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Hard nine months of

Ya I want to tell the story. I was 20 years old. We were born on November 2, 2001, and began...

Milk arrived only on 5 - e days, the breast was poured so at once what not to touch. The child was brought always sleeping, I tried to awake him, but nothing was impossible. And then I began to be decanted with tears in the eyes because that did not feed the kid.

was always indignant with

Ya why he sleeps? Means, it is not hungry? I was told:“ When children begin to cry, they are given a bottle with mix“. Here so us in maternity hospital learned to feed our kids. We were decanted only by hands as milk pumps did not resolve.

Well, at last, us was written out, thought, tortures with feeding in “madhouse“ on it ended, but only everything began... I have a big breast, but the pulled-in nipples. Before feeding I massed them and put the child to a breast, Vladka ate 5 - 10 minutes, then fell asleep. I thought that he gorged on. But when woke up, he shouted, shouted, and did not take a breast, I did not understand what occurs.

locks Began

. I called the local pediatrician. On all my questions one answer: “Everything is all right“. When we went in 1 month for reception, weighed us, and we gathered only 400 gr. I was told:“ Stop nursing and you pass to mixes“, - and all.

is Sent home, I did not know what to do whom to address for council. I wanted to prolong chest feeding as long as possible. I began to do so: put on so many to a breast while he ate (for 5 - 10 min.), then took a milk pump, decanted and finished feeding from a small bottle. It was very sick, on crack nipples, for days on end I rumpled a breast, extracted milk.

the Child took

a breast to 2 - x months, and then refused in general. On it it was possible to stop such feeding, but I decided that I will decant up to the end. My sonny began to gather in a month from 1 kg to 1,300 kg in a month. Here so I was decanted all nine months, practically nothing without finishing feeding. On breasts there were even bruises, milk became less and less, but the most important, my kid received breast milk here in such hard way for me.

the Children`s pediatrician told

:“ In 30 years of work of it did not meet that the child refused a breast, and mother was decanted 9 months that only the child received breast milk“.