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In total to the best!

Stay outdoors, far away from the city and house problems, dispose to change of mood, even not mood, but a state of mind to the best. For Christmas my mammy got sick with bronchitis therefore on a family council it was decided to meet New year at parents in the village.

of Snow it dropped out p this year much! My daughter so much in eyes did not see. The huge snow-white scintillating field and all - all mine! The father with the daughter till half a day vanished on fields of snow fights. And all family participated in a competition on the best snowman: the victory was won by The Father - the Daughter team, alas, The Grandfather - Mother team took the honourable second place.

the Grandfather suggested to establish to

in front of the house a small fir-tree. Having agreed with the forester, he with the granddaughter Kirochkaya went to the wood. Jewelry for a fir-tree did by all family in the evening: cut out snowflakes, angels, glued garlands from color paper, cones sprinkled with polyfoam pieces. Really royal set of Christmas tree decorations turned out:-).

the Grandfather with the granddaughter remarkably decorated next day with

the New Year`s beauty. The stars and a light garland removed from an attic finished transformation of a fir-tree in retro style! All grandmothers on the street approached and sighed from delight. Alas, but on their small street there live in the basic elderly people.

we did not prepare

of the Special culinary delicacy, managed summer preparations: a pickles, salads and in the summer the fattened goose. The holiday table was decorated with small candles with New Year`s symbolics.

All New Year`s evening Kirochka gave to

the improvised concert - sang and danced not worse than performers from the TV;-). Under fight of a New Year`s chiming clock to us to the house Father Frost knocked! The daughter from surprise and pleasure did not understand that it was the father;-). It got from a big bag for Kirochki a big colourful box (in confidence, presented to us a mechanical dinosaur). Wished all a Happy New Year... also went to congratulate other good children!

On the First of January, 2006 we with the daughter went to congratulate neighbour`s grandmothers and grandfathers.

P. S. About burdens of life in the village I know firsthand. I just say not about it, and that and in the house we do a holiday in soul.