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The arena which you will not buy

to Juggle and speak, somersault on a trapeze and they learn to go at the same time on the ground. Quickly mature and early begin to work. Already in infancy know how much pound it is dashing. But they - the happiest on light. Circus children. What they?

- for work

Olya Yarovaya continues by

From a carriage the well-known circus dynasty. Her grandfather Ivan Terentyevich is a unique trainer, the bears learned by him can act on an arena one. And on a pointer of mentors work real miracles. In number also Olina the grandmother Irina, and the father Andrey, and mother Tatyana works. Olechka plays with a teddy bear so far and is still very small - her only a year and eight months. The most part of a make-up room Summer in circus on Vernadsky Avenue is occupied by children`s economy: carriage, pot, toys... Before representation parents are busy with bears, and the grandmother feeds the granddaughter with cream of wheat. Irina Vasilyevna manages not only to look for the child, but also to put on make-up. In half an hour it, young and beautiful, shows to public of a subtlety of training.

the Baby at that moment communicates with actors behind the scenes. As equals, without everyones “Wuxi - pus“, as the colleague with colleagues because Olechka, despite early age, worked the number too. Its reprise - one of the most ridiculous in the program. The bright girl runs out from - for the scenes, creeps through a side, dexterous maneuver distracts attention of clowns, steals from them a doll and at full speed bolts back.“ She likes to act, she knows that when it is necessary to make, and she sometimes even improvises. - Irina Vasilyevna Yarovaya tells. - Half a year ago we brought Olya to circus for the first time. She then was afraid of much. But quickly accustomed. Very much likes to watch representations, sometimes we cannot take away it. We leave home after the first office. Olya falls asleep already in the car“.

of the House the little sister is waited senior, by Anechka. To it already eleven, she studies in a gymnasium, in circus is on days off. And when study did not take all main time, Ania lived behind the scenes of an arena too. Even helped the grandmother with the grandfather to bring up little bear cubs from a pacifier.“ With them as much efforts, as well as with babies. Each three hours shout, ask to eat. There were cases - we on representation, and the confused granddaughter calls from hotel, does not know what to do“, - the trainer remembers.

In circus also the son Yarovykh, Andrey grew up. Went with parents through towns and villages, changed in a year on three - four schools. In five years cleaned and washed a bear cage while its inhabitants acted on the arena. But in such education nobody sees anything exclusive. So practically all circus children grow.

About happiness

Frequent tours, continuous moving, life in hotels, and even in circus make-up rooms all family. Here both bedroom, and wardrobe, and kitchen. Parents prepare for performance, kids fall asleep under calls and music, the senior children play or learn lessons.“ But all the same it is more happiness in circus, than problems. If we went in cycles only in problems, probably, could not work, - the trainer of goats Irina Levitskaya is sure. - Happens that children sleep on boxes, then on the same boxes magic tablecloths appear. And all - full, healthy, purely dressed. I had an opportunity to give the daughter Sasha to the mother-in-law - it does not work in circus. But unless I could? My mother lived also. Only it had not one child, but four“.

Sasha Levitskaya presents to

already the fourth generation of a dynasty of Levitsky, interestingly and difficult plays with an abuse - hupam. Its seniority - twelve years. And Sasha - eighteen. In six years she began to make solo number, in seven won a prize at the most important circus festival of the planet in Monte - Carlo. Irina Levitskaya and her spouse Gennady Spiridonov deny the participation in Sashenki`s career.“ She learned everything. In two years took a hoop through which in our number one of nanny-goats jumps, and began to twist in a corridor. Slightly grew up - began to copy the remarkable actress Lahr - Ina acting with an abuse - hupam. That is on an arena, Sasha - behind the scenes. Somehow we gathered for tours to Argentina, under the terms of the contract, without children. I could not go without daughter. Thought up a way out - prepared its solo performance. With surprise learned how many Sasha was already able. Thought up a parody image. The little daughter came to an arena in a hat with feathers, in the boa which is dragged on the ground in sandals in which I married her father. Stumbled, threw off an adult dress and began to work with an abuse - hupam. Yury Vladimirovich Nikulin included Sashina numbers in the programs“.

Working with

in circus as adult, Sasha Levitskaya all the same remained a child. Having seen a laser asterisk on the arena, stopped, left an image and tried to catch it a leg. Since six years Sasha began to get paid. On the earned money itself bought to herself by Barbie, toy carriages, doll lodges... Now buys mobile phones and laptops. Sasha graduated from school external, thinks of receipt in institute.

the Fear generates a record

“Circus children are disciplined and are not whimsical. Life with frequent moving forces them to be such. Despite continuous change of schools, study not worse than others. The sense of responsibility develops in them very much early“, - Govkhar Zaripova, the equestrian from the well-known group of Dzhigits Zaripov tells. Children Govkhar continued a dynasty. Igor, the trapeze artist, participates in one of show of circus by du Solia in Las - Vegas. Karim - the winner of many international competitions, her most famous number “Rubber“ - one of the most beautiful in the world. Took Karim in the Perm choreographic school, but she did not want. The circus bacillus is very strong.

“Once we acted as

in a chapiteau. And suddenly the father seized us in an armful and abandoned in the car. It turned out that from circus the bear ran away“, - remembers Asiyat Shyunkhayt. Since early years she with the brothers and sisters participated in number of the father Rasoul Agayev “The Dagestan rope-walkers of Tsovkr“. Carried out record man`s tricks on a rope: jumped the third in a pyramid, twisted wheels and swing revolutions without hands. And, by its recognition, all life was afraid of height.“ When the father for the first time put me on shoulders and went on a rope, I peed the pants. Probably, with fear. Began to act in ten years - replaced the sick sister. Everything passed somehow unconsciously“. Still nobody repeated record tricks of Asiyat. Having retired, the actress could not live without circus, mastered a new genre, successfully acts with doggies.

everything sticks to

In circus only on families and dynasties. And this art will exist until behind the scenes of an arena small children run.