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Let`s make a holiday!

I Hate sad people. Even myself - sad - I do not love. Probably, therefore I seldom am sad. And it is very pleasant to me to see the daughter cheerful, joyful, happy. Such it at me also grows - so far, in any case. And holidays help to struggle with despondency, a life dullness, adversities and chagrin, of course.

Holiday... It is worth pronouncing this word - and already the miracle, magic comes true. Even at the adult heart (if only it is not covered with too thick crust) fades in joyful expectation, and what to speak about children! I adore holidays! And very much I like to do them. By the way, “it is possible to make a holiday“ at any time, without having either an “official“ occasion, or guests, nor a smart table.

Here in Japan, for example, the holiday of blossoming of cherry is, and we in a family have a holiday of an autumn wreath. And it is possible to make a holiday of “not output child“ when it is impossible to go outside from - for diseases, everything bothered, both it is boring, and is sad... But, however, it is already absolutely other subject, and today we speak only about traditional house holidays: with a table, guests and all other.

All other is, actually, and there is a holiday. When I was a child, in our family - amicable, kind and hospitable - holidays noted, I loved them: and delicacies on a table, both cheerful guests, and elegant members of household. And all - all - I lacked something for entire happiness.

Then when I already graduated from school, I incidentally and for a while got acquainted in other city with a family where “production of family holidays“ was the general hobby. I understood what is possible and it is necessary to be “to myself“ the screenwriter, the director, the animator - the inventor. I learned that it is possible to turn birthday or New year into KVN or a carnival, a house performance or cheerful game.

A still I guessed that adults are not the former children, in everyone or almost each adult the child is living, simply deeply and is reliably hidden. And I began “to work as the wizard“. It is interesting that as if on magic, new friends who appeared at me since then or were already fans of house holidays, or quickly became them after acquaintance to me.

the Holiday begins

with the scenario. Preparing for a feast, I usually write down on a leaflet of the menu of future festive lunch. In the same way I write down both future scenario of a holiday, and all its preparatory stages.

Stage 1 . Preparation of the room. As most often our family holidays take place houses, I decide in advance in what room we will have a table in what various competitions will be held. If the company gathers uneven-age (and at us most often and happens), the part of entertainments can intend for separate age groups (for example, only for children), then it is necessary to provide where there will be other guests at this time and as they will have a rest. It is desirable for p to decorate with

rooms, to make their look unusual and festive. Here it is possible to use balls, factory and self-made garlands, tinsel. And it is still quite good to make the newspaper devoted to a holiday. By the way, viewing of such newspaper will entertain guests too. I most often do not one big newspaper (first of all my design and art talents are equal to zero), and several small, in the form of sheets A3 on which I place “works on a subject“ and daughter`s, congratulations and wishes to attendees, pictures “in a subject“ from the Internet, jokes etc.

the Stage 2 . Preparation of entertainments. My principle - a holiday you should not reduce to absorption of tasty food and talk. Means, it is necessary to entertain guests. To think up entertainments in the form of competitions, games, charades, quizes and so forth now as easy as shelling pears - it is possible to polazit on the numerous Internet websites and to take ready competitions, it is possible “to alter“ them taking into account specifics of the company, it is possible to think up everything most. Everything depends on abilities of the organizer and presence at it is free time.

I act with

Ya differently: and from the Internet I take ready (of course, there is a lot of both any platitude, and nonsense, but also there is a lot of worthy ideas), and I alter something, and itself I think out. Of course, all entertainments have to suit your guests, as from the point of view of their age, and interests. Entertainments have to alternate with food and “free time“, and also it is necessary to alternate “rough“ entertainments with quizes and quiet competitions. My program usually is under construction approximately so.

  1. Arrival of guests, their meeting.
  2. Guests accustom, talk to house, consider newspapers. At this time late are tightened.
  3. First part of competitions and entertainments.
  4. the Meal - snack.
  5. Second part of competitions. If there are both adults, and children, then at this moment it is expedient to hold the competitions calculated only on children`s audience (children gorge on quicker, it is boring for them at a table, they “strain to be in action“, and adults with pleasure longer will sit at a table).
  6. the Meal - hot dishes.
  7. Third part of competitions.
  8. the Meal - a dessert.
  9. Dances, “free time“.

Stage 3 . Financially - technical training. It is necessary to prepare carefully everything for entertainments: handles, paper, a kerchief to close eyes at game in a blind-man`s-buff, preparations for suits for pass - performances and so forth. and so forth. It is desirable to award to winners of competitions small prizes (especially if the winner - the child, real or former). I sometimes do so: winners of competitions receive points (in the form of small pictures, for example), and the general result is summed up at the end, the winner receives gran - at, and the others - consolation prizes.

Stage 4 . Guests have to be not only are invited, but also warned about what waits for them. However, my guests know for a long time that “normally“ nobody will allow to have a rest in my house to them.“ Creatively gifted“ guests can if you want, become coauthors of your holiday, having prepared some number, a competition or other surprise for owners and guests.

Stage 5 . Carrying out holiday. Here it is very important to remember that the scenario “not dogma, but guide to action“ which is thought up by you. And the main thing - good mood of guests, big and small. So, it is necessary to be flexible and to make to the plan changes depending on a situation. Some competition can be pleasant so that it is expedient to repeat it. And some “will not go“, so from it it is possible and it is necessary to refuse.


of Entertainments it can be planned too much, and if guests were already tired, then the program it is possible and it is necessary to reduce. And if you suddenly prepared few entertainments, and the program is settled, and guests are still full of strength also desires to have fun? Then you have to have in a stock cheerful games for all occasions!

How many holidays we had in a family! Birthdays of adults and children, New Year - every year, a golden wedding of the grandmother and grandfather! Dispersion of age of guests - from two to seventy years! And as I am happy that each of them, leaving a holiday, spoke to us: “How long I so had not fun!“.