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What in practice?

Work practice are an integral part of educational process in any HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION. The practice purpose - to teach to apply the student the knowledge gained on occupations. For this purpose work practice has to be sufficient on time (not less than a month and, it is desirable, full time) and substantial. Certainly, any student dreams of such practice which would be shorter and easier. But, as a rule, idleness and educational progress - things incompatible, and therefore to our student it is necessary to choose between rest and a good mark for the report.

of the Condition of passing of work practice depend on concrete HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION and strongly differ both with time and lasting its passings, and other conditions. Usually the deputy dean for study reports about conditions in advance, he speaks about requirements to registration of the report. If you for any reasons were not present at special meeting, surely learn everything from classmates.

How to settle on practice?

the Device on work practice is made out by

differently. It can be the contract between your HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION and the organization or the letter from the organization on acceptance on practice of the specific student. Usually public institutions do not like to sign similar contracts and prefer letters. In some organizations there are special regulations on practical training by which also design of the device on practice is established. The document is transferred to dean`s office or to department of passing of work practice.

How to find good practice? Employment as the trainee when to you issue the service record will be ideal option or will make in it the corresponding record if you already have that, and will pay a salary.

But especially do not count

on it, to get on such practice very not easy. It is good if it is possible to use a patronage of relatives or acquaintances, but if there is no such opportunity, address one of your teachers or conduct searches through a job fair which are regularly carried out in many HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. Sometimes do practical training at departments, but not in all HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS it is authorized. As far as I know, it occurs at students - historians and philologists.

the Most advantageous option - to address the deputy dean for a teaching department. As a rule, he keeps in contact with many organizations and knows about the available vacancies and an opportunity to take students on practice.

The earlier you talk to the deputy dean, the teacher or any of acquaintances, the it is more at you than chances to settle on good practice and to spend time with advantage. Usually HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS have in a stock reserve option in case the student independently could not settle anywhere. But it already as a last resort. Send ten two students, and whatever solid was this organization for such practice, most likely order to make you coffee for employees or will put to write out the admission on a checkpoint. Of course, in my opinion, any diligent work is worthy respect, but think: you will have nothing to write in the report!

So do not tighten

with the solution of a question of the device. It is desirable in two months prior to practice at you in a pocket already any option has to lie.

Employment and recommendations

“Dreamboat“ of any probationer - subsequently to get a job where practice was taken place. Certainly, during practice it is necessary to prove well. If you are adjusted to fight for a place in the sun, that is for a workplace in this organization, you should reconcile to need to get up early (the firm, the more attention is more solid its management pays to punctuality of employees) and to work hard though now, perhaps, outside summer, and God ordered to have a rest.

Unfortunately, even ideal work will not necessarily lead to employment. If at you it did not turn out to be fixed in this organization, and during solemn (or modest - as will carry!) nobody anything offered farewells to employees to you, be not upset! As they say, for God a prayer, and for the tsar the service will not be gone. You got the most valuable - experience which will not be superfluous by the subsequent job searches. So you anyway not in loss.


the Fact of passing of work practice and performance of this or that work by you, it is desirable, it has to be supported with your characteristic or the recommendation. It is necessary as for your subsequent employment, and, perhaps, for protection of the report. There are cases when the teacher of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION does not accept the report without recommendation, referring to the fact that it was downloaded it from the Internet.

If the chief of practice did not offer you the characteristic or the recommendation, then it is necessary to ask it about it. You should not hesitate! Eventually, you worked for them, spent the time, and if it is free, then God ordered to thank them you at least in such form. Do not ask - make a mistake which can influence your employment subsequently if you did not manage to work anywhere, except as in practice.

Are, however, the organizations which with pleasure will issue you the recommendation and five years later after your leaving, but think: it is possible, only if in the organization your former acquaintances remain to work. And can happen that just nobody will remember you. So it is better not to hope at random, and in advance to spread to itself straws everywhere where it is possible.

How to make the report?

Drawing up the report is not the formal procedure which is thought up by dean`s office for creation to unfortunate students of additional difficulties. It is a way and an opportunity for the student to scroll anew in the head and to put acquired in order. The report is given to the deputy dean for study either the curator of your group or the inspector of a course. For the report a mark which in some HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS goes to the diploma is usually given.

the Report has to contain three parts:

  1. introduction
  2. main part
  3. conclusion.

In introduction specify the term and time of practical training, and also the purpose. The purpose of any work practice - to learn to put the knowledge gained in the course of training into practice, excuse for a tautology.

you tell

In the main part about in what you, actually, were engaged during practical training.

can tell

In the conclusion that practical training in the specified organization very for you was useful as you learned to perform this or that work that has to be useful very much in your further work.

If you attach any documents made by you at execution of your duties, it to the report, certainly, will go to you to “plus“. It is in that case better to give the reference to them in the text.

When writing the report you monitor the expressions used by you and observe official style of the speech. Perhaps, someone from readers will even take offense for this, apparently, obvious remark. It could be lowered, but the teacher of one of the Moscow HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS told how one student inserted such expression into the report: “And generally I made coffee for employees“, and finished this statement … a smilie. Neither circulations in dean`s office, nor the previous good marks helped: the girl received “three“ for such report.

do not repeat others mistakes, dear students. I wish successful practice!