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Protect children from inaction of

the education Problem for the child torments responsible parents, already since kindergarten. And when time to send the child to the first class comes, here already all family, friends and even just acquaintances do not stand aside.

At the child the difficult school childhood in which every day it is painted on minutes begins em.

For the present the child quietly allows to solve all the problems for himself. But here behind elementary school, and, despite all difficulties, parents are happy and grateful to the first teachers for the fact that those accurately set tasks for them and also accurately prompted as to solve them.

the main school where there are those, sometimes very complex problems which parents just do not know how to solve Begins

. Suddenly it becomes clear that the child himself does not want to learn lessons, or in general nothing is interesting to him, or he thinks out all possible reasons not to go to school. Or the subject teacher suddenly says that “the dear child“ hears nothing at a lesson and at all knows nothing in this subject.

And when the child enters awkward age, and today it in 12-13 years, it turns out that fathers and mothers just do not know the children. Now children to them seem adult and independent, they cease to control them and begin to trust infinitely.


I at this age to the teenager very need friends, and it is desirable seniors on age with whom it would be possible to share everything and to ask all questions which it would be desirable to set. How to make so that parents, the father or mother, would be first of all these adult friends and helped the child to find themselves in this difficult world? Probably, I will not peddle old stuff if the most banal becomes the first hint for parents first of all: to carry on interesting talk at a table when you at last have together supper or you have dinner.

And it is desirable for

that this adult talk on policy, on a problem of a rent or on a football match considered that at a table there is still a young listener and it could participate in them. 2 - I the hint probably too am known: it is the best of all even if you not always want it, to make your house open for friends of your son or the daughter and through friends of the child to influence on own. As other people`s children listen to opinion of parents of friends more often, sometimes wishing them to be pleasant or feeling their attention to itself that they not always in enough receive in own house. It is very useful to begin to buy youth magazines which at this age especially interest teenagers. You will be aware of what interests his and his peers, and will be able to be the interesting interlocutor. At this age it is time to talk to the child about the most important things: about life and death, about the choice of the purpose in life, about education what and why it is necessary, about love and friendship, about drugs and sex etc.

I if to you absolutely, absolutely once and all of you time vanish at work then you have to understand that someone for you will tell all this to your child, and as will tell, will hardly depend on you. And for such parents I have the third hint.

you have to give then to your child the chance to communicate at this age to interesting people, to meet different peers who are concerned by the same problems and not in school where all is already known and a lot of things seem uninteresting, and in other situation where there is a wish to come and where it is possible to learn a lot of new and interesting. For this purpose now preprofile preparation for pupils 7-9 - x classes within transition to profile school is also entered. Psychologists note that at the age of 12-13 years the teenager for the first time begins to think seriously of the one whom he wants to be as it is possible to earn a lot of money how to become successful and how to be happy what education he would like to get. Preprofile preparation which provides the help in socialization of the teenager also has to help to answer these questions.

In our opinion, the most successful is such preparation in the presence of network model when efforts of higher education institution and schools, schools and establishments of additional education are combined. There are here additional opportunities to use scientific, methodical, is material - the technical capacity of higher education institution and resources of school. And such experience already is in Russia, there is it and in Moscow. At large universities teenage clubs open now.

Once a week children are engaged with skilled teachers on 4 hours in different interesting objects. At first sight they are very similar to school lessons, but only to the first. Subjects more interesting and for choice. Except the main objects children are engaged in oratory bases, the alphabet of the right. Together with teachers in club the children`s psychologist who also helps children and their parents with the choice of a further course of life works.