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From what prepare honey? What

honey the most tasty...

what we usually eat are received by bees from nectar of different plants. As the best it is considered to be light grades which enjoy bigger popularity. Though it is scientifically proved that the honey is more dark, the more than useful mineral substances it contains.

of the Plant happen different and if bees “gorged on“ poisonous belladonna colors or an azalea, then and their honey will be, to put it mildly, unsuitable in food. If to drink with it a tea, symptoms of poisoning and intoxication appear. Honey and is called - drunk. The person who tried drunk honey will be helped only by washing of a stomach and laxative. However, drunk honey gives in to “neutralization“: within half an hour heat it on small fire, but without bringing to boiling.

Bitterish smack and consequences in the form of troubles with intestines has also padevy honey. It is developed by bees not from nectar of flowers, and from sugary allocations of some insects, and therefore in it a few useful substances.

... and the most useful?

Natural honey has quite difficult structure which to the person not to reproduce. It contains more than hundred various components: simple sugar is a basis of honey, organic acids - apple, wine, dairy, lemon, oxalic, vitamins, macro - and minerals, amino acids, antibacterial substances. These components also do honey by a product, unique on the curative properties. Therefore the honey prepared by the person without participation of bees will not bring any benefit to an organism. However, and harm from it any. Most often for preparation of artificial honey use kukuruzno - starch syrup, sugar, water and honey fragrances. He is trained from juice of pumpkin, beet, grapes, sometimes - from water-melon or melon pulp, evaporating it to a treacle consistence.

How to distinguish a fake?


To a cup of rather weak warm tea a little what you bought under the guise of honey. If you were not deceived, tea will darken, but the deposit at the bottom is not formed.

Can dilute with

a little honey in a small amount of the distilled water and to drip there 4 - 5 drops of iodine. If solution turns blue, so for production of this product used starch. It is clear, that not bees. And having dripped in the same solution instead of iodine several drops of acetic essence, you will check honey for the content of chalk. If it is there, solution will hiss.

over time honey grows turbid and gets denser - and it is a sure sign of high quality. But not how mistakenly consider many that honey deteriorated.

Even if years later your honey did not thicken, so it contains a large amount of fructose and, alas, does not possess curative properties. Sometimes honey in a storage time is divided into two layers: gets denser only from below, and from above remains liquid. It means that it unripe and therefore it needs to be eaten as soon as possible - unripe honey is stored only several months.