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Give the book of complaints

All of us face sooner or later need to communicate with representatives of ZhEK. Alas not always this communication happens mutual.

For a start we will understand terms. There are MISINFORMATION and ZhEKs. MUC (management of the uniform customer) does nothing by the hands, it is managing organization, the customer of services. She signs the contract with contract organization - ZhEK (zhilishchno - operational office; in Moscow ZhEKs often are called GREPAMI - state is repair - the operational enterprises) on concrete amount of works. When at you broke through a pipe, you call in ZhEK - to direct performers of service. If you have to complain to the higher administration of actions of ZhEK, you go in the MISINFORMATION, managing organization.

How much?.

the Most frequent complaint shown to the MISINFORMATION - the cost of services which is obviously overstated by masters. Therefore quite reasonable option - addressing to dispatching office, at once to take an interest, how much is this service. And the most provident people still before at them breaks the crane or the socket zaiskrit, come to ZhEK and rewrite the price list. Quotations of services of ZhEK have to be in free access. Services in cost are divided into 3 categories: emergency, obligatory and additional. Emergency and obligatory services are free - you monthly pay maintenance which covers the cost of such services. Additional services are paid according to the approved quotations. The cost of services of ZhEKs has to be identical in all settlements of one region. The cost of a number of services does not depend on that, your apartment is privatized or not, are works which enter monthly paid maintenance. But there are some types of works which have to become at the expense of the owner (capital repairs of distributing or planned replacement of bathroom equipment). If this municipal (not privatized) housing, such works pays municipality. If the housing is in property of the resident, then he pays for these works. How you usually pay services of the master? Most likely, just you give it the required sum, isn`t it? And you know that you have to do it only through Sberbank moreover and receive the cash voucher? You sometime saw the Zhekovsky electrician who is writing out the receipt or went in the MISINFORMATION (ZhEK) behind the receipt?

How to fight for the rights?

Way first, lawful. If the emergency not through your fault and not because of neighbors happened, it is necessary to draw up the statement in which the situation will be described and its reasons are reflected. For drawing up the act the serving organization has to send to you the commission on your statement which should be registered in the MISINFORMATION legally. If the leakage occurred not because of residents, the managing organization has to eliminate accident consequences at own expense. Write the application in managing organization. If the organization refuses to pay, debug at own expense and to compensate to you the expenses incurred in connection with elimination of accident and its consequences appeal to court. If you are dissatisfied with quality of services of masters of ZhEK, address with the complaint the management a miracle - masters, in ZhEK. If it does not help, in your managing organization - the MISINFORMATION or condominium. Obligations of the parties and the sanction for their non-performance register in the contract which you according to the new Housing code have to sign with managing organization till March 1, 2006. As a last resort, as well as in the previous option, invite the commission and draw up the statement. If the master demands the overestimated sum for service or insists on payment of free service, address his administration in ZhEK.

If the managing organization does not fulfill the obligations, for example, at your entrance repair which has to be carried out under the law by managing organization of times in 3 - 5 years does not become, address with the missive - the complaint in a municipal government of housing and communal services (department). Do not forget to make the copy of it, and also to register it and to put down registration number on your copy. You have to receive the answer within 30 days. After this term it is necessary to address to city housing inspectorate with the complaint, to demand the commission etc.

the Way second, conflict . As a rule, the local press with a great interest belongs to the problems connected with zhilishchno - utilities. Your witty written letter for certain will appear on pages of the edition and will spoil a lot of blood to your “adversaries“ who as shows experience, after such action hurry to improve in the nearest future.


of the MISINFORMATION or condominium: pluses and minuses



  1. the cost of services (official) often below, than in condominium.

In condominium:

  • residents have an opportunity to control expenses of the condominium;
  • residents can call masters in time, convenient for themselves including at night in case of emergency;
  • of condominium undertakes negotiations with the organizations which are engaged in works in the territory of your house: builders, Internet surfers, cable TV men. Besides, the condominium, as a rule, have contracts with “friendly“ firms.



  • of the master of the contract state unitary enterprises usually have rather low qualification;
  • state the MISINFORMATION is in service of masters a large number of houses, besides, at masters a peculiar schedule, respectively demand often exceeds the offer and it is necessary to wait for the plumber or the electrician till some hours, and even days that in the conditions of the hammered toilet bowl or the departed conducting turns into torture; in the MISINFORMATION it is, as a rule, very difficult to break through to the administration, especially in case you want to express the claims on quality of services;
  • of the master, using ignorance by residents of own rights, establish service prices “from a ceiling“
  • in the MISINFORMATION often are absent necessary for you for repair of a detail, therefore, you have to spend the time and forces on their acquisition then workers of the same DEZOV establish their sweat. N“ “ it is often more difficult to commercial quotations to study price lists, than to learn the state secret though under the law of a quotation have to be in free access.

in condominium:

  • as a rule, in any house will always be the person who essentially does not want innovations, objects to carpets on landings, does not wish to see flowers at an entrance and in general is quite happy with the Misinformation;
  • the cost of services of condominium in the first years of its existence is higher than
  • , than in the state unitary enterprise (ZhEK).

Way third traditional . Money...

Professional advice:
E. I. Yunisova, CEO of Upravdom non-profit partnership :
According to the new Housing code till March 1, 2006. each house has to sign the contract for management with these or those managing directors of the organizations. The organization gets out meeting of homeowners; (procedure is stated in the law), and the interests of residents of not privatized apartments are represented by employees of the authorized organizations of the owner - the city. It is possible to choose as the MISINFORMATION or condominium management company. The management company of the house can: to be one: cannot be so that a half of the house coped one companies, and a half - another. RESIDENTS HAVE TO MAKE the common decision. If homeowners do not decide on the choice of management company within a year, the local government is obliged to hold a competition in the choice of managing organization. After the choice of managing organization management of the house happens strictly according to the contract in which there will be a list of obligatory (free) services, criteria of quality by which you will estimate work, cost indexes of services, sanctions for default on obligations, terms and structure of works (for example, cleaning of the territory daily from 10 to 12 in the morning, daily damp cleaning of an entrance etc.) . And if regional the MISINFORMATION wants to participate in a competition, it will be obliged to provide to residents all necessary information. Services of condominium are more expensive so far, than services of the state unitary enterprise - ZhEK because ZhEKs receive the budgetary grants. But, as the house is subsidized, but the organization which is not serving it, condominiums have the rights for these grants too, but an order of their receiving very difficult therefore in practice reduction in cost of services of condominium happens only on 2 - 3 - m to year of its existence.


On a note

Repair work .“ Rules and norms of technical operation of housing stock“ define frequency and the list of repair work, works on maintenance of the building, the list of works which are performed at the expense of the owner is placed in the same place. There is also Gosstandart of frequency of cleaning of an entrance, the territory, ladders, and also debugging terms established by the law. Maintenance and repair of an entrance are made time in 3 - 5 years .

Debugging . Malfunctions:“ Applications for malfunction of the engineering equipment or designs have to be considered in day of their receipt not later than next day their elimination has to be organized. When elimination of malfunctions requires a long time or spare parts which are unavailable at present it is necessary about the made decisions to tell the applicant“. Malfunctions from the moment of their detection or receipt of the application have to be eliminated in time:

  • of malfunction of an emergency order (electric equipment - short circuit, etc., sanitarno - the technical equipment - emergency malfunctions of the pipeline) - immediately ;
  • of malfunction in operation of the elevator - is no more than 1 days old ;
  • of a leak in water taps and cranes of drain tanks - to is 1 days old ;
  • of malfunction of a refuse chute - to is 1 days old ;
  • of violation of lighting of all-house rooms - to is 7 days old ;
  • the broken glasses and the broken shutters of window covers, window leaves, balcony doors: in the summer - to of 3 days , in the winter - to is 1 days old ;
  • of a leakage in certain places of a roof - to is 1 days old .

Cleaning . Staircases - dry cleaning and washing: a floor, walls, window sills and heating devices - at least in 5 days , damp cleaning of the general rooms has to be made by at least 1 time a month .


B “The N1 annex to the order of the first deputy prime minister of the Government of Moscow“ of June 29, 1992 N 1590 - RZP are listed types of repair work which are obliged to hold municipal services in your apartment free of charge:

of the Plumber:

Gas devices:

of the Electrician: