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Squids: A writing feather of

How many legs are necessary for entire happiness? Octopuses consider - eight. Also squids - the cephalopod mollusks which with firmness are presented to us in the form of the frozen carcasses or rings ground in a can hold the same opinion. And besides these rings they, by the way, have “hands“, “wings“, a cloak and a sink - a rudiment .

Generally squids treat group of ten-legged. The matter is that eight of their feelers - “legs“, and two more are already “hands“ which can strongly be extended when catching production, and when swimming, on the contrary, to be reduced. The squid, as well as at all mollusks, has a sink. Only it rudimentary, is entirely hidden under a cloak and has an appearance of a thin horn plate similar to a stem. Therefore also the word “squid“ comes from the Greek kalamos - “a writing feather from reed“.

Why writing? Most likely, from - for “ink“ - it is black - brown liquid which contains in the special bag located in an internal cavity of a mollusk.“ Ink“ is necessary to a squid for self-defense - in case of danger he lets out “smoke screen“ that under its cover quietly to slip away. And so, this “ink“ was used for the letter from time immemorial.

the Body of a squid extended, behind pointed as a torpedo, allowing to gather improbable speed. There are two big fins - “covered“. The trunk is formed by a leathery fold - a cloak and mantle muscles. Let`s add still a sharp chitinous beak, feelers around a mouth and three hearts which pump over blood blue (literally) through gills. Generally, a look at a squid that still … Nevertheless the mankind it very quietly catches not one hundred centuries, undresses and prepares in all possible ways. And why not to prepare? Meat of a squid not only is tasty, it besides is useful - contains many vital minerals (iodine, iron, phosphorus, manganese, calcium) and vitamins of B and Page group.

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    the Torpedo with a stuffing

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