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Sleep, my pleasure, fall asleep!

So, again about sore, about an infantile dream. I think, practically all young parents to some extent face this problem. Here and our education of the daughter began with difficult science of laying to sleep.

Half a year ago I became mother of the wonderful healthy and pretty little girl whom we named Olechka. It was very desired and long-awaited child, but, nevertheless, to many difficulties which arose with the birth of my treasure, I was simply not ready. Our main difficulty just was also the dream.

the First days after Olechk`s birth, as well as it is necessary to the child of its age, to a food vprotsessa smoothly sank into a sleep, and then quietly moved to a svoyukrovatka. At night, of course, it was necessary hardly as the child trebovalgrud each two hours. Then the thought of a joint dream did not come to me yet to a vgolov therefore I patiently got up several times in a night, fed, shifted, rocked to sleep. It was possible to have a sleep, thus, at best four - five hours in a night.

But it, as they say, still... Now I cannot remember the moment since which Olechka (and about two weeks were her then) suddenly refused to sleep in a bed. At first in the afternoon, and then and at night. Having sucked a breast, the child sladenko fell asleep, but in attempt to lay in a bed with shout woke up. So the period of a “manual“ dream began.

it was not essentially important

For Olechki on whose hands to sleep. Optional on mother`s, it is possible on father`s or grandmother`s. All attempts to put the daughter where - or: in a bed, a carriage, a cradle, on a parental ottoman, came to an end equally: the girl woke up at most in ten minutes.

What? At night I, naturally, began to take Olechka to myself in a bed, at the same time provided it full corporal contact (Olechka slept or at me on a stomach, or having leaned the elbows on my elbow and having nestled on a breast). And in the afternoon? Nobody cancelled need of the child for a day dream!

Having been tired of unsuccessful attempts to lay the child, I went on the way of a naimenshegosoprotivleniye: began to hold the sleeping Olechka on hands. I understood, the chtodevochka needs to sleep, let and on hands. It was easier for me postupittak, than then to calm the child crying with fatigue and a sleep debt. Together with the sleeping Olechkaya I tried to have a rest. Could take a nap, having put it to itself on a stomach, could with it on hands eat, watch TV, speak by phone, read. As a result I was tired much less than when day without a break tried to put Olechka to bed.

However in this situation my household came to a plachevnoyesostoyaniye, thanks, relatives helped. Then I decided that to nuzhnoiskat other exit.

For a start I asked myself two questions:

  1. Why the child wants to sleep only on hands?
  2. Where, when and how the child still could sleep?

Over the first question had not to be deliberated long. Naturally, it was talked of uneasiness of the child, of his need for safety. I was faced by a task to extinguish fear of the daughter and to show that during a dream (not on hands) nothing terrible will happen to it, it will not be thrown, it will not be lost.

the Second question concerned in what conditions Olechka preferred to sleep. We reflected: on walk in a carriage the girl sleeps very well and does not ask on hands! And on a balcony refuses to sleep. Means, for sound sleep it needs not only air, but also the movement.

Without thinking twice, we built a cradle so popular in days of old on a balcony: attached a hook on which hung up a cradle - carrying. Every day I tried to stack Olechka on a balcony at the same time. At first to me it was necessary to rock to sleep long, and she slept as a result of 15 - 20 minutes. But me it was not important.

my Main task was to show to the daughter what to sleep in a cradle - not painfully and not terribly. For this purpose I followed the basic rule: approached Olechka at once as soon as she woke up. I did not allow a situation at which the child would begin to call me shout: having woken up and not having seen mother, Olechka could be frightened, and then all my attempts accustom her to sleep separately would come to naught.

Gradually Olya got used to a cradle, it was not necessary to rock to sleep: dostatochnobylo to put her who fell asleep after feeding in a cradle and to hang up a lyulkun a hook on a balcony. Then Olechka agreed to sleep in the same cradle in the room (in a frost, at an illness or at night). In a cradle she felt more quietly, than in a bed, to it it was cozier in small space (a bed we begin to master just now).

in the Evening Olya filled up

in a cradle, and at night I took away it to myself as the joint dream significantly facilitated night feedings. So by three months the problem with a dream was solved.