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Full immersion in libraries of the city

Fiction, textbooks, encyclopedias, reference books, specialized magazines and newspapers with critiques, anthologies, almanacs... What will only not be required for preparation for examinations - both final, and introductory. But not all have an opportunity to buy a large number of books and the periodical press. And whether it is necessary to do it if in the city libraries work?

For every taste

All libraries differ from each other in scale. Conditionally they can be divided into state - public, youthful and children`s; municipal - regional and district, specialized - humanitarian, technical or it is natural - a scientific profile.

the State public libraries

the largest - RGB, VGBIL and RNB. In their funds of 1 000 000 books in all languages of the world, including rare, 10 000 historical documents.

the Russian State Library (RSL)

Or “Leninka“ as it in conversation is called on Soviet manners. Contains three categories of reading rooms: for pupils (entrants, students of higher education institutions, colleges, technical schools and technical training college), graduate students and experts. To receive the book, it is necessary to make the order in halls of card files in advance. Rare editions give out only for a fee.

Is in the center of Moscow. A row four metro stations - “Arbat“, “Borovitskaya“, “Library of Lenin“ and “Alexander Garden“. It is convenient to reach from any end of the capital and from the suburb there (to Yaroslavl, Kazan, Leningrad, Kursk, Belarusian, Kiev and other stations no distance). Only the citizens of the CIS who reached 18 years are accepted in RGB.

Works with

Monday through Saturday from nine in the morning till nine in the evening. Sunday - the day off.

How to register

to Provide to

administrations the passport, the reference from the place of study or work, the certificate or the diploma, 4 photos 3õ4 which can be made on the place. The admission is made out and issued at once. But it is necessary to wait in a queque at least three hours. For visit of RGB for the first time choose the day off.

Paid services:

  • the Press and photocopying (from 4 to 5 rubles for a leaf),
  • the Internet (from 30 rubles for an hour),
  • Courses of foreign languages.

the All-Russian State Library of Foreign Literature (ARSLFL) of M. I. Rudomino

In the people - “Foreigner“. Is between China - the City and Tverskaya metro stations. Of each about fifteen minutes on foot or five - by trolleybus. On the contrary - Illyuzion movie theater.

In VGBIL seven main reading rooms: two general, one reference books, four humanitarian profiles (on linguistics, literary criticism, religious studies and art criticism). On the third floor - the American and French cultural centers with own funds. In “Foreigner“ there are books in all languages of the world and the leading foreign editions - from English “Britannica“ to Chinese “And - a jing“. Everyone is accepted.


Separately open the children`s hall with meeting more than 5000 books of any direction, including manuals and audiovisual materials on foreign languages. Together with children to the hall pass parents.

Schedule of work: Monday - Friday with 10. 00 to 20. 00, Saturday - Sunday with 10. 00 to 18. 00. The last Thursday of every month the library is closed for sanitary day.

How to register

the Library card can be issued on weekdays from ten in the morning till six in the evening. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in the questionnaire, to provide to the administrator the passport and the reference from the place of study and to hand over two photos 3x4 or 4x5 (or their photocopies), one ruble on registration of the admission and ten - on its lamination.

Paid services:

  • the Press and photocopying (from 4 to 5 rubles for a leaf),
  • the Internet (30 rubles an hour),
  • Courses of foreign languages,
  • Thematic lectures (from 20 rubles for one),
  • Viewing of VVS TV channel (from 60 rubles)
  • the Order of books by phone (10 rubles for a copy).

the Central city public library of N. A. Nekrasov

“Nekrasovka“ consists of three divisions: retrospective fund of the periodical press (Baumanskaya St.), department of national literatures (Nakhimovsky Avenue) and uchebno - the methodical center of intellectual development.

works with

“Nekrasovka“ Monday through Friday - with 10. 00 to 20. 00, on Saturday - with 10. 00 to 18. 00. Sunday - day off. Each last working day of month - sanitary.

How to register

to Provide to

in department of registration the passport or other identity document, the reference from the place of study, to fill in the questionnaire, to hand over four photos 3õ4 and to receive the plastic admission.

Paid services:

  • the Internet (from 30 rubles an hour)
  • the Press and photocopying (from 5 rubles for a leaf)
  • Psychological support
  • Public and interregional relations
  • Legal service.

the State nurseries and junior libraries

In Moscow their seven - the Russian state children`s library, the Children`s and junior library center, the House of the children`s book, library of the Moscow city palace of children`s and youthful creativity, the Russian state junior library, the Central city children`s library of A. P. Gaidar and the Central city junior library of M. A. Svetlov. In all - rich funds of books for school students with 1 on 11 classes, students of 1 - 2 courses of higher education institutions and colleges. The schedule of work - different. Everyday life - approximately from ten in the morning till eight in the evening, days off - from ten in the morning till six in the evening. Persons only till 18 years are accepted.

How to register

to receive the library card - the admission in library granting the right to use books needs to be had with itself:

  • these birth certificates or passports (if is),
  • four photos 3x4 or 4x5,
  • the reference from the place of study
  • the completed questionnaire (questions: class profile, purpose of visit of library, profession of parents, etc.) .
the Library card is valid

from two to five years (in each library - differently). In case of loss the penalty is raised (within 100 rubles) and new is made out.

If you it left

at home, then in library you will be let only in the presence of the document confirming the personality. The books which are in open access will be allowed to read.

Paid services:

  • the Press and photocopying (from 3 rubles for a leaf),
  • the Internet (from 30 rubles for an hour).

Municipal libraries

Belong to the Moscow districts and districts in which borders are. Addresses are available in phonebooks. People without continuous registration in this area or the district in library do not write down.

Funds in comparison with RGB, VGIBL and RNB - modest. Do not exceed 50 000 editions. But there is a considerable advantage: the fiction is given on the house for the term of no more than two weeks.

the Schedule of work - five days a week with 10. 00 to 19. 00 and one - with 11. 00 to 18. 00. Day off - Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

How to register

to Show to the librarian the passport and at once to receive the library card.

Paid services

In the majority of municipal libraries do not have

them. The most “advanced“ offer only photocopying, 5 rubles for a leaf.

Specialized libraries

Among them - State socially - political library (GOPB), State public scientifically - technical library of Russia (GPNTBR), the National Electronic Library (NEL), the Russian state library on art (RGBI), the Central Polytechnical Library (CPL), Library - fund the Russian abroad, the Central scientific library of the Union of theatrical figures of the Russian Federation (TsNB STD Russian Federation), Library of economic and legal literature (BEIYUL). In funds only specialized literature which is useful to the pupils who is profoundly studying a separate subject, whether it be social science, cultural history, physics or fundamentals of state law. You will not find A.S. Pushkin and M. Yu. Lermontov`s work in such libraries.

How to register

to Provide to

the passport and the reference from the place of study, to hand over 2 - 4 photos 3x4 or 4x5 and to receive the library card.

Paid services:

  • of lecture and seminars (from 20 rubles for one visit),
  • the Internet (from 30 rubles for an hour),
  • the Press and photocopying (4 - 5 rubles for a leaf).

In the world of books

not to get lost in a labyrinth of corridors and halls in search of the necessary book, it is necessary to know that it...

the Card file

the List of references in alphabetical order located on wooden sliding shelves. Classification - on surnames of authors, in the directions (history, geography, mathematics, social sciences, physics, chemistry, biology, philology, etc.) and by dates. The name of each book - on a single sheet with identification number.

the Closed fund

the Literature which is handed out only by request. That to issue it, it is necessary to enter in a library leaf the name and a surname, number of the library card and data on the book which you are going to take: surname of the author, name, language, year and place of the edition, identification number. According to this leaf the librarian makes out the order. You receive the book at least in an hour. The inquiry can be given in advance - for two - three days. Are accepted also on phone call.

Note: it is impossible to order more than five books - the rule existing over all country.

the General (open) fund

B it editions which to the reader are handed out by the librarian enter. The library leaf is not necessary. Almost, as at school.

the Reading room

of the Book cannot be taken out out of limits of library. In each direction in public libraries separate offices with the rules are usually open (the most widespread - to return the library card and not to leave the hall with the book). After you will hand over the book, the librarian has to set the seal to the ticket, it at the exit is checked by protection. Either fine for violation of orders, or exclude.

Listen to the expert

In libraries regularly (at least - once a month) public lectures are given. Usually teachers with an academic degree act, their books can be found in fund. There are no age restrictions. The maximum cost of visit - 20 rubles. Subjects - entertaining, not difficult in understanding and interesting to school students. Disciplines alternate: physics, literature, mathematics, foreign language etc.

Information for reflection

A if is not present an opportunity to go to public library? It happens too. Then for you - the Internet. Among school students, students and teachers the website www uses the greatest popularity. lib. ru. Sections: “The Russian prose“, “The Russian poetry“, “Foreign prose“, “Foreign poetry“, “Detective story“, “Fantasy“, “Textbooks“, “Philosophy“, “History“, “Cultural science“, “Sociology“, “Religion“, “Psychology“, “Natural sciences“, etc.