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Three sausages for Santa Claus of

Day on the eve of Christmas was given troublesome. It was necessary not only to organize cleaning, but also it is beautiful to pack gifts for relatives and friends.

the Fir-tree we decorated

in advance. Vasya made a festoon, and Alice - an owl of the cone and cotton wool. When with targeting of purity it was finished, kids made shy attempt again to scatter toys, but I guarded. “Not to touch! Toys on shelves lie not in order that played them, and for appearance!“ . Children decided that at mother for fatigue the roof departed to warm regions and did not begin to argue.

Vasya with Alice were almost ideal children. They very much wanted to receive gifts, and all know that Santa comes only to obedient kids.

In the middle of the day our acquaintance ran, and we with her exchanged gifts. Vasya watched at me the begging eyes, and Alice slowly prokovyrivala a hole in packing, and I allowed them to open the aunt Pat`s gifts, without waiting for the next day. What miracle - to everyone got on a soft doggie and the book with stories about canine friends. Pat always knows how to make pleasant.

Evening crept imperceptibly. For fatigue the head ached, and the movements were obviously slowed down.
- Mother, mother, mummy! I want to tell you something! And we will bake cookies for Santa Claus? - Vasyunka looks at me the huge glazishcha.

“Oh, is not present!“ - the tired-out mother, that is I thinks.

- And you know, Santa likely was already tired of cookies. You represent, everything is all children to it cookies will prepare.

Vasya reflected, on a face confused expression appeared.

- Idea! - joyfully I shout, - we to it soup will leave.
- Yes! - Vaska cries out, - and sausages!
- One from you, one from me and one from Alice.
- Three. Mother, look. Time, two, three. Three sausages for Santa.
“M - m - m. nonconventional approach“.

Ya I get Christmas socks. Red, with a white edge, for Vasya and white, with a doggie, for Alice. We have no fireplace therefore we hang up socks on a ladder handrail.

- Mother, and where your sock? - asks the Cornflower.

I do not know

Ya whether hang up adult socks too or it is the privilege of children. Anyway them at us only two - for younger family members.

- And at me is not present, - I answer Vasyunke. - Take father`s, - the little son did not become puzzled. - All right, me it is not necessary.
- Well! it that is and - Oka smelly!

Laughing, we go to be put to bed. No arrangements are required, everyone wants to bring closer Christmas morning - time of receiving gifts.

- Mother, and you too now will go to bed? - Vasya asks.
- Yes, only still which - what affairs I will make in kitchen and - in a bed.
- No, mother, you will make them tomorrow, and that Santa will see that you do not sleep, and will not come to us.


laughter, I calm the son and I look on Alice.

- Huo - ho - ho! - the daughter conspiratorially smiles, it is pleasant to her when Santa Claus so speaks and therefore all the time repeats this phrase.
- Sleep, the zayushka, and then “ho - ho - ho“ will bring you gifts.

Like the Cinderella I come back to the center, i.e. to kitchen. The husband went to the airport, to meet my mother. For me her arrival - the main gift. At the beginning of December my father capitally got stuck in Chicago. There was a blizzard and therefore, in - Moyn it did not depart. Dima went to rescue mine papsyu by car, and itself vegetated in a traffic jam three hours. Therefore hands quickly pack and display gifts under a fir-tree, and the head is busy with one question: “Will reach or will get stuck?“

I Look at the watch, on time it would already be time for the mummy and to arrive. Dima calls:
- I at the airport. Christmas evening, nobody to the people, the plane is late for two hours so far. I stiffen as a stalactite. “The sigh is deep, hands - are wider!“ . I try to inspire in myself that everything will be good.

I Am brief with paper bags, handbags and boxes. Socks are filled, from - under fir-trees gifts smoothly creep out on the middle of the room.

In two hours the miracle occurs: mother arrived. In an hour we embrace and share news, interrupting each other. Dima and Babi`s gifts as kids call my mother, join the general stream. At one o`clock in the morning tired, but happy we creep away on beds.

B five of morning Vasya with Alice come to us to a bedroom together to go to look whether there was Santa, and what with gifts there. Children joyfully cry out, having found darling Babi, the inflated socks and the terrifying quantity of gifts near a fir-tree.

the First the youngest family members - Martine`s cat and a polecat Kesha received parcels. Then Vasya and Alice, and then already and we - adult population.

Analysis of gifts dragged on in a midday. Children opened the boxes quickly and left the room to play, and we quietly considered the gifts, ate and talked.

Santa sausages ate

and soup tried too so, perhaps, we became legislators of new tradition.

Next day to us our friends on a visit came. And again we received and gave gifts, ate any delicacies, laughed and talked about that, about this. And so also there took place our Christmas of 2005.