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The first Timkin anniversary of

we prepared For the first Timkiny anniversary thoroughly. Thanks to the website 7ya. ru, I found many interesting ideas or what pushed on them.

was Begun with invitations. Decided to do a sweet table in open cafe of one of the most beautiful parks of Tashkent and to invite to it children the invitations which are specially made by me by this day.

Then I prepared special thanks and medals - I took idea from one of mummies with 7i. ru. Gratitude to “Remarkable neighbors“, “The coolest grandmother“, “The world grandmother“, “Remarkable friends“, and also “The kindest children`s doctor on light“, “To the remarkable Doctor who helped Timke to be born“ and still I booze others. Medals were on beautiful multi-colored ribbons with the Timkiny photo in the middle of (they were done in the last day in order that in the pasted photo to it there was exactly a year). (Sample)


Also prepared in one of firms pocket calendar cards for gifts to guests which began with date of the First Timkiny anniversary (on August 3, 2005) and came to an end on August 3, 2006 - date of its following birthday.

Still I outlined the scenario of birthday where I in detail described each stage (to whom interesting, write, I can send).

the Husband was at the beginning in a little shock from the activity developed by me, and then began to help. Later also the mother-in-law (we live together), and my sister was connected, and so everything was kept a secret.

Thanks and our neigbour - the owner of a cafe where we organized everything, without it would be very much and very difficult. Rent and the organization of a celebration were its gift Timke (well and, of course, to us - parents :), and still she presented it the big car (toy :). Though it not all. With its help we organized “free attractions“ for guests, after a sweet table when all children led by Timka went to ride all (!) swing and attractions of park! And still all crowd visited a zoocorner of park - with monkeys, small fishes, turtles and other our friends smaller.

A still.


For the parents invited prepared a buffet with a dessert - fruit, ice cream, and they “hung out“ in the beginning aside, but then the Pirate connected them to games, and all began to run, play any games, to dance and play the fool.


Yes, at an entrance we to all children distributed ridiculous masks. So they sat at a table such amusing!

Well still? And still there were gifts, surprises and prizes, it is a lot of dances and fun. But it was in the evening... that is after five.

we took

A since morning a chamber and went There Where Dreams Are born... and where our Timka was born. And he was born in the City children`s perinatal center No. 2 of the city of Tashkent (the former maternity hospital No. 9). There we showed to Timke a window at which ours the folder patiently waited for it emergence exactly 1 a year ago - on August 3, 2004. And still “acquainted“ Timka with collective - the Children`s Doctor, the chief physician and other aunts and uncles who took part in this Sacrament - the Birth of our Firstborn - Timur. All of them were “awarded“ with thanks and medals. If it is honest, then there, in maternity hospital, too all were in easy confusion from the events since as the chief physician told then (with which, by the way, we got acquainted only then!) that it in her practician the first time. So that`s that.

All process we captured

on the camera...

As this day ended with

? In the evening Timka considered gifts and clapped!

A from that day we had Arkasha - our popugaychik which Timka very much loves.

Here such here history of the First Timkiny Anniversary.