guests in exchange can tie to a wish tree to the birthday man - for this purpose in advance prepare multi-colored pieces of paper, let us assume, in the form of leaves. (Pay attention if the holiday for little children - chocolates can be replaced on “rafaello“ and fruit-paste sweets in candy wrappers, cookies in the form of flowers.)

of Entertainment

Here everything depends on age of children. To one-year-old kids who do not play with each other yet the special attention is required. Let cheerful children`s music play, and under a ceiling kolokolets with the attached long tape that everyone could pull hang. Distribute to children something like the croaking hammers or the blinking multi-colored sticks. Hang up on walls fir-tree garlands (even if also in the summer).


with children poteshka: adults sit down in a row with children on knees, and rushed! Mother - the leader sings “went with nuts, on hummocks, on hummocks …“:-). And it is possible to play a hide-and-seek for small. It when adults on all fours for fun catch kids with exclamations “Am!“, “Tsap!“ or look out from - for a corner: “ku - ku!“ . You know how kids when they see mothers - fathers from them growth laugh loudly? Yes you also have in plenty fun! Only, of course, mothers let will replace a skirt with jeans.

The children are more senior than

, the more interesnost for them can be thought up. On 7e. ru set of descriptions of doll performances, outdoor games and riddles. And I want to add some more ideas.

When all ate

, and the ware from a table is cleaned, rearrange what will remain for tea drinking, on a window sill and remove for a while a cloth. Lay a table blankets, and the cave will turn out. And now distribute to children some toys glowing in the dark and turn off the light. There will be a sea of delight!

All new - well forgotten old. When I was small, I very much liked the following games. On a wall hang up a Whatman paper with the drawn face of the clown without nose. The nose is molded from plasticine. A task of players - to stick a nose into place blindfold. And the second game - besides blindfold to cut off scissors one of suspended to horizontally tense rope of prizes.

A in general, you know what is not enough for our holidays? Intrigues! Here we will follow an example at least of New Year`s “fir-trees“: there surely is a negative character ready to spoil a holiday, however everything comes to an end well. Children strongly worry, but at the end are happy. What to us prevents to make also? All charm is that children are credulous. Put on a mask in the presence of the three-year-old peanut. It seems, he knows that you are you. But it is worth changing a voice and to declare that you the real Baba-yaga - he will already begin to doubt and will move back back. Such they are ridiculous, our kids - silly fellows!

And it is not obligatory for p to dress up in somebody. Here to you example of the villain from improvised materials.

the Usual black bag with the cardboard eyes and teeth pasted by a bilateral adhesive tape. Let`s play such sketch.

To children the upset mother leaves and declares: “Children! We were only going to carry out a festive lottery as the evil Baddy appeared - the zakalyaka (gets a bag) and ate all our prizes! (opens - closes a bag as though that chews.)

the Baddy - a zakalyaka let is sounded by the father sitting right there, but a back to children: - Yes! And you what wanted? I the first found these prizes! (talks with mouth full)
- But same toys for our kids! Give back!
- I will Also not think! I today very angry and harmful!
- Oh … what to do to us? Children let`s ask politely, and let it will be a shame to it! (Together with children): Give our toys, please! - Hm … is really a shame to me. What you will order to do? Well, give so: I ask three riddles. If you guess - your prizes. If is not present - I eat up and I swallow!

Further riddles go, children guess everything and win the prizes.

- There now, - the Baddy - a zakalyaka says. - there were I on your favor hungry!

Children it feel sorry for

and feed, for example, with tangerines.

What can be thought up still? I here watched recently the almost three-year-old son collecting pictures from cubes and thought whether it is impossible to make something similar for a holiday? For example, to unpack, besides, a photo of children - guests where persons the largest. To cut out squares from six different photos, and in turn to cut everyone on four squares. Then to take four cubes and to paste on them photos. And let children by means of parents collect in turn everyone the picture.

I one more similar option. Photos can be pasted on a cardboard and to cut on several figured parts, and from the back party to paste pieces of magnets (you know, now a set of flat magnets on the refrigerator which are scissored?) And then to collect like puzzles on the refrigerator or a baking sheet. By the way, in this case each of guests will be able to take away the set with himself.

Still, of course, the special pleasure is given to children by fireworks and all crackers. Whether to arrange street salute - to solve to you, and here it is possible to stock up with crackers for the house. Yes, I with surprise saw in shop recently absolutely safe crackers at the heart of which - the spring which is pushing out the serpentine and confetti. Children will be delighted! But it provided that mother will allow to pomusorit a little. And, of course, it not for kids who pull everything in a mouth.

If children like to do needlework, it is possible to arrange a cheerful workshop, in advance having prepared for all sets for needlework (parents help). Watch what beautiful crowns can be made of usual disposable plates!

Here the website from which the idea (“Preschool child“) is taken. Your task - to prepare flowers from a color cardboard, green plates, several scissors and glue.

present to

A now that a holiday in the fall, and children - teenagers. Intrigue guests, having asked to bring everyone on a bouquet of autumn leaves. And then arrange the master - a class on production here of such smart bouquets of roses!

Here full instruction (“Lobzik“). Only be trained in advance!

Looking at the shabby wall-paper in a nursery once, I asked our father: in several years we will do repair, the truth? And if all the same it is necessary to tear off old wall-paper - can, at first allow children in plenty to draw on them paints? To arrange such holiday of painted walls - will be what to remember! However, the father did not agree with me and told that if to allow it once, then heating - malya then will be also on new wall-paper. And children will not understand what they are abused for. And how you think?

Suddenly it is useful to


I Remember

how seriously I treated the first birthday of the eldest son. Went to our “Toy Store“ behind caps and balls, but, having seen a cardboard pipe for 70 rubles, nearly fainted. Then just wrote off the address of the supplier from a label, and went behind purchases at reasonable prices. Here the website of the Cheerful Invention company with various goods for a holiday - suddenly is useful also to you?

I one more. I already wrote on 7e. ru about the Indian market in hotel Sevastopol (“To fans of knickknacks it is devoted“), there too is on sale a set of pleasant festive trifles. By the way, here it is possible to find any shining and sparkling trinkets which, for example, in circus are of time in five more expensive.

There now, it seems, and all. Do not try to embrace immensity: do that within your powers and to what the soul lies. I wish all kind, cheerful family holidays!

Mikhaylova Irina,