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About my life with two small children of

U me their two. Boy and... boy. Seryozha is 3 years old and 4 months, and to the kid Andryushona - 1,5. A difference between children - year and 11 months. So it turned out in my life that, having fattened the first child about one year a breast, in few months I became pregnant the second time. Pregnancy was unplanned, but the decision on a family council was made suddenly - we feed one, we will support also two. it is honest to p to tell

, in my soul there was a storm of doubts - there is no apartment, health not all that well (did not recover after first labor yet), career - it`s a waste etc. The husband had no doubts: “Only we lacked abortions! You will kill the child how you will sleep then?“ Dream - it is actual. I want to sleep peacefully and not to suffer nightmares, they already are enough in my life. Long it was not necessary to think - went to be registered to policlinic.

the Second pregnancy came to me not so easily. In - the first, the weakened organism, in - the second, last months pregnancies still lifted the Ear ring on hands: to help to get out of a bed, through the road to transfer, the kid will begin to cry, to regret. When came to the doctor with the complaint that badly the stomach pulls, probably, from - for the fact that often I lift the child, she on me stared: “You see this child, and about that you in which stomach, do not think!“


, do not abuse, and I had no place to disappear. Of course, thought out everything that could: cut several levels at a bed that Serezhik could get out, asked strangers of the child to transfer through the road etc. Saviour us garden. I sent Seryozha to a day nursery in 1 year and 7 months. Went with pleasure. There children, toys. Did not do without snivels, but not my the first, not my the last, began to become tempered, certain plus too.

History repeated: I am the pregnant woman, with a can of pickles I meet New 2003. Mother also cried with happiness, the husband gave flowers, only my mood could not be described the words existing in Russian.

Having passed torments of fruitless hell, I gave birth to Seryozha in 2002. It was the godsend! Having become pregnant the second time, I long could not present how I will be able to share the love between children.

the Doctor was right

- I saw this child and loved, and still could not get used to unplanned “lives in me“. The feeling of happiness was some vague, uncertain. But there were days, months... Here the kid the first time pushed me: mother, I`m fine! The husband with affection considered the pictures taken after ultrasonic inspection. Seryozha kept within nearby and, having put the head on a stomach, waited when the kid tells it when they are able to play cars together. Under such pressure I receded. My native, my little man became such necessary, such desired.

was Given rise by me on July 12. My sister Anna offered the holiday and suggested to take away Seryozha one week prior to childbirth to mother to Krasnodar Krai. Before my eyes all road to the airport terrible pictures floated: mother will not be able to put him to bed, my son so badly falls asleep, she will incorrectly feed him, and it has a weak stomach, it will be bitten by a neighbour`s dog if it teases it, he will miss and will get sick...

Ya felt like the stepmother sending the still only child for thousands of kilometers only because I cannot, the pregnant woman, it is full to look after him. I sobbed, being by the window of the room of expectation, and Seryozha, having taken Anna under the handle, quietly walked to the plane, without turning around, without regretting at all about what leaves the house.

I when I hung every evening on a telephone wire: “Well, how it?“, “As he eats?“, “As he sleeps?“, my son made friends with a neighbour`s dog and did not even want to talk, was limited only to words:“ Mothers, hi, I usyol (left) to walk“. It perfectly ate, having acquired the whole day in the fresh air, fell down all night long a deep dream and in general felt (unlike me) excellently.

I here we houses. In total. The first months, putting children to bed, I sobbed in kitchen about the hard female share. When I after the delivery came to work and told the chief that I gave birth to one more son, he sympathetically asked: “It is heavy, probably, with two kids?“. On my affirmative answer consoled:“ Nothing, it the first 18 years hard, then you will get used“.

Sat in kitchen, considered how many to me will be in 18 years. It turned out that I should “get used“ to 47 (rounded to 50 taking into account that, maybe, the chief was mistaken). And I have only their two and how those who have three or four? And how those who have children - stair-steppers? Calmed down that everything “will settle down“ over time.

I precisely, life slowly returned to the normal. Fed younger and at the same time told the senior the fairy tale, cooked porridge while younger sleeps, and the senior pours buckwheat from one glass into another, set up records on the speed of cleaning, washing and cooking. Learned patience, speed of reaction, developed a delicate ear and 100% sight, and still I manage to work “at home“ (my gentlemen need new fashionable things!) . Is shorter that does not become, all to the best, and 18 years - not so is a lot of. whether

It is heavy to me now? Yes and no. Yes - when children are ill. Viruses in our family extend with a sound speed (or a sneeze). Seryozha came from a garden in the evening with snivels - wait in the morning, younger will get sick with 100%. And to the fortuneteller it is not necessary to go, I know all beforehand. Adapted with Aflubin to give to drink is my Ambulance. If was not in time - everything, guard.

Conjunctivitis last February we treated long and persistently. Recovered only when carried children. Senior took away the mother-in-law, and we with younger of the house cuckooed and in eyes dripped. On a conjunctivitis background some adenoviral infection, and again at both.

Yes, it is heavy - when we did not sleep at the nights. One woke up, also another wakes up. We take away children on rooms, we rock to sleep one, we calm another. The grandmother - to whom waters whom on a pot, and the father to rise in 6 is connected. 30. If one began to cry, then is guaranteed to the second in a roar too. About one year Andryushone slept on three, and then on twice a day.

It is heavy when children have a different mode. Seryozha strove to look at everything whether the kid sleeps, and awoke him. Now sleep in at one time 2 - 2,5 hours. It became easier.

Yes - at all does not have

personal time. It everything is occupied by children. If one child still can be attached to relatives for hour or so - another, then two is already a problem. But anyway a month two times we get out “in people“. We rejoice to every minute of freedom and, having missed, we come back to our noisy unruly malyena. Tired relatives go home, and we start the most responsible time of day - evening. We clean toys, we bathe, we give to drink milk, we read fairy tales and we are put to bed.

Is not present

, it is not heavy - when children already can play together. Here to you also early development is available. I give to Seryozha the camera, and it photographs Andryushone - both peep, laugh loudly. Or Seryozha reads books to Andrey, and that tycht fingers in pictures, and something murmurs in the unintelligible language.

in the Morning from kitchen cheerful children`s voices reach: “Mothers, I feed Andryushka with porridge, give additives!“ In kitchen - fun: both in porridge, tries to feed with one spoon another, eats another as it can, and can mainly hands. I feed with an additive. I wipe, I wash a table and chairs. Children are full, mother is happy.

Seryozha collects

the designer - Andryusha afterwards sorts. Will swear - will reconcile. Fight? No! It is strictly forbidden. Seryozha feels responsibility for the younger brother. Children learn to communicate, solve problems and to regulate the conflicts, reach compromise: “Mothers, I the zheltenky machine gave Andryushke, and took myself red...“ Younger cries - the senior calms him:“ Well, do not cry, I to you will allow to play with Audi“.

from - for toys are extremely rare

of Quarrel, only we, adults, we follow the strict rule: to buy to children identical cars and in a double copy. With the new car want to play both and so far will solve to whom what it is necessary, can quarrel.

Collectivization in the positive foreshortening. The senior in kitchen blows into gas, and younger twists lambs from a plate. Fun is full. Therefore the entrance on kitchen at us is barricaded. Visit of kitchen only with adults is authorized to children.

in our family on the agenda. As was, and splyl. Unanimously decided to buy on the money saved “on the nurse“ to the malyena the sports center.

the Father is at full scale involved by

in education of little men. In the afternoon - it is virtual by phone, I hear only: “Fathers, mother forces toys to move away me!“ Five-minute conversation, and Seryozha, puffing, the designer collects, places machines on regiments.

in the Evening, a call to a door - the father came! Little monkeys cling to trouser-legs: “Fathers, I constructed garage for KamAZ, and still we with mother molded mushrooms, and Andryushka nearly ate one!“ Andryushka smears yogurt on new father`s trousers meanwhile.

Of course, I have also an assistant - my grandmother. At least, it is possible to run out in shop or to go to library. If there is no assistant, then to go with two small children in public places - here the defined skill is necessary. I agree with the senior child that he not only that has to behave well, but also watch behind younger. It is necessary “to pay off“ with fruit-paste sweets or gingerbreads. But in shop full idyll. Sellers with affection look at my children who are tripping for me and quietly waiting in turn.

Many plan a small age difference - in it, undoubtedly, it is a lot of pluses: economic factor (you spend money for clothes because younger wears for the senior, especially less if same-gender children), psychological (children well develop in though small, but nevertheless collective). But if “so it turned out“, know, store is no sore, and all problems solved there would be a desire and the positive relation to life. There is nothing more joyfully than the morning beginning with a cheerful children`s twitter:
- Good morning, mummy!
- Good morning, my darlings!