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Miracle of the birth

As all pregnant women, I consisted on the account in a maternity welfare unit. It is necessary to tell that appeared there already in the second half of pregnancy, but the tummy was small. The doctor at first did not understand for what I was drawn there, but when asked about the last “critical days“, and uslykhat the answer, to the poor woman it became slightly bad not. Of course, to me then got, but the term of the birth of the child was predicted very precisely!

of ultrasonography was not mistaken too:“ Specially did not look, but noticed man`s nothing,“ - the nice woman - the doctor on check told me. Well, time it is visible man`s nothing, it is simple to draw conclusions. I existed the happiest future mother because very much wanted the girl. First of all, thought that I will become a grandmother! In life everyone happens, divorced - children with mother remain, and I am mother, then my daughter will become a mother, I am a grandmother. Dreamed, still even without having given rise, only then already thought that the girl can always be dressed in a beautiful dress, to tie smart bows.

So short

, but interesting retreat. I think, retreats will be farther still until I reach the most important, or perhaps I will not reach. And something new and interesting in the head will emerge.

So... Date of birth of the child was predicted precisely, everything went remarkably. The night before, when I reclined on a bed, knitted and watched TV, my Katerina - by that moment I already precisely knew how I will call the daughter, - with all the heart kicked me under edges, letting know thereby: “The mummy, me it became rather small here, legs became numb, it is time to be extended in all growth and to straighten lungs!“ From such push I was even curved in the opposite direction! And then slowly, the back little by little began to hurt, and waters amniotic began to depart. Here at once the cinema is remembered: all saw, probably, as though its indigestion happened, grabbed a stomach, began to groan, ran, in five minutes resorts already with the child almost adult. At all it not so, now I precisely know!

Night I normally did not sleep, and since morning started to hurry in maternity hospital a bit earlier...

- Well that, darling, seems a time!
- Or perhaps slightly - slightly you will wait? for
- I - that will wait, and here the lyalka will not!

Neighbours, lived we in a communal flat, watched for me, having noticed that too often I hobble from the room in a toilet. Hobbled not because that a pot-belly, and because that the back ached and to run there were not enough forces. My tummy and remained accurate till ninth month. In it there are both minuses, and the pluses, but at that time remember more minuses. You only imagine, I sit in the bus, the aunt becomes hollow with an impudent ugly face, at once spitefully looks around on salon, looks for whom from the place to drive. The look on me stops and supposedly impudent youth such. All right, I think, I will give way to you, let conscience torment you. I get up quietly and I settle near a window, she noticed, apologized, and showed on a vacant place, but did not concede the! On what heard dry: “Thanks! I will stand!“

I Hobble to and fro along a corridor, and neighbors were afraid that where - nibud on the road was not delivered. In vain worried - it I just washed and did any such trifle. The husband called an ambulance at this time, and then met the car near an entrance.“ The ambulance“ brought me where it is necessary though maternity hospital nearby, and it was possible to walk, but I am “pervorodka“ - was frightening, though kept the complete calm, accurately carried out that was told me by doctors.

the Gynecologist examined

and issued the conclusion: “Still rather early!“ To me made an interesting ukolchik and ordered to have a rest before childbirth because nobody knows how all this will pass. Oh, and cases such happen! Next day has heard plenty of different stories, but as the obedient girl accurately followed this instruction, more precisely, that mysterious ukolchik helped. Laid down on a bed and breathed heavily! Through certain time the nurse came into chamber, put to me some pricks and asked: “Well, how?“ Answered: “Well!“ And there was all this action before May holidays, and I very much wanted to be at home.

Once again the nurse told

that I had a rest as yet my time did not come. At this moment I was dawned by thought “Time still rather early, and soon holidays, would allow to go home me!“ Right there I answered with a trace to myself: “Aha, here fights begin, and she home wanted!“

I Am disconnected by

, and farther to sleep. Through a short period “sister“ came again, again put a prick and told that by the evening I will give rise. “And what is the date today, it is necessary not to forget when gave rise to a dochechka?“ - the second Yulka woke up at this moment and laughed over the first, that which under the influence of a prick nonsense everyone thinks. - “As you can forget birthday of own child, it will be written in the birth certificate!“ Of course, I and without any pieces of paper remember it, the daughter begins to remind month for two - three, to hint that she would like to receive as a gift.

the Nurse did not deceive me, and by the evening I gave rise, little girls in chamber were surprised how everything quietly passed, only before the childbirth several times postonat. I was told much about childbirth, mother said that so severe pain that from it even shout! I represented for myself something awful and therefore at fights suffered and waited for that pain from which shout (shchekotno was definitely not, but here waited). When already became very hardly, began to postanyvat, cheep, having strong seized a bed back. The midwife approached me, asked to lay down, examined and ordered to do that I want (attempts began). By a plaintive voice asked it, at that moment it became terrible to me to remain one in prenatal chamber what it will not leave? The lovely, kind midwife smiled and told that she now will not leave me anywhere.

It was near to

all the time, helped to reach the delivery room, to climb on a table which is enough - high and encouraged especially difficult minutes. Childbirth took place safely, any complications neither at mother, nor at the child. My baby was born when twilight began to be condensed. It was shown me, and it became so a pity that hold as chicken: by a hand and for a leg. They showed that the child in a full order, and it in all already developed the lungs! I remember not only date of birth, but also the slender, long, transparent fingers which are spread wide in different directions, the black hair stuck by ringlets to the head and it is dark - gray eyes.


Next day - gave birth to the large little girl, and the newly made grandmother all was afraid that I will give birth to a kitten as a tummy small. The kitten was born without hundred grams four kilograms! To know the weight and growth for me was a little, I very much was indignant why did not bring on feeding in time dithat for which I so long waited. Brought to all, and to me is not present! And also quickly distinguished that it not mine when mixed, more definitely, nearly mixed children. You feel the!

we Lived in peace and friendship and cheerfully in chamber. It were the last five days when it was possible to have a sleep quietly. The most annoying that brought in maternity hospital to us any delicacies and here only not everything we could eat. From first minutes it was necessary to think of the kids! Everything is transmitted through milk!

Ya gave birth in simple maternity hospital, and the most ordinary doctors and personnel, but the most important surrounded me, it were kind and sensitive people!

Those maternity hospitals of Soviet period where twenty will crowd in reception hours near a small window of people and try to tell

something each other: