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On the contrary

Were late morning, a warm sunny day. Dasha rolled on a sofa as she liked to do it. It became as follows. It is necessary to adopt such provision that to touch the colorful springing pillow only by shovels. The head has to hang down, and legs should be lifted up as it is possible above. Such corporal design should be supported by hands, resting palms against a floor, otherwise it is possible to plop down painfully.

Dasha was not a circus actor or the gymnast, just character it was extremely live and curious. And she loved any experiments and transformations. Still when was small, Dasha noticed that when performing such simple exercise it is possible to reach improbable things: everything turned over and became not that another, and even just absolutely opposite, “naoborotny“. Wonderful metamorphoses turned the most usual situation into some fairy tale which is cheerful to be observed and thought out, and is thought head over heels absolutely in a different way!

Dasha could lie long thus, composing for herself any ideas, doing usual thoughts naoborotny. However, there was almost always somebody nearby who surely spoiled all miracles the boring, boring remarks. Like, what it you, more carefully, do not play the fool, behave decently and so on and so on. But if nobody tore off it, Dasha could hang a bat long enough. Especially, if it managed to think up an interesting naoborotny subject.

Today the subject was such - magic properties of figure three. You never thought of something the most usual, simple, everyday? Well, for example, about a toothbrush, either about a bread box, or about shoes, or about something? The set of things, people, concepts and acts surround us, and we sometimes do not even notice them. But if to reflect, everywhere it is possible to find the mass of the curious facts. Anywhere, here point a finger anywhere and dream - tell fortunes - think.

Dasha sometimes chose by

to herself a simple thing and beat it from all directions. This time she chose figure three, chose, it is necessary to tell, not casually. It is simple when it overhung from a sofa some minutes ago, the scrap of conversation of parents where it was said that “all - three are already much, a huge difference - three and two“ was the first that came to mind. And here, observing the world put upside down, Dasha looked for the mysterious meanings hidden in figure three.

First of all, she looked for the three in the room. Found without effort. In the room there were three slippers (interestingly where one more got to). At the bottom of the TV three fancy plants grew from a pot down. They since morning were roses, and now became similar to some fancy thin fairies in bagrovo - red skirts. Three books from below were somehow stuck to the top shelf of a coffee table that is curious, letters stood on backs correctly. Still around there were three chairs hanging under a ceiling, three pots with flowers under a window sill, three sockets on walls (here a miracle, sockets remained same, as well as before magic revolution!) . On three strips was on each of chairs. Oops! And chairs - that two!

Then Dasha began to compare three and two. Three strips and two chairs. Really, difference tremendous. Strips thin and long, and chairs big, thick also fasten to a ceiling short legs. Dasha looked at three sockets - in everyone was on two holes. It was opening. It appears, three and two often meet together! Besides, naoborotny holes too did not exchange at all, as well as sockets. Miracles. it is the simplest to p to consider

on fingers, it is everyone knows. Dasha decided to make three fingers on one hand, but nearly somersaulted from a sofa, it was necessary to leave fingers on the place, that is to prop up them a floor - a ceiling.

Then Dasha decided to remember

what mother with the father in connection with the three spoke about. Once you thought, mother herself entered the room. And spoiled everything!

- Dasha, do not spin so, you will fall! Well, just like some acrobat.

Dasha flopped from a sofa on a floor, quickly jumped and started embracing mother - for pleasure that saw. Mother embraced Dasha too, keeping saying:

- Well that you spin as small, to you is three years old from now on. Rub - it is not two, you are already absolutely big girl.

Dasha according to nodded

. Yes, three it not that two, it precisely.