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Cesarean section - as it was

Ya long ago was going to write the report on Dimochki`s birth and at last gathered.
On the Eighth of December I laid down in office of pathology of pregnancy in 25 - y maternity hospital. There I was planned to be treated for hypostases and to observe since decided that childbirth will be nearly any day.

the strengthened treatment - in this maternity hospital it, as a rule, in the form of droppers began

I. To me put magnesia for 12 hours, and everywhere it was necessary to drag this dropper for himself. Magnesia very painful preparation plus to nurses not everything it is allowed to put a needle well... brrr... But treatment it was not in vain - in a week I lost 5 kg - it hypostases fell down.

the annoying began

I here - expectation! I tormented every day the doctor - well when? And me declared that my terms counted and now only next week will tell when. Nevertheless, I lowered a stomach - funny, I thought that it cannot occur if the child in pelvic prelying:-).

was reported Still that for operation at me too low hemoglobin, and it would be necessary that someone took for me a blood test. It was heroically made by my husband. We have different groups, but the exchange is possible there. However, transfusion was not required, but, I think, its blood will not be gone in vain.

on December 19 I was already precisely sure by

that I will be told. But fiasco. On December 20 I was told: “Precisely not tomorrow!“ :-). But sent for ultrasonography which showed that the child weighs already 3800! (and was born - that it 3100). Still to me allowed to sign a piece of paper that I agree on Caesarian and all its consequences. But the most interesting were 21 - go. In the morning the whole medical commission, the person 6 who, having looked at me, told me date of operation - the 26th came! Mother!!! yes, how many it is possible to lie here!

Ya wildly was upset and it is hardly heard uttered indistinctly that I and was hurt at night by a stomach in the morning. I was taken away on KTG (the device measuring reductions of a uterus and heartbeat of a fruit) which showed that there are no fights. But I began to insist that the stomach hurt (he really was ill - 15 minutes at night and in the 15th morning). I was sent to a chair, and it turned out that I give birth for a long time, disclosure of a neck - 3 cm. And I go, indifferently! Generally, I got agitated - when had a shave, all was cut, doctors were frightened even when they saw. Well, I was hurried still:“ That in 10 minutes on the operating table!“

the horror was farther than

I. I was given a transparent shirt while I changed clothes, the anesthesiologist in a hurry told me about advantages of spinal anesthesia before a usual anesthesia, I also chose it. Then I laid down on the operating table in a pose of the crucified Jesus - in one hand thrust a dropper, connected the device for measurement of pressure to another, also the catheter was entered into an urethra.

the Anaesthesiologist told

to turn sideways. When I lay on one side, and to me entered a needle in a waist, I besides pain was captured also by terrible fear. And suddenly anesthesia will not work?! When I was turned on a back, I still felt everything and in particular how temperature of my body began to increase.

In the face of me hung up a shirmochka, and I began to whimper that else I feel everything. “Well, raise a leg“ - “Here, lifted.“ - “Well, look“ - the leg lay, and on my feelings was raised. This to me was terrible.

the Screen was lowered again and in a minute I heard discontentedly - surprised: “Aaaa! Khe - a kha - a kha!“ - also saw how by me carried by absolutely normal color and a type of the child. I still thought - and from where here the child?.

- the Boy! Well, how you will call?
- Here, touch, well!
- Eee. Wash it what - whether?
- there is no mine, probably!

Doctors laughed, and I was shocked. Really? Wash! Is that so! Dimochka weighing 3100 g, 50 cm was born in length and 8/8 across Apgar.

Me then minutes 20 was sewn up, then brought to some box, and in half an hour brought Dimochka - put to a breast for 2 minutes and carried away. There I rolled under a dropper and kept ringing to all to report that I gave rise, and nobody trusted at once. Still suffered from pain and an otkhodnyak. In 4 hours I was translated in postnatal, and in 4 hours forced to rise and go. It was very cheerful - to return to life and to realize that all this ended, and ahead new life:-). I joke, I then would not guess it.

Then brought to

Dimochka for an hour, and since morning left it to me for all day, in a day it already absolutely remained with me. On 6 - e days wrote out us.

In 25 m maternity hospital very good doctors and in general all personnel, still there practice breastfeeding and joint stay of mother with the child, it very much helped me further - so I consider that everything at us turned out very well!