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Superstitions and prejudices of

Pregnancy - absolutely special period in life of each woman. Especially if this pregnancy the first, at you arises the mass of questions, doubts, disorders. Whether all as it should be whether the changes happening in your organism are normal how to behave not to do much harm to future kid... For council of the woman usually address more skilled girlfriends, mother, other women. But, unfortunately, besides really useful recommendations and moral support, they quite often obtain the mass of unnecessary and even harmful information in the form of the national signs, superstitions and prejudices connected with pregnancy.

the Origin of signs is covered with a gloom and is lost far back in the past. They are handed down from generation to generation. And even in our century of high technologies and a general computerization many women continue to trust in the most absurd, from the point of view of common sense, the statement.

we Will try to understand them in more detail.

cannot be cut by

of the Pregnant woman

It is one of the most widespread superstitions.

Some women quite seriously declare that “it is harmful to pregnant women“. But from the point of view of medicine the hairstyle cannot cause any harm to health of the woman and her future child.

the hormones which are Produced during pregnancy positively influence growth and structure of hair. Therefore hair become strong, dense, silky. Many women note that quality of their hairdress considerably improved. However if the woman carries a short hairstyle, the ban on visit of a hairdressing salon within nine months can become for it a serious problem. In what business?


On national beliefs, “to be cut - to the child to shorten a century“. Sounds beautifully, but it is hardly worth expatiating on whether there can be any interrelation here. Nevertheless, many believe in this nonsense. One woman told that to her in salon refused to make a hairstyle, having suggested to come after the delivery.

of the Pregnant woman cannot knit

of Many pregnant women pulls to sew and knit. There is no wonder - the pleasant, calming occupation and is a lot of free time... But there is “well-wisher“ who, rounding eyes, whispers that “the pregnant woman cannot be knitted and sewed at all - the child can get confused in an umbilical cord!“

Even not superstitious woman after such caution will reflect, - and suddenly the truth? Business concerns not it, and her kid... Perhaps it is better not to risk?

I future mother loses huge pleasure, and at the same time and fine means of rest and calm. And of course, after the delivery it will have no time to be engaged in needlework.

Cannot tell

to anybody about the pregnancy

the Reason of this superstition is quite banal. Being afraid of an evil eye, future mother did not let into the secret anybody, except the immediate family. For the same reason women tried to report to nobody about the beginning of childbirth. Therefore the midwife went to the house of the woman in labor kitchen gardens that nobody saw her. Was considered that the less people know about the beginning of childbirth, the easier they will pass.

Modern women quite often hide to this day the pregnancy until it not everything becomes noticeable. And the reason of it any more not in following to grandmother`s signs, and in internal feeling of the woman. Often she just feels more comfortably if nobody suspects about its situation. It is some kind of “protective reaction“ from foreign views.

However situations happen when let people around into your secret can be it is more useful, than to keep them in dark. Being informed on your situation, members of household will preserve you against a raising of weights, cleaning and other heavy homework. Colleagues will cease to stick with questions why you a little (or on the contrary much) eat, faintly look etc. And the administration, perhaps, will exempt from the most burdensome work and will allow to adhere to more free schedule.

If the woman waited for approach of this pregnancy long ago, and now her soul simply “sings with happiness“, and to keep in itself this news there are no forces - why not to share it the pleasure with friends?

Cannot be prepared for

in advance a dowry

Is obvious, this superstition arose recently. In old times the dowry for the kid prepared long before his birth. The father made a cradle, mother sewed clothes. In those days there were no shops for newborns, and it was impossible to imagine that all necessary purchases became within several days after the delivery.

However presently this prejudice gained big distribution. Many pregnant women prepare nothing in advance, leaving on the husband a duty to buy a bed, a carriage, clothes and all the rest at that time while mother and the kid are in maternity hospital. It is possible to imagine in what stress it is wrapped for the young father and as many important things are missed.

One mother told that in a hurry the newly appeared father and the grandmother bought almost everything, but... bought only three diapers.

Besides, refusing to itself preparation of a dowry, future mother loses huge pleasure - quietly and without haste to get all necessary for the baby. Visiting shops of children`s goods, considering beautiful things on counters, the woman thinks of the kid, experiencing the mass of positive emotions. Whether it is worth saying how it is useful for future child! Besides, she thus as if tells the child that here wait for him, care for him, - and the kid feels everything, still being in a womb.

I weight more of restrictions!

of the Pregnant woman cannot hang out linen on ropes, to raise up hands, to go to others kitchen garden... It is impossible to touch the person, otherwise the child will have birthmarks. Judge for yourself, whether perhaps, that at least one woman within nine months did not touch the person? And if so, then all children have to be born the covered birthmarks?

Other belief claims that future child can think up a name, but it should be kept the most strict secret before the childbirth. This superstition is in use and today. And there is it from antiquity when was considered that evil spirits, having overheard a name, can do the harm to yet not born child.

Why, at all absurdity, superstitions have such influence throughout many generations?

Action of prejudices is based by

on subconsciousness. If the woman seriously trusts in any statement, then she as if “programs“ herself to follow it. Thus, the sign begins to come true for it. And it is easy to believe if information arrives from more senior and skilled woman moreover supported with someone`s negative experience (“here our neigbour so did, and at it...“ ).

Pregnancy imposes essential restrictions for a way of life of the woman. The majority of them are connected with need to eat properly, to happen more in the fresh air, not to overtire etc. All these recommendations can be found in any book on pregnancy, and they are really important and proved. Whether so the pregnant woman should impose on herself even more rigid restrictions and bans dictated by superstitions? Probably, no. And if any caution of “skilled mummy“ especially sank down in soul, - consult to the doctor whether really you have to follow it.