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The error of

Well, expensive, you had an opportunity to do career and not to be the burdened family from destiny as your girlfriends who rush about between the husband, the child, work and domestic squabbles. But your fitness classes will not take place for nothing, and the figure will not be spoiled after nine months of absorption of fats and carbohydrates for two.

That I grind! On the devil to me career if I am not able to teach the daughter to ride the bicycle, and - to play the son the guitar. Every year I postponed an opportunity to become pregnant, and on you! My fears were not such serious.

So, stop! From what such pleasure I put an end to myself? I what, all life was ill? No! Mother somehow gave birth to me! Aunts, uncles have children!! And in a sort anybody had nothing similar. Or perhaps I can be cured? It is necessary to do something! But at first “I will please“ Max...


spent the Whole evening before a telebox and considered how to tell all to the husband. Max came as always to eight. Now he will wash up hands and will go to kitchen, will glance in pans, will grab cutlet and will go to change clothes.
- Irisha, you what such sad? - he threw to me and came into a bathroom.
- What, again the chief cut your new ideas?
- Again this advertizing! - I reduced a sound, embraced knees and muffled in a plaid with the head.

In a minute Max left kitchen, chewing on the run cutlet and untying one hand a tie.
- Max., you want children? - I decided not to pull.
- I Want, but not now. Somewhere in a year. Better than two, it is possible also three. Boy and girl, and boy. And what, there is a desire? - Max softly smiled and took off a jacket.
- Max.! I was at the doctor today. You know why nothing is impossible to us? I am infertile!
- cannot be! - he approached a chair and looked to me in eyes. - You are sure?
- I - am not present. And doctor, in my opinion, more than. Made me such diagnosis! - I with a fright looked in his gray eyes. Max was silent. Tears foully poured down a stream, and incurred me. - You understand, matter in me! What now to do to us? I will not hold you and I will understand if you...
- Irchik! Wait! Let`s me tell! Listen, I will remain with you, - it rapped out each word, - Hear? I About - With - T - And - N - At - With - C T - About - B - About - Y. All of us will solve together.

to it did not believe

Ya, and started howling as the little girl at whom the doll was gone. Max embraced me and whispered: “I for anybody will not exchange you. We will endure it together. You hear?“


the next morning I overslept

. For the first time! There was no wish to go to work.“ Now I will come into office, and there continuous women`s council. And all mothers: someone three years, and who and all eighteen. Lyudka will be late again - every morning it takes away the son in a garden. Elvira Grigoryevna will be interested what now styles in fashion that later days off to brag of new things and to tell how they with the daughter went on boutiques and where more discount. And Olya and Alla as always will begin to discuss what toys it is better for kids to buy“.

Having come into office, I saw Lyudka. She answered someone by phone, at the same time knocking on the keyboard. From other room Elvira Grigoryevna`s voice reached. She advised something to someone. The door opened and there was a young woman in a cashmere coat.

- Call it, Rita, she is a good gynecologist, I know her not one year, - everything that I heard, closing a door of the office.“ The good gynecologist“, - I thought and looked for the whole day the moment to talk to Elvira Grigoryevna.

the Working day flew by, and we did not meet it. I caught it on steps.
- Elvira Grigoryevna, you do not know the good gynecologist? And that made to my friend the diagnosis infertility, she just in despair. So it wants to be helped! - I began to chatter on the run.
- Yes, Irochka, I will write down her phone now, it, by the way, cured not one woman. To it there are on what already waved a hand. Where handle?



the Medical center “Bogdan“ - was read by me on the plate.“ Let`s look that I will be told here“, - I turned the metal handle and a door opened.
- the Darling, I will not comment on action of the colleagues, but in the conclusion of ultrasonography you in black and white wrote absolutely another. Who told you that you have an infertility? - she interrogatively looked at me. - Me the doctor channelized on one analysis, and in the line “diagnosis“ wrote “infertility“, - I answered and stretched the document in confirmation.
- Such diagnosis is not made previously. Had to check not only you, but also the partner. Besides there are cases of the positive solution of this problem. Let`s agree, you do not wind yourself, take two courses of treatment and become pregnant on health! - she wished me.
I left an office and with relief exhaled. “Really I WILL HAVE a child?!“


P. S. The call was distributed.
- Irisha, take the call - I have a shave! - Max from a bathroom shouted.

Ya approached br phone.

- you are disturbed from a maternity welfare unit. To us there arrived the famous gynecologist, we invite you to a seminar on Tuesday on 9. 00.
- And what subject of a seminar?
- Infertility. You at us are registered... - Forgive, to my son 10 months, - on that end of a wire muffledly uttered indistinctly:“ Excuse“, I hung up.

Max looked out of a bathtub: - Again mother called?
- Well. Were mistaken... Were mistaken number.

P. S. The story is written on real events. There was a wish to encourage women to whom the sentence - the diagnosis “Infertility“ is delivered. Everything at you will turn out, lovely women if you want to give birth to the child! The main thing, learn about your subject more, look for professional doctors and do not despair! Doctors can be mistaken too! Unfortunately, their mistakes can be fatal. Believe in yourself!